World Baseball Classic tickets discounted to as little as $8

Tickets for the championship rounds of the World Baseball Classic at AT&T Park were priced quite heavily when they went on sale in December, often forcing fans to buy three-game strips for hundreds of dollars. That price gouging, in conjunction with Team USA getting eliminated last night by Puerto Rico, has caused the WBC to heavily discount numerous blocks of tickets in the last couple of days.

Prices for the two semifinal matchups were as low as $15 yesterday for nosebleed sections in left field and the back of the bleachers. Today the WBC dropped prices on better seats and locations for both games to just $8, a loss leader price if I ever heard of one. That is sure to upset folks who bought early, but it will delight casual fans and followers of the remaining teams (Japan, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico) who are in town or are willing to make the trip cross-country.


Snapshot on 3/16 of severely reduced pricing on several sections with big unsold inventory

While premium sections are staying expensive, many areas that “fill out the bowl” have a good number of unsold seats, including groups of seats together. There’s a threat that AT&T Park will look empty without a contingent of US fans and the possibility that the DR/PR fans won’t be there in large numbers. The Bay Area doesn’t have a huge population of Dominicans or Puerto Ricans compared to the East Coast, so there’s reason for concern. A healthy number fans of Team Japan should be there, as we’d normally expect. Netherlands skipper and Giants hitting coach Hensley Meulens appealed to his fellow Dutchmen in the Bay Area to come out and support the Oranje, though they’re not expected to be there en masse.

On Friday I got a $15 bleacher ticket for Monday’s game between the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands. Today I snagged a $8 ticket for Sunday’s Japan-Puerto Rico matchup. A friend of mine who bought single game tickets in advance last month for Sunday’s game paid $72 for a View Box seat behind the plate. Yesterday those same seats were priced at $62, and now they’re $50. It’s possible that the prices could sink even further if there continues to be middling interest.

Running tournaments like the WBC can produce outcomes like this. Unlike the FIFA World Cup, which is assured of having the greatest players in the world playing for every participating country, the WBC is subservient to MLB, so fans aren’t treated to cream-of-the-crop competition due to pro clubs holding back players by rule or choice. Nevertheless, the competition has been excellent so far, with surprising pitching performances from the DR and an upstart club in the “Kingdom of the Netherlands” that threatens to be powerhouse for years to come.

If you have time and can spare a few bucks, the WBC semis are a steal on Sunday and Monday. And in the event that the final doesn’t sell that well, it may also be a good choice on Tuesday. Check it out.

6 thoughts on “World Baseball Classic tickets discounted to as little as $8

  1. Cheaper tickets are always good for the fans, but not for the WBC overall. Until MLB forces or entices the best players in MLB to play in this farce of a tourney than it will always be a joke and another scam for fans to pay and watch average to below average talent representing their countries.

  2. View Box is down to $20, Field Club $95, Infield Club $75, Arcade $40. The $8 bleachers are gone, which should look better on TV.

    The Giants tweeted out “tickets starting at $8” on the 13th, but there really weren’t any $8 seats then–at that exact time, the cheapest seat available for Sunday was $50. If they’re going to do dynamic pricing for a special event like this, they needed to be more proactive in cutting prices.

    Several Giants season ticket holders told me that they would hev bought their seats if they were priced the same as regular season tickets initially. But at more than twice the price, everyone took a pass.

  3. View box behind (really, above) home plate is a pretty good seat. I’ve spent a fair amount of time up there. Of the bleacher seats, the narrow rows in RF are very nice, especially the closer you get to the foul pole. Field and club level seats, of course, are excellent, and well worth the price if a bit of luxury’s what you want. (The availaiblity of vendors, bars and facilities really complements the view of the games.) Enjoy!

  4. Damn suit! Reading your post makes me jealous of what the Giants have at AT&T Park 😦
    (gotta keep telling myself, “one day…one day…”)

  5. Tickets for tomorrow night’s game is down to as low as $5 now (bleachers). If that ain’t a steal, I don’t know what is.

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