Single game postseason tickets on sale Monday 9/17

Single game tickets for a Wild Card playoff game and the American League Division Series will go on sale at 10 AM on Monday, September 17. You’ll be able to get the tickets via the A’s box office or (

Quite different from the 2006 postseason prices

At first glance I thought I was looking at a regular season pricing chart. Then I realized why: the A’s are using those as baseline prices and letting dynamic pricing determine how high they go based on demand. It’s fair and it rewards those who buy early. Season ticket holders have already gotten the opportunity to buy postseason strips, so we’ll really get to see how many casual fans snap these puppies up. I submitted deposits for season tickets next year, which afforded me the chance to buy strips for this postseason, but I declined to buy them because I want to stay with this year’s walkup/advance ticket buying experiment. I’ll be at the box office early Monday morning, ready to go.

Note – The Value Deck is the notable omission from the pricing grid. I assume it’s because it will be an overflow media location. Working to verify that.

12 thoughts on “Single game postseason tickets on sale Monday 9/17

  1. Any word on what’s going to happen with the tarps if the A’s advance?

  2. In 2006, they were kept on but would have been removed for the World Series, if I recall correctly.

  3. Ya know that scene in Titanic is when Leonardo DiCaprio is straddling the mast proclaiming, “I’m on tarp of the world!” Clearly, he wasn’t referring to the Value Deck at the Coliseum. Those seats suck. Let the press have’em.

  4. What are you talking about, the value deck is awesome! Right behind the plate, can see everything. And it’s not even that high up relative to most upper decks.

  5. Value deck is one of those love it or hate it places. If you don’t mind watching from so high it can be a great place to watch the game. If not, you’re going to hate it. (I’m in the latter category). I get the appeal, it’s just not for me.

  6. I am with Briggs, everything looks like a HR from the value deck… The extra concession money on the ticket, however, does not suck 😉

  7. Id rather sit in value deck or most of the tarped off section and see the entire field than plaza bleachers and not see half the field.

  8. Yea, it doesn’t take long to figure out how the ball goes up there. That’s where I have my 22-game package. I don’t like the trek up there from the promenade, and occasionally you get Nazi elevator security, but It’s where I’ll be renewing my tickets. The $6 on each ticket for merch or food doesn’t hurt either, and makes it $4 for the game.

  9. Anything in the 300 level, save for the first few rows with the traffic and railings, is better than are any seats in the plaza bleachers other than row 1.

  10. Yeah, i agree with the comparison… Plaza Bleachers are about 300x more horrible than any third deck seat form the original bowl. I still feel like the A’s should tarp the plaza bleachers and sell more value deck.
    I usually sit up there when I take all three of my daughters to a game because it’s 24 bucks of cotton candy included 🙂 I still have to watch the fielders to know where a ball is headed when it’s hit. But at the end of the day, I’d rather be int he Value Deck than in AT&T Park… Unless the A’s are playing in AT&T Park.

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