You’ve got to be kidding me, Santa Clara

From the Department of Absurdity…

It appears that the only way to get a football stadium built in California is with some legislative help.

According to the LA Times, Senator Elaine Alquist (D-Santa Clara) is set to gut an existing education bill and replace it with language that would provide the 49ers stadium project with the $30 million in redevelopment funds that are currently in dispute. Apparently the City and team are nervous enough that they can’t wait for the hearing, which starts tomorrow in the Capitol.

As the article notes, both LA stadium projects used legislative muscle to make the process easier. I suppose the good news is that at least in Oakland, replacing one football stadium with another should make any stadium proposal go more smoothly, and without these procedural gymnastics.

3 thoughts on “You’ve got to be kidding me, Santa Clara

  1. OT but anybody see chw owner reinsdorf saying he wouldn’t mind having a couple of times contracted but doubt it’ll ever happen? really at this time there are only two teams that imo have been linked to the “c word” and that’s the a’s and rays. neither have or are building new venues but really can you even contract two teams that are looked upon as the blueprint for small-mid market teams in the past dozen years to build winners. at this time too both looking like contenders for the foreseeable future.

    do wonder why reinsdorf would say this when he’s made it known that he supports the a’s moving to sj from his comments a few months back. i doubt any team that has built a new park will be allowed to have their teams contracted. so many of these teams have gotten help building these 400-500 million dollar venues over the past two decades from the cities and i doubt these cities will be lying down if they see all the money they spent on these new parks basically be useless if their team is taken away from them with contraction.

  2. Denise, her hubby and their son are cheapskates. If EddieD still runs the team, I am sure he signs a freaking check. Eddie was all about winning. Denise used to complain all the time that Eddie spent too much but he did not care.

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