Prayers for Pat and Stephanee Neshek

A’s reliever Pat Neshek left the team to go on paternity leave, as his wife Stephanee gave birth Tuesday. Their son, Gehrig John, passed away 23 hours after birth with no explanation as to why. We can talk about the team’s and individuals’ struggles. Nothing compares to the loss of a child. Baseball can wait. It’s time to grieve, and to heal.

14 thoughts on “Prayers for Pat and Stephanee Neshek

  1. Ugh. I saw this and it felt like a punch to the gut. As a new father, I can’t imagine the emotional toll this must be taking. My sincerest thoughts are with them.

  2. eb, I felt the same way. My first was born one month ago. I couldn’t imagine not having her around. My prayers continue to go out on the Neshek’s behalf.

  3. Damn that’s just awful 😦
    Hit close to home too. Friend of mine nearly lost his 3 month old on Tuesday to an undetected heart defect and it was only by the luckiest of circumstances they found it in time. He could could easily have been where the Nesheks are now. My thoughts are with them.

  4. Baseball just took a backseat to what is on my mind tonight. I cannot imagine the pain Neshek and his wife must be feeling right now. I hope that my prayers for them will help in some way because it is all that I can give after such a horrific loss of an infant son.

  5. , im a very spiritual person and to andy, you will one day be reunited with ur son again. i beileve when we move on from this world that we will all be with our loved ones again , but yeah prayers go out to the entire nesheck family

  6. I have three daughters. I can’t imagine life without them, and more importantly, I couldn’t have imagined life without them from the second they were born. My heart bleeds for Pat Neshek. I just want to give him a hug right now.

  7. Losing your child must be a nightmare. My thoughts are with the Neshek family. One day they’ll be reunited with Gehrig John.

  8. Very very sad. Praying for the Neshek family

  9. I reiterate what Jeffrey said verbatim. As a member of the three daughter club, this kind of pain is unimaginable. I hope and pray that the Neshek family finds solace and comfort in the days ahead. All my prayers and blessings to the Neshek’s.

  10. when my daughter was born–last of 4–she spent 10 days in intensive care–after being born and seemingly healthy—the first few days were touch and go and it was quite a humbling experience–I knew I needed to be there to support my wife and our 3 young boys but I wasn’t even sure I could handle it myself if she wasnt able to make it—my heart aches for the Neshek family–things like this quickly put life into perspective–

  11. My prayers are with the Neshek family. I agree with GoA’s , this really puts things into perspective.

  12. It does put things in perspective. My son was born last year, and at the age of two months he caught pneumonia. Since my wife had used up all her vacation time for maternity leave, it was up to me to take care of him. I tell you, it broke my heart to watch my little man struggle for every breath. Giving him the nebulizer machine at such an early age. Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. My wife and I were terrified and frustrated because we had no control over the situation. All we could do was hope and pray for his recovery. We prayed and prayed. Now a year old, my boy is healthy and I thank god every day for getting us through that dark period. I can’t imagine what it feels to loose a child, but my heart still aches for the Neshek family. I pray they find some sort of peace. God Bless them

  13. My in-laws lost a daughter at 6 months. This happened over 30 years ago, and they still feel the pain to this day.

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