Giants propaganda invades A’s airspace

Normally when I see a plane in or around the Coliseum I tune it out, because it’s always an ad. I’m not interested.

During today’s game, apparently Budweiser went a bit too far with their plane-flown banner…



The plane and banner were courtesy of Anheuser Busch/Inbev, not the Giants directly. I suppose they got a two-for-one deal by flying the plane a few hours later over AT&T Park, if that happened. Whatever happened, I’m not outraged by it. I appreciate the moxie required to get that ad in the air. This after Budweiser opened one of its signature “Bowtie Bar” locations inside the Coliseum.

That said, I hope y’all don’t mind if I continuously laugh at the Giants’ current foibles. “Defending” World Champs in name only, not in effort, assholes.

Well, I guess it’s a good thing that the concept of territorial rights only applies to building ballparks on a site, not airspace, radio or TV airwaves, placing team stores, or any other extension of a team’s marketing machine.

One other thing – Support local craft beer!

10 thoughts on “Giants propaganda invades A’s airspace

  1. I feel for the Giants… not

  2. Why is this not surprising? The gnats mgt. pulled a similiar bush league stunt at the start of the 2011 year when they similiarly hired an plane with a banner proclaiming that the Giants were the world series champions to fly over dodger stadium at the 2011 opening game. The giants mgt. later claimed that a private individual paid for that stunt, that they weren’t involved (that is likely b.s. though – the JT the Brick show advised earlier that week that giants fans attending that opening game at Dodger stadium should keep a low profile because the giants were hiring the plane to fly over the ballpark with that message)It’s possible that the bush league stunt may have contributed to the the Brian Stow incident)

    The giants b.s. spin job artists are evidently kicking their efforts into overdrive (either because the A’s are 1st in the AL West (61-43, .587 pct) and the giants stink (last place in the NL West 46-57 .447 pct) and/or they believe that their and MLB’s attempt at blocking the A’s from SJ will be stopped soon.

  3. Suxx no one snapped a photo.

  4. Forgive my French ML but….. FUCK THE VaGiants! Sorry,had to let it out.

  5. Both teams were home this weekend. Last-place Giants and first-place A’s. We already know which team had the better attendance.

  6. Case in point, Susan Slusser (who is consistently great) works for the god damn SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.

  7. The Chron is not so pro-giants as believed – for example, they support the A’s move to SJ (which is certainly not the gnats owners’ stance)

  8. this happens back and forth. pre 2010 i remember a game where there was a a’s sail boat outside at&t that had a sign say “zero splash hits, 4 world titles”. now who knows if that came from the a’s pr staff themselves or a fan made it up and showed up in the cov on his own.

  9. I believe the A’s used to have the “zero splash hits, 4 world titles” line on a billboard at the Bay Bridge. Another at the Bay Bridge “You’re leaving baseball country now” was particularly inspired.

  10. Quakes stadium opening pushed back to second half of 2014

    Photos are interesting..

    “During the demolition phase, the construction team uncovered numerous concrete vaults deep in the ground, used munitions from the FMC factory, steel beams and hundreds of concrete pilings. Due to the high water table at the site, the excavated vaults also had to be drained of water, causing more delays during the grading process. To drain one of the holes, over 600 tons of rock had to be used.”

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