Earthquakes Stadium slips again to 2015

After what has to be considered the most excruciating site excavation ever, the Earthquakes revealed today that their stadium’s opening date is slipping (yet again) to 2015. The stadium was originally supposed to open in 2014 after last year’s groundbreaking ceremony. Then it slipped to midseason as crews encountered difficulties clearing the former defense plant of underground concrete bunkers and various other surprises found on site.

The full scope of the site-related work could only be determined when the work was fully underway, and the site-related work has continued to take longer than expected. Beyond the complications announced in July, there have been additional complexities in connecting the stadium to the city sewer system, and the high water table has slowed the site utility phase.

“Projects of this size and scope often encounter delays, especially with the amount of demolition and site preparation we had to do. What is most important is that we build a great stadium that will stand the test of time for our fans and this community,” Kaval elaborated.

Despite the complications at the site, progress has been made on the project. Demolition and grading are now complete and the site utilities have been installed. Additionally, the footings are currently being placed. The next steps in the process will be the pouring of the foundations for both the stadium and team building, followed by the steel erection. The steel has been ordered through Schuff Steel and is currently being fabricated in Stockton. The team office building is scheduled to be erected in November, followed by the stadium bowl in late December.

Well, at least they’ve ordered the guts of the new stadium. It’s just amazing that the 49ers stadium, which is nearly four times the size and well past ten times as expensive, will open before the Earthquakes’ digs. All because the site was cleaner to start. Beware, all you who think you can build on brownfields quickly. Something lurks beneath the surface.

15 thoughts on “Earthquakes Stadium slips again to 2015

  1. So the stadium Wolff originally intended to open in 2010 (as evidenced by the Quakes initial 2008, 2 year lease at Buck Shaw with a 3rd yr option) will now open 5 years late… And that’s just for a basic and relatively simple 60 mil soccer stadium. Cisco Field being 10x as expensive and 10x as complex probably wouldn’t open until the 2030’s even if the Giants were not an obstacle.

    On a serious note however I have to wonder how much the A’s situation has impacted the Quakes stadium over those 5 years of delays and how much of it was legitimate.

  2. @Dan – You know I’ve always thought that the two projects were joined at the hip.

  3. I’m convinced Levi’s Stadium is being built with slave labor. That thing broke ground in 2012 and it’ll be ready for the 2014 season? Insanity.

    Well, if anything it gives the ‘Quakes more time to secure a naming rights deal. The name “Willie L. Brown Jr. Stadium” is available.

  4. @Dan,
    I don’t think there are deep concrete bunkers in the Diridon area to contend with, but I could be wrong. I also don’t believe the Diridon plots classify as a brownfield, but I could be wrong on that as well.

  5. As someone who drives by that site a few times a week, I’m not surprised by this announcement.

  6. Also had always wondered if there was an intended benefit of managing the stadium construction in sequence…Earthquakes first followed by A’s. If there was I guess that wont happen–in no scenario do I see a ballpark starting construction in 2015–

  7. Anyone who knows anything about former DoD sites should know that they are always cost more to clean up than originally expected. It’s a former gov’t site what do you expect.

  8. @GoA’s: I imagine so. Workflows and task management that teams established during the Earthquakes stadium construction probably would’ve carried over. Construction teams would probably double in personnel, so it’d probably help that most of the personnel were already familiar with each other. The same goes for communication with vendors, composing work schedules, and all that other misc. work stuff.

    In the end, it’s hard to say how much stuff like that would speed construction along, but it definitely couldn’t hurt.

  9. Lew Wolff must be a little frustrated. The guy has a lot of intestinal fortitude, but these delays, coupled with the ongoing situation with the A’s (new ballpark) are a lot. I also thought he hoped the two projects would work, sort of hand in hand. I am sure Wolff looks at these projects, as a legacy building projects, and with his son seeming to be really involved, he must be looking at things long term, and not to be funny (in all seriousness), he probably looks at these projects beyond his own life span (of course he would personally, like to see them complete), but I am sure he must of considered it (with the A’s anyway). Well I sure hope he can get them both complete, and see them done, he really seems to be the iron minded individual it certainly will take.

  10. I know, at this point even if San Jose gets the green light from voters and MLB, you almost expect excavators to find oil beneathe the Diridon site.

  11. ML, I’m certain they are now. They couldn’t build the Quakes stadium any slower at this point. And frankly it’s not fair to the Quakes or their fans. They’ve been waiting for as long as the A’s and their fans for a new stadium (with the added insult of having lost their team for a time) and the only thing really keeping them from having a new home in 2014 is the FO and its own failed attempt by Wolff to save a few bucks.

  12. re: They couldn’t build the Quakes stadium any slower at this point

    …At least Quakes fans know in fact that they are getting a new stadium. A’s fans have no such assurances.

    re: is the FO

    …What’s FO?

  13. @briggs,
    If Wolff finally gets the green light for SJ, it would be utterly stupid for the city of SJ to then put a ballpark referendum to the voters, ESPECIALLY if the deal is just like the Quakes SSS (which didn’t require a referendum; gee, I wonder why?…)

  14. pjk, FO = Front Office.

    And there’s no guarantee they’d get the stadium if Wolff is ultimately waiting for a “yay” or “nay” on Cisco Field. If the latter doesn’t happen, then who is to say Wolff doesn’t back out of building the Quakes stadium.

  15. The A’s win tonight was scarier than whatever bad stuff was buried at the Earthquakes stadium site. Ahead 9-2, win 9-8. Yikes

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