Changes at the Coliseum

Throughout the first homestand, I walked around the Coliseum to take stock of any changes in the stadium. After Wednesday’s game, I fired off an email to A’s VP of Stadium Operations David Rinetti to see if I missed anything. Here’s what I saw:

  • New ticket kiosks on BART Plaza and outside Gates C & D
  • Speakers above plaza level seats
  • New signage (navigation, ads)
  • Paint along concourses, especially the bleacher concourse
  • New food items such as the pork nachos

Rinetti added that in the future the West Side Club will feature a game-used merchandise booth, which sounds cool. As to the scoreboards that were potentially going to be replaced? “Not on the schedule,” according to Rinetti.

11 thoughts on “Changes at the Coliseum

  1. ” As to the scoreboards that were potentially going to be replaced? “Not on the schedule,” according to Rinetti. ” Am I wrong to read something into this?

  2. These all sound like great changes. Off hand, do you guys know what the craft brew selection is at the Coliseum this year? Im planning on going to a game for the A’s/Angels series in Mid-May when I’m back.


  3. Does anyone know what those cylinder things that were installed along the rim of the third deck are? They actually caught my eye back during the 2011 season.

    • @K-Lub – Those are AT&T cell antennas.

      @Nicosan – I didn’t see any changes. If it stayed the same it’s Gordon Biersch on the Plaza level, Pyramid and Sierra Nevada stands at field level, Kona Longboard at select stands. West Side Club has its own selection.

  4. The painted concourses I noticed in the bleacher area late last season not long after your post about how hard to is it throw so paint on the cement.

    The AT&T antennas suck as I still get a poor signal. Especially in the bleacher area..

  5. Season ticket holder entrance is new. Great idea!

  6. For craft beer, there’s the New Belgium stand around 212ish still also.

  7. They replaced the lighting to not have that orange glow which now has a more natural look.

  8. No more jaundice-yellow concourses?

  9. theres also going to be a special entrance for season ticket holders but im not sure if its starting this season

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