A couple more travel tools

First, a quick note of congratulations to the Giants for winning their second World Series in the three years. The new interleague format with home/home series should be even more tension-filled in 2013.

The two tables below show distances and travel times between ballparks. There’s also a Google Drive spreadsheet if you want to download the tables. Methodology is simple. Numerous queries were done via Google Maps and Sport Map World and assembled into tables. Travel times for driving are the distance divided by an average 55 mph speed. Air travel times are air distance divided by a 540 mph speed, plus 15 minutes to allow for takeoffs and landings. Air travel times are between venues, not airports, so factor additional transit time if you are planning a trip based on air travel.

Distances between MLB ballparks in miles by air (blue) and land (green). Click to enlarge.

Travel times between ballparks in hours (Blue: Air, Green: Road). Times are approximate. Click to enlarge.

A newswrap post should be coming tomorrow.

Update 10/30 12:00 AM – Added tentative Minor League Baseball schedule in Google Drive format, Excel, and PDF. Includes all games except for Rookie/Short Season schedules, which are not yet published. The schedule has not yet be reformatted into the grid used for the MLB schedule. That’s coming soon.

4 thoughts on “A couple more travel tools

  1. I’d hate to be on that Seattle to Miami bus.

  2. I wonder if the Giants are going to muscle up their presence in the South Bay during the offseason with tours of the trophy and billboards and so on. If for nothing else, to do a little thumb in the eye of Oakland action and the powers that be and perhaps to get as much leverage as posssible for future concessions. It would make the most sense anyway. I wonder how long before columns start appearing with how the Giants win is actually good for Oakland’s efforts to keep the team.

  3. @crister,
    Oakland’s effort? What effort!? (Oh, I get it…sarcasm). Again, the Giants winning the WS (and whatever associated “muscling” they do down here) is irrelevant to MLB’s ultimate decision. Didn’t you read RM’s last thread? Creating leverage? Please! Spare us the Giants are almighty crap!

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