Hearing schedule for S4SJ vs. City of San Jose

While we’re watching the A’s fight for the division title this summer, we’ll also watch the Giants and A’s duke it out in court. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Joseph Huber has released a hearing schedule for the Stand for San Jose-vs.-City of San Jose trial:

  • June 6 – Petitioners Opening Brief
  • July 8 – Respondents & Real Party Opposition
  • July 29 – Petitioners Reply
  • October 4 – Hearing on the Merits

Unless the sides decide to settle out of court, chances are that the case will drag on through the end of the year.

22 thoughts on “Hearing schedule for S4SJ vs. City of San Jose

  1. Time to get this nuisance out of the way- wouldn’t expect MLB to make any decisions about SJ until this is done-

  2. @GoA’s,
    Respectfully disagree. The worst that this “nuisance” lawsuit will do is delay the ballpark project. As we’ve seen with frivolous lawsuits thrown at the high-speed rail project, delay in implementation is the only outcome. Work on the HSR project was allowed by the courts even with frivolous litigation coming out of the Peninsula. There’s no way in hell the Stand for SF lawsuit will kill the ballpark project/EIR. Probably why we’re now hearing about Cisco Field in 2018 (vs 15, 16).
    Lastly, I firmly believe a decision has been made by MLB re the A’s and San Jose; it just needs to be revealed for all to see.

  3. @ GoA’s – but, if BS had the balls to enforce SFSF (Gnats) to not to sue the A’s in the first point, this trial wouldn’t have started anyways.

  4. @Tony D and Anon- I don’t disagree on any of your points except that there will be no official announcement unil this lawsuit is either settled out of court ( I.e- gints, A’s and MLB agree to terms of TR’s) or the judge denies the plaintiff- which is what I expect to happen. Bs is not going to step in after and actually do something here- he has shown that he is content with letting this thing fester.

  5. @Tony- I’m pretty sure you just disagreed with GoA’s and then said the same thing with more words.

  6. LS, more importantly, he compared a case where it’s a judge’s decision against a case where it’s Selig’s decision. Just because a court wouldn’t stop a stadium from being built, doesn’t mean Selig won’t wait until it’s settled to make a decision.

  7. @LS,
    You know what…you’re right ;). Perhaps where my disgreement really was at (and I failed to mention) is the idea of MLB delaying a decision (or revealing one) based on a frivolous CEQA lawsuit. We’ve seen this kind of legal action taken against venues that were already approved; Levi’s Stadium, Quakes SSS are examples that come to mind. I’m sure once Selig/MLB are ready to reveal the decision we’ve all been waiting for, they will do it regardless of “phony” litigation.

  8. IT’S OFFICIAL!!!!! Kings are staying in Sactown. Screw you, you billionaire latte drinking motherf***ers.

  9. …and welcome you geeky, fitness freak billionaires!

    Instead of a factitious “pledge” drive….pro Oaklanders should solicit KJ as their next mayor ASAP!

  10. how long did it take the nba/stern to come up with a decision between sac/sea regarding the kings’ future home and we’re now in how many years into this san jose saga?

  11. It seems these days, Selig has two stadium disasters for which he is responsible: the Marlins’ stadium, which has generated a lot of ill will and has resulted in plans to tarp over seats in a BRAND NEW STADIUM, and Selig’s cowardice in the A’s stadium situation – knowing nothing is happening in Oakland but too terrified to take on the Giants to get the A’s in San Jose. Of course, these failures on Selig’s part will always be overshadowed by the steroids scandals that happened on his watch – baseball’s most precious HR records are all suspect now. The HR Champ doesn’t even get into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

  12. Looks like cisco dumped off the PAC commons land. So much for revisiting Fremont if SJ is no go

  13. Wolff already said Fremont was done. It had its shot, which produced Big Bog Retailers throwing a wrench in plans for the west-of-880 site and 700 protestors nightly against the east-of-880 site. Fremont’s ship has sailed.

  14. Regardless of what Wolff said, Fremont was always still a backup plan. Nothing was stopping them from going back there to try again if SJ was actually blocked off for good. Big Box Retailers could be bought off. However, if Cisco is dumping the land, they’ll have to find another location.

  15. OT: Article about NASCAR and the networks. http://aol.sportingnews.com/nascar/story/2013-05-07/nascar-tv-contract-future-with-fox-sports-network-tnt-espn-abc

    I post it as a follow up to the conversation here about sports and live programming, and their importance to the networks as something people prefer to watch live, which means they can’t forward through the commercials.

    FOX has signed NASCAR for the first 13 races in 2015-2022 at a 36% rate increase over the previous rate to show races on Fox and Fox Sports 1. There are 23 other races to sell, and there is speculation that NBC could pick up some of them.

  16. @LS- agree- and considering the close working relationship between LW and Cisco I would suggest that this is a strategic move forward.

  17. re: At 19.5 percent, downtown San Jose has the highest office vacancy rate in Silicon Valley, according to CBRE Inc. Downtown offices lost more than 60,000 square feet of occupancy in the first quarter.

    …Yet one of the anti-stadium groups, “Better Sense” San Jose, is convinced beyond doubt that instead of using the Diridon site for a ballpark, it should be used for more empty office buildings. OK. From that group’s Web site: “Office space is the land use that benefits the greatest from improved transit access, and high density development generates the greatest tax increment revenue. Office development at the Diridon site would create four times more economic benefit for San Jose than a baseball stadium”

  18. …How about instead: Putting a ballpark downtown and thus make the existing empty office buildings more attractive to businesses, who’d want to be part of that scene, instead of building more empty office buildings to complement the existing empty office buildings? Of course, I think the “Better Sense” people are the same folks who will never admit that the arena was a great idea.

  19. So the New Sacramento Kings arena San Jose A’s , Oakland Raiders of Santa Clara and the S.F Warriors..and maybe a potential new or renovated S.D Chargers stadium….am I right about that guys?

  20. @GoA’s,
    Wow! I just finished reading that article in the Mercs IA. SJ has leverage indeed. RM, what are your thoughts on that one?

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