49ers get restraining order for $30 million transfer, hearing on 6/3

A Sacramento judge has given the 49ers a temporary restraining order, preventing Santa Clara County from doing anything with the $30 million of redevelopment funds that remains in dispute. Furthermore, a hearing to determine what to do with the funds will be held on Tuesday.

It strikes me as strange that the State Controller is involved in many of these disputes, figuring out who gets what and when. In this case, it’s going straight to the courts, with little or no Controller involvement. If it sounds like there are no clear rules, you’re probably right.

3 thoughts on “49ers get restraining order for $30 million transfer, hearing on 6/3

  1. So what happens now? Is this going to strain the relationship between the 49ers and SCC? Don’t they kind of want to be nice to each other? I get that both of them need each other to make this happen, but if they don’t place nice, things aren’t going to go smoothly.

  2. Actually SCC isn’t all that relevant to the Niners Stadium. It is more important to get the money than to maintain relations with them.

  3. The only rule is, the controller wants to be the governor some day, and this gets his name in the papers in the major cities of the state.

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