Nothing to see here, move on

The owners meetings came and went with barely a peep. The only major news was the slam-dunk approval of the Padres sale. A single, solitary update on the state of the A’s came via’s Barry M. Bloom:


That’s it, as expected. Good thing the game starts in a few minutes.

5 thoughts on “Nothing to see here, move on

  1. Thanks for the update

    Same old same old

  2. At least we’re going to win today [knocks on wood]

  3. Why aren’t these ‘reporters’ asking better questions? I get that there is no resolution. I want to know what the holdup is.

  4. watched on tv when selig snicker basically when some reporter asked him about the a’s and sj. nice that butthead selig finds it mildy amusing that an entire fanbase is suffering thru this bull shit and infighting against one another while he takes his sweet little time finding a solution that will take longer than europe rebuilding itself back up after world world 2.

  5. from Jason Stark’s notes today…

    “For about the 78th consecutive meeting of baseball’s problem-solving owners, there was no resolution this week of the A’s-Giants standoff. But if it wasn’t clear before now, it’s more obvious than ever that, in the words of one baseball official, that moving the A’s to San Jose is, most likely, “never going to happen.”

    One sports attorney who has looked into this told Rumblings that the Giants have “a hell of a case” — centered around a document signed by the commissioner defining their territorial rights to include San Jose. And that’s critical, because any move by the A’s, or by the sport, to ignore or override those territorial rights could open a messy can of larvae for baseball.

    How? Well, if the Giants’ territorial rights were suddenly deemed to no longer apply, it could set a precedent that might inspire some other team to attempt to move to New York or Southern California, by arguing the territorial rights of the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Angels were no longer valid, either.

    So if the A’s aren’t bound for San Jose, what is likely to happen to them? Behind the scenes, baseball people are predicting they’ll eventually have to give up on this battle and settle for a new, Pittsburgh-size park in Oakland — and then do their best to beat up on the Giants in interleague play.”

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