First part of Coliseum City EIR scheduled for 7/15 release

Well, look at what we have here…

Screenshot of Facebook group announcement

Screenshot of Facebook group announcement

I’m traveling on Monday, but I expect to download and read the EIR once it’s available. Since next week is the All Star Break, we’ll have plenty of time to cover the document in detail. The “first part” probably refers to Area 1, which covers the Coliseum complex and some of the immediately surrounding area, including the Malibu and HomeBase lots and some of the land extending out towards the BART station. Hopefully we’ll also get a glance at the feasibility study. I look forward to the release.

Coliseum City Specific Plan

Coliseum City Specific Plan

31 thoughts on “First part of Coliseum City EIR scheduled for 7/15 release

  1. Why the hell are they still pushing this coliseum city crap? They need to get over it. It ain’t happening. Jean Quan won’t even be mayor by the time our stadium finally gets built, so she needs to stop pushing her agenda with this stuff. She is lost and I’m suck of hearing her talk about this. She obviously wants coliseum more than anything, not because the A’s are her best interest. When Don Knauss talks about this stuff, I listen, but I’m sick of Quan.

  2. @ML

    Hahahahahaha told u ML that Quan would not less us down. NOW WHAT DOES SAN JOSE HAVE TO SAY? ?? LA, SF and SJ are not ready yet and are facing legal crap. COLISEUM CITY WILL HAOOEN AND RESpECT JEAN QUAN

  3. @Aaron – What are you talking about? It’s the Howard Terminal EIR that’s supposed to be difficult, not this one. Coliseum City’s expected to be a breeze. It’s the financing of Coliseum City that’s the problem.

  4. I can’t figure out if standforcoliseumcity Aaron is actually two people sharing an account or what. I don’t think he’s been consistent in anything.

  5. He sounds like another guy who was on here a few months ago who was as incomprehensible and who flip flopped just as much.

  6. I want to say they’re just the same trolls who make new accounts over and over again, but benefit of the doubt…

  7. Dan meet Lone Stranger
    Longerstranger meet Dan

    You two will be cute together : )

    Coliseum City 1
    San Jose 0

  8. Q: What do the Emerald City of Oz and Coliseum City have in common…

    A: They’re both fantasies

    Q: What differentiates the Emerald City and Coliseum City?

    A: One had green to spare the other doesn’t have any.

  9. It is a given that Larry Baer would prefer that the A’s leave the Bay Area entirely. However, suppose for a moment that it became clear to him that the A’s will either be in Oakland or San Jose and that there was no chance of the team leaving the Bay Area or being contracted by MLB. Would he use his influence or even be directly involved in keeping the A’s in Oakland so that Santa Clara county remained “Giants territory” regardless of whether it is officially recognized as such by MLB or not?

  10. @matt- LB has already been told that the Bay Area is a 2 team market- so yes- he is using his influence and everything else (lawsuit by SJ gints) to keep the A’s out of SJ-

  11. Great, the EIR is coming out just in time to not be discussed whatsoever at the next owners meeting.

    Oh well, even if it’s for naught, I still get to watch the next four A’s games on tv for a change.

  12. @Matt. he would still try to keep the A’s out of San Jose because it is the best option for the team. 75 silicon valley companies said they want the A’s in SJ and would sponsor the team in some way, shape or form. Some of those companies are big sponsors of the giants. that includes Adobe whose headquarters are right across the street from the cisco field site. they would cut their giants sponsorships if the A’s moved there. the giants do not want this. therefore they would try to keep the team in oakland.

  13. @GoA’s and @groshawn – Thanks for your reply. Y’know that really steams me! I was born and raised a Dodger fan growing up in L.A. and, naturally, hated the Giants. I have lived in NorCal since my college days and have also become a HUGE A’s fan! (Well, okay. My friends would tell me that I am just HUGE, period! 😦 ) All of these furtive and not so furtive maneuvers by the Giants against the A’s just makes me dislike them even more!

  14. Why is Oakland moving ahead with CC when MLB clearly stated the present site wasn’t its preference? #bogglesmind

  15. @Anon, This is Oakland’s only hope for the Raiders to stay in Oakland.

  16. @anon,
    As llpec said, this about keeping the Raiders in town. Just look at the FB page and the references to DA RAIDERS! A’s?
    It’s an assumption that Silicon Valley companies will jump ship on the Giants if the A’s are in downtown San Jose. Maybe, maybe not. But since 1) the Giants corporate support from SV proper is way overblown (only 15-20% of companies surveyed by SVLG) and 2) the Bay Area corporate pie is big enough for both teams, it really doesn’t matter where the A’s play in the Bay (San Jose, Fremont or Oakland). Heck, one of the A’s main sponsors Netsuite is HQ in San Mateo! What does that tell you. Adobe for Pandora? You get my drift..

  17. Coliseum City does nothing to address the fact that you never want to find yourself north of 66th. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the plan for Coliseum City is to mimic Bay Street in Emeryville or Santana Row in San Jose, right?

  18. I love the Coliseum City design. The A’s and Raiders will have their own district…thats awesome. I could imagine the sports museum. What I find intresting about the design is the Warriors arena across the street. Now I find nothing wrong with Oracle. But it could use something attached or around it to give it a new look. But Coliseum City design by Foster is a great plan and I hope the teams like it.

    Hey pjk no san jose

  19. Aaron, we already know what the Warriors and A’s think of it… they want no part of it if they have to pay for it. Neither does MLB. The only team that does want part of it is the Raiders, but they also don’t have the $$$ to be a part of it. It’s a dead project already despite Quan’s bluster.

  20. @Aaron- San Jose finished an EIR for the A’s years ago. Oakland is about to finish the 1st half of theirs. Oakland…..always the last horse to cross the finish line.

    • @Sid – The EIR isn’t finished. It’s only the draft. It’ll be a few, maybe several months before the final one is released, then another period before certification.

  21. I mentioned this a few years ago, but Northern California could use a premiere open-air professional tennis stadia complex/center. This Coliseum City thingamajig seems like a good spot.

  22. from the East Bay Express: A plan for a waterfront ballpark for the Oakland A’s is facing a legal threat from a major shipping company, the Trib reports.

  23. The word “viable” has to be the most abused word in this entire saga; hence it getting thrown around constantly by the Howard Terminal boosters. So Oakland will screw Longshoreman and the unions just to harbor a fantasy of a waterfront ballpark that the A’s/MLB aren’t interested in?

  24. @ML – Just for clarification, is the entire draft-EIR being released, or just the east side of the freeway where the venues are currently located? The DEIR was supposed to include supplementals that would offer every possible scenario, 1 team staying, 2 teams and every combination of the teams. If we get the whole shebang next week (800-1000 pages?) that would be fabulous. But when they say “part” will be released, is it part of the entire CC project, the entire DEIR for CC? Or are they part of the DEIR, as it relates to the current Coliseum location and not the other side of the freeway?

    Either way, I think we’ll be getting a good idea of Oakland’s plan A. The clock is already running on the future of all the teams, obviously, but if Oakland’s plan A put a new Raiders stadium footprint over the current Coliseum, the conversation about Oakland’s plan for the A’s won’t be so much in the abstract. Assuming they’ll have a timetable on tearing down the current Coliseum.

  25. Before we get too excited, this July 15th date is from a Facebook page and doesn’t appear affiliated with the city. As such I wouldn’t get too worked up about it as anyone can put anything Facebook. If you go to the City’s website, there’s nothing about it on the main page (where new info or coming events are posted) and you have to dig into the bowels of the Planning Depts page to find anything.

    That says the Draft EIR will be released in the fall and lists a couple meeting dates to discuss the EIR that took place two months ago or more. If the city plans to do something then they’re apparently going for the “no publicity” strategy.

  26. I watched both the planning board presentation and the landmarks committee presentation, and Fred Blackwell had said around October as the release date for the draft-EIR. But city officials have worked/leaked through SOS before. Probably because of the Chris Dobbins connection. That’s fine. I don’t doubt that some level of info will be released next week. But the fact that it’s being promoted in the form of the draft-EIR is curious.

  27. Well the other thing is the time, a Monday at Noon in the chambers, why hold a public meeting in the middle of the day when many people who might be interested would be at work? Most big meetings are at night for that reason. Besides, why not put it on the city’s website? You’d think they might want to broadcast it. To me, this means it isn’t the EIR or any real substantial review. My guess is its just a lunchtime rally with no real document release but normally the city itself is hyping things directly.

  28. @Baynativeguy/muppet151 – I assume that the release is the draft EIR for Area 1 (east of 880), which would be ahead of schedule. I could be wrong, I’ve not heard anything to confirm this. If it’s an economic impact report (also called “EIR”), then it’s little more than fluff. If it’s a feasibility study it’s still not an EIR. At least it’s worthy of review.

    When the doc is available they’ll put it up on the City’s website. The release is not part of a City Council meeting or related committee meeting, so they make up the rules. Clearly it’s designed to get some press. Beyond that, who knows?

    One other thing – I noticed they’ve subdivided the whole project into 5 areas, the Coliseum complex being Area A. Not sure if this is pertinent.

  29. The reason it is not on the City of Oakland website is because meeting is being held by the JPA but they choose to have the meeting at city hall Oakland. Here is the JPA document.

    Click to access 31_130715_473.pdf

    • @Oaktown_Raider_510 – Thanks. I had checked the JPA website earlier this morning and had not seen anything, so I wasn’t sure how this was supposed to work. This makes sense.

      The document being released is in fact a feasibility study written by AECOM – who until last week was also associated with the Warriors’ project.

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