Final 2013 Regular Season Schedule Released

If you have longed for the return the 1:05 Saturday game, your prayers have been answered. The 2013 home schedule for the A’s has, by my count, 25 1:05 PM start times, 10 of those on Saturdays. Last season there were only 16 weekend 1:05 starts. I’ve assembled the schedule into various download formats, which are available in the left sidebar towards the bottom.

A couple of changes occurred along the way to finalizing the schedule. The A’s and Giants switched their home-and-home halves of their 4-game interleague set, with the A’s half now coming first and the Giants’ half last. There are a few other quirks.

  • Another Saturday afternoon start against the Halos is set for 12:05 PM instead of 1:05. The game is on July 27.
  • The A’s head to Boston in late April, and none of the games in that weekday series will start later than 3:35 PT. Keep that in mind if you’re planning to listen on the radio during your afternoon commute.
  • With the Astros now in the division, you can nearly double the amount of 5 PM evening start times in division. In addition, in the summer Houston isn’t forced to have mostly 5:35 games like the Rangers because the Astros have a dome, so there will be more 11:10 AM getaway games than you’d expect in Arlington.

Other than that, there’s little out of the ordinary. National Opening Night is on March 31, an Rangers-Astros game in Houston.


2 thoughts on “Final 2013 Regular Season Schedule Released

  1. Well since no one wants to comment…….LET’S GO OAKLAND!…..Went a lot of games last year and will be back for more to support the teams at 7000 Coliseum Way Oakland, CA

  2. I think the reason there are more Saturday 1:05 games are to accomodaite the events at Oracle Arena. But then again, it’s of convience.

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