AT&T Park to host World Baseball Classic finals, semis

The Giants’ AT&T Park has been named the host stadium the 2013 World Baseball Classic finals and semifinals. The tournament, which runs every four years like other “World Cup” style tourneys, was largely centered on Southern California in 2009. Then, the Dodgers hosted the finals while the elimination rounds were held in San Diego and Miami.

Shortly after the news came out, a couple of astute national writers made some half-serious tweets about the circumstances.

Hey, it wouldn’t surprise me if the WBC was part of whatever “settlement” the Giants received. Previously, no marquee round of the WBC had been held in an outdoor stadium north of SoCal, which along with Arizona and Florida has more baseball-hospitable weather in March than the Bay Area.

The Giants will get three games, and judging from the attendance at the 2009 Classic, all three should garner crowds of 40,000 or more. 40,000 fans X $50 per fan X 3 games = $6 million. That doesn’t include parking, broadcast rights, or the additional economic impact the series will have on San Francisco. If the award is part of Selig’s plan to compensate the Giants (MLB runs the tournament), it’s a good move that doesn’t cost baseball or the A’s anything.

As long as it doesn’t rain, of course.

21 thoughts on “AT&T Park to host World Baseball Classic finals, semis

  1. If there is some sort of payoff connection, I imagine 6 million would be like adding salt to the main dish. I’m guessing the Giants either won’t deal or are asking for an ungodly amount.

  2. I’m sold on this story line. Sweeten the pot and soften the blow for an A’s-to-SJ move.

  3. I also see a connection…bad behavior isn’t rewarded and Selig made his feelings known in a round about way that he didnt feel the gints were operating in the best interests of baseball..unlike WH when he gave away SJ—more to come but I see it as a step forward—maybe August will bring some good news

  4. I don’t see a connection, they don’t have that many “warm-weather” sites available (brrr…)where they’re likely to sell out. ML, what do you think of Roger Noll’s quote in the Merc about the owners won’t say yes (to the A’s move to SJ) and Bud won’t say no?

  5. Since when was ATT Park a “warm weather” site?
    Any word on where the other sites will be for this WBC?

  6. Just to be clear by “other sites” I meant the Pool A, B, C, D games that lead into round 1.

  7. Per e-mail sent out by SF Giants:


    AT&T Park Will Host Semi-Finals and Finals

    World Baseball Classic, Inc. today announced the United States venues for the 2013 World Baseball Classic, which will be played at sites throughout the world in March.

    San Francisco will make its debut as a host city for the World Baseball Classic, succeeding San Diego’s PETCO Park (2006) and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles (2009) as the host of the Semi-Finals and Finals.

    Miami’s Marlins Park will be a second-round host venue, and the homes of the D-backs, Chase Field and Salt River Fields, will serve as host venues for the first round.

    International venues that will host 2013 World Baseball Classic games, pool composition and game dates will be announced in the weeks ahead.”

  8. so teams and locales for the pool matchups haven’t been announced yet…

    • @captveg – They’re probably still negotiating the dates with the international pool sites. Last time it was Mexico City, San Juan, Toronto, and Tokyo. I’d like to see it expand to Caracas, Santiago/Santo Domingo (DR), Seoul, and a site in Europe or Australia if they can pull it off.

  9. …if Reinsdorf wants two teams contracted, then he believes that two teams a) will never get a new ballpark in their current locales and b) there is no place to move these two teams.

  10. I would love to see two teams contracted so that we could avoid Interleague being played all year long. Four seven team divisions, two division winners and two WC teams from each league. Too bad Miami got that stadium because the two Florida teams would be the logical choices.

  11. The contraction talk is nothing more than hot air because the players union would never be in favor of such. For many years, the arguments in favor of contraction was due to pitching quality up until when Baseball started cracking down on PEDs a few years ago. Not even a couple of years after the fact, the pitching quality vs offense has leveled.

    All that is needed to happen to deal with the A’s and Rays is to green light the A’s to San Jose and to deliver a sworn affidavit to the Yankees that the Rays nor anyone else would never move to New Jersey if they could sell Steinbrenner Field at market rate to the Rays. Just search for Steinbrenner Field in Google Maps and one could see why it would make sense to have the Rays there.

    – back on topic –

    I actually do view the WBC to AT&T park as an appeasement to the Giants organization as concurred on this thread. Now I’m just waiting to find out how much the TV deals will be worth in a couple of years.

  12. That quote might indicate that Reinsdorf would rather contract the A’s than grant them San Jose.

  13. Or, it could be an owner who wants a “quick” way to reduce teams dependent on revenue sharing.

  14. Ted, frankly… I’ll bite my tongue. Don’t expect much love coming to an A’s dominated site and advocating contraction of two teams when we all know the only two teams that can be contracted are the A’s and Rays.

  15. JR is on record for supporting the A’s move to SJ- and Jeffrey- I’ll bite my tongue also about Ted-better to ignore than feed…

  16. So Reinsdorf is probably not putting much stock in the Knauss’s and Tripps of the world, crawling out of the woodwork claiming they can build privately in Oakland without backing up their claims with their checkbooks.

  17. By pushing contraction, Reinsdorf could help the A’s-to-San Jose cause. Any actual move toward contraction will set off a firestorm with the players union, which knows full well that an excellent solution to the A’s problem – moving 35 miles to San Jose – sits on the shelf gathering dust because Selig is too terrified of the Giants. If the A’s situation starts to mean loss of players jobs and suppression of salaries league-wide (same amount of players chasing fewer jobs = lower salaries), then don’t look for the union to sit idly by anymore about the A’s situation. Agent Scott Boras already has called for the A’s to go to San Jose.

    • @all – Nothing to see here w.r.t. contraction, move on. No one within The Lodge is talking it up as a solution. Come next CBA negotiations if there is no progress in Oakland or St. Pete, then sure, it could be used as a cudgel. Not now, and not anytime soon.

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