Mesa looks for $8 million from AZ sports and tourism authority

The A’s and the City of Mesa are one small step closer to finalizing a deal to occupy Hohokam Stadium and Fitch Park. A month ago we did an overview of the renovation plans, which would entail a reduction in the number of seats and the addition of premium amenities such as bars.

To help cover Mesa’s $15 million commitment, the City is asking for $8 million from the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, the quasi-governmental corporation that runs University of Phoenix Stadium and provides funds for the renovation and maintenance of numerous Cactus League facilities. Back in January, some sort of request was expected, though the amount was not disclosed. $8 million would cover about half of Mesa’s initial commitment, with Mesa’s Enterprise Fund to cover the rest. Mesa received a preliminary approval for the request. That should clear the way for an official announcement towards the end of spring training.

Phoenix hasn’t allowed old Municipal Stadium to be abandoned. Last week, the Arizona Board of Regents approved a 25-year lease for Arizona State University’s baseball team to play at Muni, which is twice the size of on-campus Packard Stadium and has a proper press box for TV broadcasting purposes. One team’s trash is another one’s treasure, a them we as A’s fans are all to familiar with. If you love Muni, it’s sad that the A’s will only have two more seasons there. It’s good to know that Muni will have games from ASU and perhaps continued work with the Arizona Fall League.

4 thoughts on “Mesa looks for $8 million from AZ sports and tourism authority

  1. I’m glad Phoenix Muni will still be useful to ASU and AZFL. Hate to see a ballpark not being used. I guess then Papago will be used for Adult leagues?? Much nicer than Fitch Park.

  2. OT: just made my donation RM. In return, your next thread should be about everything you know that your not allowed to tell us (lol, jk). Here’s hoping soon for less OT threads and more new A’s ballpark material. Peace.

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