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Over the weekend I bought an $11 Field Level ticket via A new delivery option this year is the FanPass, which allows fans to either use the electronic kiosks for will call or scan their credit cards at the gate. I showed my credit card after passing through security and a few seconds later I was given this:

Simple, convenient, easy. Good job, ticket services.

29 thoughts on “Tonight’s ticket

  1. Bout time the A’s got this. Other teams have had things like this for years.

  2. While we’re on the subject of ticketing, I am a little irritated with service charges. A $16 Value Deck ticket for Friday’s game jumps to $24 with convenience and handling fees.
    I recall ticket fees being more reasonable a couple of years ago. Ideally, service fees should be tacked on as a percentage of the base ticket price.

  3. $11 for 5 hours of baseball is a pretty sweet deal.

  4. Not a bad deal at all.

  5. sad only just over 12.5 k showed up tonight for a great game. had hope they would get at the very least late teens or early 20s thounsand. did looked like there were more people than the “announced” 10k on a usual weeknight game agianst a non draw team where maybe you’d be lucky to see half that # actually in the stands. but as i’ve said before i remember going to games back a decade ago when the a’s were perrenial playoff team and they’d only get mid teens on most weeknights. course they’d make up for that with drawing 30-40 k on a lot of weekend games but that doesn’t happen anymore. not with the tarps and even on give away games on the weekend they’d be lucky to get 20k per game.

  6. Heard on AN was at the game, but in the “we ❤ TRights" RF bleachers? If true, wtf was she trying to talk to Wolff instead in his box? The dog and pony show continues….sigh.

  7. Sorry, supposed to say JQ was at the A’s game last night. Darn iphone…

  8. A’s – 35% full; Giants – 99% full. But MLB keeps protecting the Giants….

  9. Hey if Quan wants to go to every A’s game, I say more power to her, bring 3 friends, even IDLF. The TR Rights folks come to the game so I like that, but that isn’t going to make much of a difference. Those are microeconomic influences in a macroeconomic game. SJ trumps Oakland.

  10. @ML I agree, but they can sit together and still give each other major “side-eye” and be catty. BTW, right now, who is more likely to win that race? From the little I know both are not great but at least Kaplan doesn’t seem overtly corrupt like IDLF.

  11. Not only were only 12k on hand to witness a 15 hour marathon win, but with that win we’ve now pulled ahead of the Giants on record and are the better team. Which makes the discrepancy between the Giants and A’s attendances all the more damning.

  12. I meant to say 5 hour or 15 inning marathon win. A 15 hour game however would be epic.

  13. But Lew Wolff makes “True A’s fans” not want to come on weeknights.

  14. Yes, all of them @Anon, the silent majority.

  15. I was at the game last night sitting 3 rows behind the visitors dugout in MVP Box 114. $43 dollars plus tax for a total of $50 each ticket to sit so close? Pretty damn good if you ask me.

    My buddy and I did not know the Giants were in town and we compared ticket prices and for the same price you would be 25 rows back in the lower reserve or 5 rows back in a Club Seat down the left field line.

    We left at the end of the 14th inning as beer sales stopped after the 7th and we were sobering up way too fast and were getting awfully sleepy.

    This plus we had to take the BART back to Fremont and then drive 20 min back to San Jose. We did not get home until past 1am. Our plan of heading to a bar after the game went to shit because of the game going so long.

    Great game though, I cannot believe Hicks hit an opposite field HR against David Price to tie it. Shows how the season has gone for the team. Although the A’s did leave a small village on base in the extra frames the pitching held it together.

    The Rays had very little opportunities in the extra frames to do much and it speaks volumes about the A’s bullpen.

    Who would have guessed on July 31st the A’s would be 56-46 while the Giants would be 55-47. Albeit both teams are in the thick of the playoff hunt it is still remarkable….Please baseball gods let the A’s into San Jose to keep this team together!

  16. …I’ll be making the 35+mile trek to the Coliseum for tonight’s game (Free parking courtesy of the supposed worst ownership in the Bay Area again). Based on last night’s attendance, I’m guessing there won’t be much of a line for tickets to see the hottest team in baseball. So I won’t need to leave especially early.

  17. @Nicosan – From this outsider’s perspective, IDLF has too much baggage to win. Kaplan should win easily. What I’m most interested in is whether the sports/Coliseum issue gains any real traction during the campaign.

  18. At the game last night too, 3 rows back from the visitors dugout, MVP Box 114.

    Left end of the 14th inning because of taking the train back to Fremont and then driving home to San Jose.

    Wish I snuck in a flask of Jameson to get me by. LOL!

    Hicks hitting that HR off Price in the 7th shows how this team is going right now. Who would have thought the A’s would have a better record than the Giants on 7/31??

  19. Also, $50 bucks a seat out the door for a Monday night game against a good team 3 rows back from the visitors dugout is a steal and a half……$50 would not get me no where near that close at the Giants game last night.

  20. @ Sid – thanks for sharing your accounts. I’m tempted to go tonight just to grab some MVP seats myself!
    @ PJK – hope you avoid 880N traffic by going early with carpool. It can be terrible during rush hour!

  21. Damn it ML, I wish I would have known. My sons, their friends and I were just a few rows behind you, row 31. Too bad you weren’t sitting with us, I think the young blonde lady w/the #69 A’s jersey, short shorts and cowboy boots was was a bit behind you. Quite the sideshow.

  22. If the A’s make a deep playoff run this year, say ALCS or World Series, does that help or hurt Lew Wolff’s case for San Jose? On the one hand, it would be impossible to make the argument that the A’s can’t compete in a market like Oakland. Alternatively, Wolff could highlight the fact that despite having an incredible season, the A’s barely drew an average of 20,000 fans a game. Thoughts?

  23. @ Oakland Fan – depends….did 2006 do anything to bolster Oakland’s chances? Not really. If anything, the next year attendance declined (for various reasons).
    @ Sid – thanks again for your accounts. Just got some field level seats and heading out now with some buds…

  24. Anon: My son (pre-driving age) and I constitute a “carpool.” It was a clunker of a game, both on the field and in the stands, with the sparse crowd. FWIW, anybody who thinks the A’s can market to Silicon Valley companies even if the team is 35 miles away needs to try out the one-hour-plus, rush hour drive from San Jose to Oakland for themselves. Absolutely inconvenient for businesses looking to lease suites…

  25. @ pjk – i was there tonight as well and made the horrendous trek from sunnyvale through 237 to 880N right in the middle of rush hour. Excruciatingly painful in bumper to bumper traffic, but it’s the price we SBers pay to see the A’s! To me crowd wasn’t bad (i’ve seen worse) and we stayed into the end (with everyone doing the wave nonetheless) even after Shields absolutely baffled us….

  26. @Anon- My pleasure, since I can only go to a handful of games a year from San Jose I figure why pay a little more $$ and get better seats.

    Your right on the traffic along with PJK. It is terrible going from San Jose to Oakland at night.

    35 miles may as well be 70 with the traffic, even taking BART is still not very fast as you still have to drive to Fremont.

    That distance is the only reason why I do not have some sort of season tickets for the A’s and Giants for that matter, I would for sure invest into 20 games on the left line if either team was in the South Bay.

  27. @ML If Baseball Oakland or Save Oakland Sports folks were really, really serious about Coliseum City coming to fruition, they would push the issue in the public with the candidates both for council and for BOS since both populate the Authority. Get a commitment from both as to what steps they will take to make it happen post election. But I don’t think they are savvy enough to do that. I just welcome IDLF being out of elected office because the very little I know about East Bay politics, he has had his hands on so much FAIL that has come to hurt the A’s staying in Oakland for so many years.0

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