23 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. The cave that Larry Baer crawled out of?

  2. the entrance to the ballpark

  3. I’m going to say its the Guadalupe River in the vicinity of the future Autumn Parkway extension near Julian street. If not, oh well; lookin forward to Tuesdays thread. Great game tonight …Go Sharks!

  4. The former grassy knoll above the bleachers at the OAC (the one thought buried under Mt. Davis)???

  5. I’m not seeing the neon sign with the pig on it, so it’s not where second base would be at Cisco Field.

  6. Manifest Destiny!

  7. Is it an image from the Mars Rover? (The suspense is killing me! 😉

  8. Home Office, Major League Baseball’s Blue Ribbon Committee

  9. Berryessa, near the future BART station?

  10. I believe that is near the Guadalupe River… Perhaps it is where the zombie apocalypse will start? Though, I like the Shire vote.

  11. The place where Larry Baer moistens his perm?

  12. I’m pretty sure that’s where Jose Canseco is living nowadays.

  13. I abhor Larry Baer, but he does sport a cool perm..

  14. Jose Canseco lives under the bridge downtown… ha

  15. A location of sparse population density?

  16. I thought Jose Canseco lived in a van down by the river, with the ghost of Chris Farley.

  17. Is it the remains of the failed attempt to build a ballpark near Arco Arena?

  18. Since their first 3-round boxing match ended in a draw and had no winner, it did manage to have 2 losers. I’m going with the site of Canseco-Bonaduce II.

  19. @R.M.,
    You meant late afternoon, right?

  20. my money is on Dude’s answer.

  21. Is that the abandoned railroad trestle south of 280?

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