Did anything happen at the owners meetings today (11/15)?


Selig also had this quote:

“I know people say ‘Gee, it should be easy to do,'” Selig said. “Well, the more they’ve gotten into it, the more complicated it’s gotten. But we’re headed for resolution.”

Ever the charmer and problem-sover, Allan H. “Bud” Selig.

18 thoughts on “Did anything happen at the owners meetings today (11/15)?

  1. Well, at least he’s F.@#%.g honest. 🙂

  2. If he really dropped an f bomb… My faith in humanity has been slightly restored.

  3. “but we’re headed for resolution.” @&#% hey!!

  4. I think bs got the Donald’s hair dresser- pretty bad dye job there-

  5. well, this is what happens when you put your future in the hands of others.

  6. What’s with the hair? Dude looks like he’s wearing a run over duck.

  7. is BS on some illegal stuff or what? seriously, he looks horrible and kind of unstable to me

  8. Bud looks and sounds like he needs to head to a retirement home.

  9. This is how a CEO can conduct himself when he runs a monopoly with an anti-trust exemption: Use curse words publicly and simply fail to make important decisions.

  10. Uh, Bud. Instead of getting annoyed and pissy, perhaps you should, you know, expound a bit on the difficulties you’re facing. When people insist it should be easy and annoy you, it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to enlighten them about why they’re wrong. Instead you continue to say nothing and get what you deserve: harassment. Do your #%#%ing job.


  12. I really hope when Bud gives Wolff some unmeetable terms for San Jose, Wolff just re-ups for 25 years at the Coliseum. Let MLB have the Coliseum for another generation in all its glory. Oakland is not going to help pay for a new ballpark and no private interests are going to undertake such a charitable venture. Let the A’s drain revenue-sharing funds in their empty football stadium for several more decades. Beats seeing them move to San Antonio.

  13. Interesting response from Selig as you can see he is frustrated by this entire situation.

    Resolution is near as he pointed out and I think that he knows he screwed up big here based on his response.

    Selig figured two things knowing his dumbass:

    1. Oakland seeing how San Jose was about to poach its team would step up and get something done with a handout of some type. Whether it was for infrastructure, the ballpark itself or whatever have you. He figured by attrition Oakland would step up like Miami did to keep the team. 2 WS titles for the Marlins, 4 for the A’s with far more success in the long haul……Bud then realized California is a different country than the rest of the US and handouts for stadiums just do not happen here and now knows an Oakland miracle will never happen.

    2. He figured the Giants would negotiate something. Now Selig has had to award 2 WS titles to them in the past 3 years and it must just kill him to hand over the greatest prize of all in baseball to the team who has created his biggest headache the last 3-4 years or in all time during his tenure as Commissioner.

    Therefore Selig now sees only one way out and he realized it earlier this year…..Get the owners votes and force the Giants hand like with Baltimore and the Nationals. He should have done this earlier but he did not think it necessary.

    Selig is his own mind is divine and thought things would work themselves out in one of the 2 scenarios I mentioned above…….But he is archaic thinking did him in.

    Now he will finally help his buddy “Lewie” out….Bud is out of options and his response shows it..

  14. Sid, those are certainly possible. I’d imagine the real thing this is showing is he’s getting enough questions and flack both internally from the owners and externally from the media, cities, and who knows who else over this than he can handle anymore. I’d hesitate to think he’s learned anything from it though, as smart a guy as he is, he’s also pretty stubborn as well.

  15. Don’t read Seligs choice of grammar equating to frustration at all. As much as we would like to hear an official answer from Bud, he’s just as tired hearing the constant questioning from the media. Again, a resolution is near, and by that I interpret the negotiations as being nearly complete; not some admission of failure or the sky is falling scenarios. The A’s will $oon get San Jose; take that to the #&@% bank!

  16. What a winner, he’s our commissioner? What #$&^ Joke.

  17. back in July of 2009 I submitted a question to mlb.com in the hope that Bud Selig would answer it in his televised town hall on MLB Network. Much to my surprise he did answer my question. I basically asked when would we have an answer from the Blue Ribbon Panel and he said “soon”. That was three and a half years ago. I don’t believe that Selig’s definition of soon and our definition are the same.

  18. why cant the city of oakland and lew wolff go 50/50 on this ballpark stuff…

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