Oakland City Council Session 3/6/12: Coliseum City Feasibilty Study

Today’s Oakland City Council meeting began at 5:30, with the non-consent part set to start at 6:30. The last item for the night is the S-13, regarding approval of a two-part expenditure for the Coliseum City feasibility study. Here’s the item as described in the meeting agenda:

Subject: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex From: Office Of Neighborhood Investment Recommendation: Adopt The Following Pieces Of Legislation:
1) A Resolution Authorizing An Exclusive Negotiating Agreement With JRDV Urban International, HKS Sports And Entertainment, HKS Inc., And Forest City Real Estate Services LLC, Or Affiliated Entities, For Development Of The Coliseum City Project At The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Complex And Environs, And Authorizing Predevelopment Funding Of The Developer’s Planning Work In An Amount Not To Exceed $1.6 Million; And

2) A Resolution Authorizing A Professional Services Contract With Lamphier-Gregory And Team Of Consultants, In An Amount Not To Exceed $1,900,000, For Services Related To The Oakland Alameda Coliseum Complex And Environs And The Oakland Airport Business Park Specific Plans And Environmental Impact Report Without Return To Council

The Coliseum City plan is actually divided into two project areas. Area 1 is the Coliseum complex and several adjacent pieces of land, including the HomeBase acquisitions and parcels in between the complex and BART station. Area 2 is much of the land on the other side of the Nimitz, which includes Zhone among other pieces. The total expenditure of $3.5 million is relevant to Area 1, because item #1 is for the planning aspect and item #2 is earmarked for the EIR work.

Approval of the contract will give the respective parties 12-18 months to complete their work. That does not mean that further EIR work won’t be required. Any new buildings, such as a third sports venue, hotel, or office building(s) will require at the very least a supplement onto the plan EIR. It’s possible that if a new Coliseum were to replace the old one without an additional ballpark or third venue, a supplemental or additional EIR wouldn’t be needed. It’s not really worth discussing further until Oakland has to cross that bridge.

In keeping with other large scale planning and EIR work, I expect that we won’t see a draft document for at least a year. If the stakeholders, including the pro sports franchises, are interested and willing to play ball, we could see action regarding a deal after that point.

I’ll be at the meeting at 6:30 or so. Hope to see a lot of sports fans there. I’ll update this space as news comes.

Update 6:41 PM – Arrived. Council has item S-11, Alameda County Transportation Expenditure Plan, up right now. Below is a picture of the Council Chambers.


Quick observation: Mostly Raiders gear in the not-full crowd, with a smattering of A’s and W’s garb. Obviously there’s overlap.

Update 7:04 PM – Coliseum City item is now up! And there are 43 speaker cards! Settling in. Wait, they’re dealing with the strange Desley Brooks teen center matter first. That item (S-10) has the 43 speaker cards. No hope of getting out of here before 9.

Update 8:16 PM – Quote of the night from a speaker yelling at the City Council meeting: “SHOW ME WHERE THE PROBE IS!!!!”

Update 10:08 PM – FINALLY the teen center thing is over. At least a third of the audience has left. Now it’s on to Coliseum City. 25 speakers, mercifully. This should be a slam dunk. Assistant City Administrator Fred Blackwell is describing the project.

18 thoughts on “Oakland City Council Session 3/6/12: Coliseum City Feasibilty Study

  1. good i was hoping you were going to come out with something about this.

  2. Is there anything to this than:
    * Oakland provides Coliseum parking lot it already owns.
    * Warriors, A’s, Raiders pony up $2 billion for new facilities ?

  3. Keep us updated ML. Concurrently the Kings arena is before the Sacramento City Council right now as well. Here’s the link.


    It’s literally do or die time for the Kings. If this fails tonight the team is likely gone for parts unknown. The place is reportedly packed with Kings fans, and a ton of naysayers as well. Line was out the door and around the block supposedly and they had to open the old city hall to accommodate the overflow.

  4. Trick em once, fool them twice, but will they fall for it thrice? :X

  5. “a probe is a big hoobajoob that aliens put in your butt” -Chef
    We need context on that quote…

  6. The channel 7 News on KOFY covered this and did a freaking horrible job with facts:
    – noted that it was widely reported that San Jose won’t happen and that there was no comment from MLB or the A’s.
    – claimed the Raiders were scheduled to move into a new stadium on the Coliseum grounds in 2015.
    – claimed the study would determine if a new stadium was necessary or if there were cosmetic fixes to the existing stadium that would work.
    – no mention of the $2B price tag for the development
    I’d be fired if I did my job that horribly.
    The report also included an interview with guy behind the SOS (Save Oakland Sports) website. He kept saying “tradition” was the reason the teams should stay and that Oakland needs the teams.

  7. Sac city council just voted yes on the term sheet. I think it was 7-2 (I listed to all the speeches from city council members, and there were only two no’s.

  8. Well on the opposite side of the news Sac passed the Kings arena vote. The Kings are getting their arena!

  9. Kings, A’s, Raiders, etc. I will believe a new. Enid is happening once the shovels hit the ground.

  10. Enid=venue. Damn iPhone.

  11. This vote should absolutely be a slam dunk. Coliseum City needs to become a reality, the future of the city of Oakland and the East Bay region as a whole depends on it. If Coliseum City can’t keep the A’s, then it should for sure without a doubt keep the Raiders and Warriors.

    Losing all of these pro sports teams would absolutely be devastating to the East Bay Region and it’s future.

    If the cow town of Sacramento can work and keep the Kings by building a new sports and entertainment complex, then the Oakland and Alameda County with investor and developer assistance, can spend the money to make Coliseum City a reality. If Coliseum City is built they will make a boat load of money from it when it comes to the big picture.

  12. WHAT BS. all the pro oakland people on facebook said the place was PACKED! what liars

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