Roadies for August

I’ve been fortunate to accrue a lot of frequent flyer miles and points over the last 3 months because of work travel, and it’s time to cash a bunch of that in. So I’m going on some short ballpark trips.

To start off, I’ll be spending August 10 & 11 in Seattle. I haven’t been to Safeco Field for several years and the timing fit (along with my Southwest points). My Seattle schedule:

  • August 10
    • 9 AM – Arrive
    • 12:30 PM – Safeco Field tour
    • 2:30 PM – CenturyLink Field tour
    • 6 PM – Brewers @ Mariners
  • August 11
    • 1 PM – Brewers @ Mariners

After I come back from the Emerald City, I’ll do a joint review of Safeco with Jeffrey, who was up there last weekend.

The New York trip is on Labor Day weekend.

  • August 29
    • 1 PM – Phillies @ Mets
    • 7 PM – US Open evening session, Flushing Meadows -OR- Eagles @ Jets, MetLife Stadium (NFL Preseason)
  • August 30
    • Noon – Tour of Yankee Stadium
    • 7 PM – Orioles @ Yankees
  • August 31
    • 1 PM – Orioles @ Yankees
  • September 1
    • Tour of Citi Field (time TBD)
    • US Open day or evening session, Flushing Meadows (optional if 8/29 US Open is not attended)

If there enough people, I’d like to do one or two meetups. One could be at one of the Yankees games, another maybe at a bar. I’ve heard good things about Pacific Standard in Brooklyn. As usual, I’m open to suggestions.

There will be one more trip before the season ends. Details on that will come later.

15 thoughts on “Roadies for August

  1. Definitely visit Pacific Standard its a true A’s bar, also next door is 4th Avenue Pub which is good. In Manhattan stop by either Jimmy’s No. 43 or Rattle n’ Hum, Queens Kickshaw in Astoria. All have good food around them. Once I figure out my schedule I will let you know when I am around hopefully to meet up wherever.

  2. @Anon: Just because Victory Court didn’t work out doesn’t mean that people can’t support Howard Terminal.

  3. Howard Terminal won’t work out either, but yes it’s their right to support it if they choose. I just wish these folks would stop talking as if they represented the views of ALL A’s fans (they’re Oakland-only through and through!)

  4. @briggs – they can support whatever they want, no doubt. But at least have concrete data to back it up instead of quotations by a white knight who hasn’t deep dived into the details.

  5. Wow! “Site control” (the new “viable”) and whatever Don Knauss has to say. Everything else will be peaches and cream, no sweat!

  6. @ML: When you visit other ballparks, which seats do you usually get? I’m usual split between spending the bare minimum (because I just end up walking around anyway) or getting the closest seats I can (since it may be years before I visit again).

  7. @Briggs – It depends on how many games I’m attending. If I’m attending only one game I’ll probably get a fairly cheap seat because I’ll be sitting for only 3 innings and walking around the rest of the time. If I’m going to 2-3 games, I’ll get a decent seat for at least 1 of those and just sit there the whole 9.

  8. Just becsuse someone supports an Oakland ballpark, does not make them Oakland-only. Oakland-only, and pro-Oakland are two diffrent things, atlest they are trying. Way to keep an open mind fellas

  9. @lakeshore,
    I hear yah; my bad for not realizing (or noticing) the distinction. As for Stand for SF, talk about being full of shit with their latest lawsuit. Won’t amount to anything in the end; just a nuisance that will one day add humor to the book of this saga…

  10. BTW, how in the #%€£&@! is encumbering the land with an option “illegal”?!! Hint: IT ISN’T!

  11. #%€£@&! Morons! Yeah, they’re really “concerned” about the land being devalued for a ballpark. WTF?! My bad RM going off/going off topic re the latest b.s. from S4SF. I’ll save further outburst for a new thread (if you write one up).

  12. @Tony D. as much as I would like the ballpark in Oakland, I must say Iam so mad at the Giants, that part of me would like it in SJ because it would hurt them more… @ML sounds like a really cool triip, If the A’s ever build anywhere in the Bay Area I hope they check out this blog (they must read it) because if they do it will simply add to how nice that park will be.

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