KHTK 1140 AM Sacramento will air 2013 A’s season

Two weeks ago, I tweeted this:

Today came this:


Which leads to this:


There was some question as to whether KHTK would broadcast all 162 regular season games going into the announcement. Thankfully, it will be the full season. There are still some dead spots in parts of the East Bay and North Bay, but this is a huge improvement. The station may be looking to capitalize on the A’s recent success or is planning on replacement programming in case the Kings leave. In either case, it’s great news for A’s fans in Sacramento.


8 thoughts on “KHTK 1140 AM Sacramento will air 2013 A’s season

  1. This is excellent news for any A’s fan east of Fairfield. Awesome!

  2. Wow RM! you’re giving the smackdown on Da twitter! Hopefully we’ll get more “I called it!”s out of you soon…;)

  3. BTW RM, you know anything about these “guidelines” Bill Shaikin is talking about re an A’s move to San Jose? Just read about it 10 min ago.

  4. I hope they can some day get into Fresno. Amaury and Manolo come on in Spanish in Fresno, for some games but the signal is awful.

  5. Isn’t KFPT 790 AM the A’s home in Fresno? I drove there and it wasn’t too bad. I know that in SLO, KRKC 1490 AM can come in for A’s games out of King City since their signal can reach Pismo and Santa Maria.

  6. 1140’s just backfilling for sports content in case the Kings move to Seattle.

  7. @SierraSpartan – Maybe, but it’s not like they’d ditch the A’s if the Kings didn’t leave. They are opposite ends of the calendar, so you could consider it just a ‘filling out’ of the radio schedule.

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