News for 11/8/12

Congrats to Billy Beane, who won the MLB Executive of the Year award at this week’s GM meetings. Out of 57 total votes, Beane garner 31. Second was the Nationals’ Mike Rizzo with 13. I figure Beane would gladly trade the award for the Earthquakes advancing to the next round of the MLS Cup, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • Alameda County’s Measure B1 continues to miss passage by the thinnest of margins. Through Wednesday, the measure had 65.63% approval,  just 12,000 votes short of passage. Roughly 140,000 absentee votes remain to be counted, which could allow the Yes votes to get over the hump. For that to happen, Yes votes would have to outnumber No votes by a 70-30 clip. The final vote tally should be ready before Thanksgiving. At stake is $40 million in transit funding that could help fund Coliseum City. [Oakland Tribune/Denis Cuff, Kristin J. Bender, Angela Woodall] Update 9:30 PM – Measure B1 has lost ground as an additional 24,000 ballots were counted today, with 65.38% voting Yes. The measure needs roughly 71% Yes among the remaining ~115,000 votes to get the supermajority.
  • As expected, Rebecca Kaplan kept her Oakland City Council At Large seat, defeating Ignacio De La Fuente 61-39 via Oakland’s instant runoff (ranked choice) voting process. That should keep one of Coliseum City’s biggest supporters out front and center, along with Larry Reid, who was also re-elected. [SF Gate/Matthai Kuruvila]
  • If Fremont were to re-emerge as an A’s stadium option, it’s important to know that the new mayor is expected to be Bill Harrison, who leads Steve Cho and Anu Natarajan at the moment. Harrison has a plurality of the vote at 35.28%, nearly 2,000 votes more than Cho. Apparently there is no runoff mechanism in Fremont. In addition, Vinnie Bacon, a known stadium opponent, won a City Council seat on Tuesday. [Fremont Argus/Chris De Benedetti]
  • El Paso voters approved a hike in the hotel tax to help fund a $50 million stadium, which will be the future home a relocated Padres AAA affiliate. [El Paso Times/Cindy Ramirez]
  • Reno’s City Council approved a restructuring of the financing for their AAA stadium. The new deal will use a combination of a general fund payment and revenues generated from the stadium. [Reno Gazette Journal/Brian Duggan]
  • San Diego elected a new mayor, Democrat Bob Filner. Filner has promised to be a tough negotiator with the Chargers in the latter’s pursuit of a new stadium. Already, some within the region are painting this as bad for the future of the team in San Diego. [NBC Sports/Mike Florio]
  • Bakersfield’s Cal League team, the Blaze, announced last week that they will build a replacement for antiquated Sam Lynn Ballpark in the south part of town on undeveloped land. The 3,500-seat stadium will have ancillary retail development on a total of 340 acres. Thankfully the ballpark will be oriented northeast, which will keep the sun out of batters’ eyes. When the new park opens, the oldest stadium in the Cal League will be San Jose Municipal Stadium. [Bakersfield Now/Staff]
  • Negotiations on TV rights for the college football playoff have begun, with ESPN initially offering nearly $500 million per year. [CBS Sports/Dennis Dodd]

More as it comes.

7 thoughts on “News for 11/8/12

  1. The 2/3 supermajority for passage of special taxes remains utterly ridiculous. Hopefully the new supermajority Democratic legislature will fix that…

  2. Tony, I didn’t take you for an anti-prop 13 guy. I don’t think the super majority will have the super power to remove that odious provision from the State constitution.
    If Measure B1 fails, BART’s ambitions will shrivel. That’s a critical link between Warm Springs and Diridon, ain’t it? I hope B1 funding isn’t essential to it. (But what are the chances that people organized enough to put their ballots into envelopes well before election day will vote against a rational public transit tax? I think B1 will squeak by.)

  3. @xootsuit

    I aslo think that Measure B1 will pass, ML is amazing at the research by the way… and i also knew Kaplan was going to win, and in a way im happy because i feel that she is one of the few to actually care about A’s/Raiders/ Coliseum City and 40 mil is better than 0 to contribute to the contruction costs.. lets not forget the fundraiser fro September.. anyway look forward to basketball season, go Warriors.

  4. @xootsuit – BART past Warm Springs is funded entirely by Santa Clara County taxes and federal matching funds. Alameda County funding is not involved. Initially it was one project, but it was split years ago in order to simplify the funding mix.

  5. @suit,
    not necessarily an anti-prop 13 guy (I pay property taxes to), but I do feel that if 65% of an electorate wants a certain tax raised IT SHOULD BE RAISED. IMHO it should be a 55% threshold for special taxes.

  6. Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana and City Assistant in charge of Coliseum City Fred Blackwelll had to postpone their 11/13/12 meeting with Save Oakland Sports. Save Oakland Sports will also postpone it’s announcement. We will reschedule this meeting to sometime before the beginning of 2013.

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