Reminder: We’re still accepting donations

Update 2/24: I’ll put this up one more time, and that’s it. Thanks for your support. Please see below this post for new content.

The response to the donation request has been excellent so far. Thanks to all of you who have donated. I’ve been working hard on editing the blog archive, and I hope to have something for you shortly.

If you haven’t given yet, please consider it. The site won’t go dark without your donation, but every little bit will allow me to get a better hosting situation, cover gas and transit fare to meetings, and other expenses. Click on the Donate button to the left to get involved. You’ll get an e-book containing the best posts from this blog, and my humble gratitude.

Again, thanks.

– r.m./ML

2 thoughts on “Reminder: We’re still accepting donations

  1. ML, thanks for your hard work over the years in bringing (hands down) the best A’s stadium reporting/website. You/this site has MORE than earned my donation….

  2. I’ll get around to it.

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