Our man

I’m putting this up as my Twitter avatar for the rest of the season.

Get well soon, big guy.

Update 9/8, 1:45 AM – He’s back, at least a little bit.

15 thoughts on “Our man

  1. Good idea, I went with this one:

  2. Classy. Great idea, ML.

  3. hope for a speedy recovery and at this point baseball isn’t even an issue considering the recent reports released yesterday, just hope he can have a normal rest of his life off the field.

  4. Hope the A’s resign him. He’s an ace.

  5. Mike, I love that one

  6. He’s feeling better today:
    The good news in all of this, is that I set up my fantasy lineups beforehand. So there shall be no excuses at this point.
    Patrick Willis tweeted yesterday:
    Sorry to hear what happened and I know u are a huge 49er fan. Our prayers are with you. Get well
    McCarthy just tweeted now:
    thanks buddy, I feel like I just got hit by you.

  7. I love this man, he is a great human being, get well soon Brandon!!!!

  8. Off topic:was good to see Wolff, Selig, Gilbert (White Sox) and Padres/Braves ownership in LA attending a fight for cancer event. Yes, the battle against cancer is far more important than sports and ballparks. But really, does anyone believe for a second that Wolff still “tags along” with Selig to public events if things aren’t going to go his way. Many other fight cancer events Wolff can attend without Selig; just saying…

  9. You’re reading a lot into that. But I wonder if 2017 has been set as the date when the A’s can have San Jose. This will have given the Giants the territory for 25 years; their arguments that they should have it at to themselves until the Rapture will sound more hollow as more time goes on and MLB finds itself still locked out of a lucrative city just because of a hasty deal made in 1992.

  10. FYI – Jemile has just been brought back.

  11. Can we keep the irrelevant stadium discussion out of this thread. A man nearly died and you’re talking about meaningless stadiums again. Stop!
    As for Brandon, glad he’s feeling up to tweeting some damn funny things. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery sooner rather than later.

  12. @ ML: Can I steal this image for my Facebook profile?

  13. McCarthy seems to be doing well:

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