2013 Preliminary A’s Schedule Out

It’s that time again. First or second week of September, MLB releases its preliminary schedules. It’s our first glimpse at the play under the realigned NL and AL, where interleague play will be all season. I’ll do a deep dive in a bit. For now, I’ve taken the liberty of putting the schedule in downloadable formats.

More after the Oakland rally.

7 thoughts on “2013 Preliminary A’s Schedule Out

  1. It’s wonky, but I like that the season concludes within September.

  2. I know this is an Athletics site and I apologize in advance. But…. is there any reason the braniacs at MLB would not schedule Indians v Pirates? Pittsburgh is WAY closer to Cleveland than Cincinnati and the three game series at Progressive drew close to 90,000 fans in an attendance starved city.Again,apologies to A’s fans, but does anyone see similar disparities in the MLB 2013 schedule?

  3. Indians & Reds are the only teams in Ohio. Hence, they play each other.

  4. Looking at the 2013 road trips, travel-wise, there isn’t a brutal trip all season. A 4-game Bay Bridge Series isn’t ideal, but on-a-whole the schedule is pretty tidy.


    The Cubs are playing the A’s… In Oakland!!!!

    (I live in Wrigleyville)

  6. I’ve always looked at the two Giants series with dread because I simply hate losing to them. Now, it’s all compacted into one quick, four-day stretch.

  7. That is a lot of games against the Astros. Worst part is the A’s can’t stay at the Astrodome since a proposal to turn it into a luxury hotel was rejected 😦

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