49ers Stadium going up quickly

I’ve been taking pictures of the 49ers Stadium site every so often from the Amtrak station. It’s amazing how quickly it’s going up. First, a shot from five weeks ago.

July 30

Now one from eight days ago.

August 27

Then from yesterday.

September 3

Much of this is possible due of the extensive use of steel. The foundation was drilled piers, so locals didn’t hear constant piledriving racket as they did when the garage across the street was built. And unlike the garage, the stadium has little concrete at the moment so there’s no curing time. This allows the crews to put up level after level very quickly, starting with what I assume are the field club and main concourses. Clark Pacific in Woodland is building the precast concrete risers that will eventually make up the seating bowl and many of the concrete walls inside. At this rate I’m starting to think the Niners will make their Fall 2014 opening date. I just hope that Turner Devcon will take this expertise to the Quakes and A’s stadia.

18 thoughts on “49ers Stadium going up quickly

  1. It will be so nice when I’ll be able to see an A’s and Raiders stadium go up like this in the Bay Area. I mean it has to happen sometime, right? …*sigh*

  2. they talked on chron live blitz monday night whether or not the niners and raiders should share the stadium. the consensus was that they should but in reality they won’t. reasons given were that the raiders haven’t put any money into construction at least not yet, the raiders themselves won’t want to be the second tenant as they would with this santa clara stadium as this stadium has a niners “feel” to it from the red seats and all the niners centric projects being built into the stadium.

    one of the analysts even though he doesn’t expect this to be a two team venue, it’s being built like a two team venue. i don’t know what that means? that mean they’re building three locker rooms? one for the niners, raiders and a road team. i know when metlife was built for the jets/giants, they did the same thing building three locker rooms.

  3. So excited that the Niners will finally get a new stadium. Can’t wait for the same to happen for the A’s.

  4. The 49ers, the Quakes… The Warriors, maybe soon? After following this stadium hijinx since 1996, I don’t expect the A’s to ever get a joint built anywhere on the planet.

  5. I thought it was only Devcon for the Quakes stadium. I miss something?

  6. Interesting, letsgoa’s. Does anybody else have more detail from that Chronicle Live session? That is very big news if the new Niners stadium is indeed being built with 3 locker rooms. I think I had also read somewhere (perhaps here?) that the signage will be largely digital, such that it would be very easy to have giant Raiders billboards one week and huge Niners stuff the next.

  7. Any news about the development of hotels/restaurants on the property across the street near the Golf & Tennis Club?

  8. an NFL tidbit from Forbes, if Forbes is to be believed: Forbes projects only two teams had operating losses last year — the Pittsburgh Steelers ($1.1 billion), due to a higher payroll, and the Oakland Raiders ($785 million), thanks to having the lowest revenues in the league.

    …125 state-of-the-art luxury boxes added to the Coliseum, paid for by the taxpayers, yet the Raiders still have the lowest revenues in the league. Any wonder Wolff & Co. are not willing to risk spending $500-$600 mill of their own money on a ballpark there?

  9. BTW – I believe the $1.1 billion and $785 million figures above are what Forbes what values the teams at, not the actual losses they sustained. According to Forbes, the Cowboys, at $2 billion, are worth more than twice as much as the Raiders.

  10. Forbes has the Niners rocketing up to 9th just because the stadium is financed (and in fact under construction). I wonder how much farther up they will go when they actually start generating more revenue with it.

  11. i don’t know if the signage will be digital or if those huge posters showing niner players in and around the stadium in all those renderings will be digital either. do know it’ll be strange for the raiders to be playing in a football stadium with 65+ thousand red seats and a niners hof and likely statues dominating the area also. don’t think we’ll be seeing a raiders hof or any statues of great raiders legends, or that “torch” they’ll light up before every home game. really it will be very niner centric, heck the niners hq is just a few minutes away from where the stadium is being built.

    as mentioned o/t here that 95.7 looks as they missed on their chance to land the w’s. i do think they were going strong after them with the lineup with the full time job given to papa and the additions of steinmetz/bucher going towards a heavy w’s/basketball influence. do wonder what 95.7 plans to do? i think cal and the raiders don’t have a contract beyond this upcoming season so both could be available. i don’t know how much of a ratings boost landing the w’s would’ve given you, still don’t think a ton of people actually listens to the w’s or basketball in general thru the radio. have thought that landing an nfl team is the way to go whether it’s the raiders who will be available after this season or the niners who just reupped with knbr before last season and won’t be available for at least another couple of years. have to think the raiders should be the next target for 95.7 as there really isn’t any other team worth getting until at the earliest the niners and that’s what 3 years away so might as well “test run” with the raiders for the next few years after their deal with 105.3 runs out after this season.

  12. @letsgoas – If the Raiders agree to become tenants of the Niners, I’m fairly certain none of those things you mention will be a problem. I don’t think the Niners would mind giving up some of their statue room if it means a few more millions each year to pay off the stadium. They’d be landlords, not assholes, and the Raiders wouldn’t do it if the Niners were trying to stick it to them.
    P.S. The Coliseum used to have orange seats.

  13. i think the niners statues and hof will be there. i just don’t know if the raiders org themselves will have a space carved out for them is the point or if as i’ve talked with some of my niners friends in real life or even those online whether or not they’d want the raiders fans to be given the chance in messing around with niners related “property” with sharing the stadium and i guess you could say the same thing about whether the raiders/raiders fans would want their “property” if were it were to be built on the grounds of that stadium to be disrespected by niners fans.

    unlike the nyg and nyj they’ve been accustomed to sharing a stadium with each other for decades so sharing metlife stadium wasn’t a huge deal, niners and raiders fans i think there is a lot more animosity between the two sides and them coming together to share a stadium, it could take only a few idiots from either side to do something stupid to cause trouble.

  14. There are options to avoid the other team’s fans from messing with the exhibits. 1) Guards, 2) Locks. It’s a simple problem to solve. You make it seem like the Niner and Raider fans will be there at the same time each week… they won’t, except for once every four years. I would think the rest of the time the teams will be separated by home/away or Thur/Sat/Sun/Mon schedules.

  15. guards and locks to monitor the actions of every statue or exhibit on the grounds? think either or both orgs have better things to do than to worry about having a fence or guard surrounding certain spots on the grounds.

    also niner and raider fans not being together isn’t even in my thoughts on what would worry me. it’s them being alone by themselves every week in tens of thousands where there are always a few idiots who could vadalize one another’s prosperties that could cause issues.

    still believe in the end that the niners will keep the stadium as their own and the raiders will continue to play at the coliseum until they can find a new venue themselves. even as a niners fan i’d love to see the raiders stay but in the long run it’ll likely be their very own football stadium because of the reasons stated above given by those analysts on chron live earlier in the week.

  16. @letsgoas – I guess if the statues are outside of the gates, then sure, there might be a problem. But that’s a problem regardless of who plays there or what the statue is of. Someone will want to vandalize it.
    But whatever…. if you want to think some simple logistical issue would be a deal breaker, then fine, keep on believing that.

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