Local concern, National narrative

I’ll take the blame. It’s my fault for leaving town.

I’m down in Anaheim again for work, and the antagonism in Oakland has started all over again. First it was Josh Reddick talking about small crowds at the Coliseum on Twitter. Then it was a Bob Nightengale article in the USA Today featuring Lew Wolff, who called the occasional poor attendance at home games “depressing” in light of the team’s on-field success. That begat the usual Twitter furor from defenders of Oakland and some of the A’s fan base. Some called for boycotts of GAP and related stores. Others told Wolff to go f- himself. Ray Ratto defended the defenders and chastised Lew Wolff for the umpteenth time. Then the toilet backed up in the A’s dugout, creating a huge mess and another embarrassing moment for the punching bag known as the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

Today Wolff spoke again about crowds, while touting the virtues of a downtown ballpark – either in San Jose (his preferred choice) or Oakland (which hasn’t been a considered option since 2006). But before people could start reading between the lines to believe that Wolff was changing his mind, cold water was poured on the notion.

Whining about small crowds, fans whining about the whiners, and another sewage problem, all grist for the very active mill that is A’s fandom. Then there’s tonight’s Worst Person(s) in the Sports World segment on ESPN2’s Olbermann. The Worst Person(s)? The O.co/Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, the City of Oakland, Alameda County, and AEG. Check at the 1:35 mark of this video for the tribute.

There was nothing about the small crowds, the myriad issues the City of Oakland faces, San Jose, the Giants, or Bud Selig. It was just Keith Olbermann summing the much-maligned Coliseum in the sharpest way possible:


I wonder if KO got the memo about how the JPA hasn’t bothered to replace the scoreboards yet because it rerouted the money for the Coliseum City study?

Anyway, I’ve touched on how the local and national narratives couldn’t be more different. At the local level, Wolff is often perceived as grandfatherly version of Rachel Phelps, who will stop at nothing to rob Oakland of its team and constantly offends the fans. At the national level (baseball writers, media), Wolff is seen as a get along type of owner who has shown the wisdom to stay out of Billy Beane’s way and let him do his job. Olbermann is a friend of A’s manager Bob Melvin, who lives in New York City during the offseason. Whether Olbermann’s bemoaning of the Coliseum was just to highlight the absurdity of the situation or to support his friend BoMel, the message was devastating. Every local columnist from Ratto to Lowell Cohn to Ann Killion could write angry missives about Olbermann’s video, but it won’t matter. This is the meme. This is the big narrative. And by lumping Oakland and Alameda County (but not the fans or citizens) in with the Coliseum, it’s quite clear what parties KO is holding accountable for this debacle.

Lew Wolff could be as devious as Oakland/Alameda County are bumbling. The former is a small story that no one pays attention to outside of Northern California. The latter is the national narrative. That’s an enormous problem for Oakland, a city already with a major perception problem. If people in Oakland want to change the narrative, they might want to change their strategy from a local one to a national one.

In the short term, here’s the biggest problem. The Coliseum was always a generally poor place to play baseball since Mt. Davis was built. Now the narrative is that it’s altogether unfit to host Major League Baseball. As diehard A’s fans, you and I know differently, that it’s plenty serviceable if not sexy or exciting. The A’s have extended a 5-year lease extension offer, which practically makes them look magnanimous for being willing to endure the conditions. Bud Selig and the Lodge are watching this and seeing how this plays out. And there’s no telling how they’ll react in the offseason if more accidents or bumbling occurs.

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  1. in a sick kind of way i’m hoping something bad happens during the alds. i don’t know what’s worse case scenario? a pipe bursts under the field of play and crap spews up.

  2. @ML- love the post but when referring to the ecoli did you really mean “if not sexy or exciting”… or did you mean “its not sexy or exciting”? Either way you nailed my sentiments perfectly in the post- the bay area media which has given a free ride to the 3 other owners that have moved (‘9ers) or are trying to move (W’s and Raiders) while torturing LW because they know he is trapped. Great to see the national attention on us–both for success on the field and then for the shit everywhere else. So my question to rr, tk, or ak–how come the nat’l media can figure it out but the local yahoo’s can’t and why are they so biased towards lw when giving all the other owners a pass–

  3. Actually ML, IMO the jury is still out on whether the Coliseum is fit or unfit to host MLB games. If these sewage backups keep continuing or, god forbid, get even worse during the crush on the system that will be football season and the MLB playoffs, then it would be unfit to host MLB any longer. As it is an Outhouse With Scoreboards is not an altogether inaccurate moniker.

    Though with the new overbearing security procedures along with it’s age, decaying condition, our behaviorally challenged co-tenants, and the shit smelling foulness the name that seems even more appropriate is “Shawshank Stadium.”

    Get busy winning or get busying dying.

  4. @Dan That was good stuff

  5. GoA’s, the local media is trying to sell papers. What sells them? Blame the rich guy. Look at how the fan base reacts and jumps on that narrative and you’ll see why they keep to it. The national media has no need to play that out since most don’t care about that particular storyline.

    Dan, I’ve said this before, but the sewage thing is overplayed. The first case was found to be something someone stuffed down the pipes. Odds are the second one was someone overstuffing the clubhouse toilet. It’s doubtful that the large crowds will create a mess. These are isolate incidences.

  6. Attendance seems to be right where it should be. Dramatic year-to-year average attendance increases are due to perfect storms. Wolff has been in charge of the A’s for nearly a decade now. He should know that.

    Winning doesn’t necessarily mean the masses will show up. Having a pretty ballpark to spend the afternoon/evening with family and friends is more important than winning when attracting casual fans.

  7. Dmoas, according to the A’d players and staff these are anything but isolated incidences. These are just higher profile than previous ones. That said, even if your contention is correct I don’t see any other teams being driven from their dugouts and clubhouses even on an isolated basis at present. And that’s in a league where several teams play in stadiums as old to decades older than Shawshank.

  8. Speaking of casual fans, I’m going to bet that the Coliseum fills to its 48k mass for Game 1. Ticket sales pushed into 309/325 this morning– and I’m assuming those are primarily the hardcore/devoted fans. If/When the AL West is clinched, the casual fans will buy the remaining 6k-8k remaining tickets. It would be a shame to only have 39k for Game 2.

  9. @Briggs- really- so we should all feel good that we average 22k for a 1st place team when the last place gints are averaging 41k. As I recall a few years ago when the pro-Oakland crowd was claimnig that LW was sabatoging the team so they would lose they claimed that if the A’s were successful on the field then attendance would spike–I hardly call whats going on a spike and this is year 2 of our success—

  10. @GoA’s
    I know a few 49er fans that are really upset about the 49ers not being in the city of San Francisco, but your right, not any huge outrage over them going to the South Bay. People seemed to have accepted the idea that it’s in the SF bay market, so what’s the big deal. From a Pro-Oakland fan, it’s easy a little easier to take, when the 49ers will still have San Francisco in their name and considered a SF team, by the local, national, and world media, that’s not the case with the A’s to San Jose, I will still love them, and be overjoyed, that they have a new park, but they will undeniably be the San Jose A’s.. I can see it in my mind, there will be local sports pages field with articles, such as “What’s the best Bay Area A’s team of all time?”, or what’s the best San Jose A’s team of all time?”, “or the best Oakland team vs. best San Jose team” There will be no such articles, when it comes to the 49ers, no what’s the best team from “SF, or Santa Clara?, that’s just not going to happen.
    There is also people that are upset about the Warriors, I have more than one fried, that refuses to go to Warriors games , because they refuse to acknowledge Oakland (by name), but again your correct, no big outcry. Here is a team that lets you know years, before their lease is up, that hay we don’t want to be here, and the fact that it runs several years after 2017, means they will just pay a hefty sum to get out of it.
    With the Raiders, I don’t really get it they have not really made a true commitment, or embraced the city of Oakland/East Bay, and yet they have more rope, with their fan base then the law, should allow. I guess part of that is because Mark Davis seems to really be trying to get a solution in Oakland (who knows if that’s really true), whereas, with Lew Wolff (please no bricks), an augment could be made, that his efforts in Oakland, may not have been as all out as they could have been.

  11. @LSN–agree that there are factions upset but they are small factions–no different than the Oakland only crowd that the bay area media hypes as the voice of all A’s fans. Reality is you may know some people who are upset with the ‘9ers moving to SV but look at the PSL sales, naming rights on and on–its just a small group upset no a majority. Relative to the W’s–you may have a few friends upset but W’s season tix sales are higher than ever- where is the protest that unless you stay I won’t go to games attitude. Reality is the A’s attendance always has been horrible and the Oakland only crowd and bay area media are looking for excuses and trying to blame it on LW–but reality is–other bay area owners are no different than LW in their quest to put their ballparks, stadiums and arena’s in areas that are most desirable from an economic perspective.

  12. @GoA’s: The “Dustiny” 97-98 Giants saw pretty much the same average attendance increase as the 12-13 A’s. Winning teams generally see some attendance growth, but it’s going to take more than a division title to drawing an additional 14k per game. That kind of year-to-year growth takes a World Series and a media-darling superstar.

    In our romantic fantasy, I’m sure back-to-back AL West titles should justify 30k/game. However, in the real world, back-to-back division titles in an aging venue should see a +2k-3k average per game attendance bump. Look at the 00’s Twins. The current A’s are right in line with their attendance growth.

  13. I’m not an Olbermann fan but he almost nails it here. He fails to include any criticism of Bud Selig, who has had a solution to this mess (a new ballpark in downtown San Jose) sitting on his desk for 4+ years but is too cowardly to act on it.

  14. @Briggs–so based upon your assessment then why field a winning team in an aging venue–really doesn’t matter that much if all you can depend on is another 2k fans/game while the cost of payroll is going up far beyond those revenue streams-

  15. Chuckle. Instead of using the World Series to show off one of its many fine new ballparks, MLB may have to endure mockery of the Coliseum on national TV. Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, etc, are going to have a (no pun intended) field day with this. Sewage in the locker rooms, yard line markers on the field. How are those territorial rights working out for you, Bud?

  16. @GoA’s: If Lew Wolff thinks attendance should be higher, I’d like to know what he thinks is an appropriate number. Based on historical evidence, the A’s are right where they should be.

  17. re: Reality is the A’s attendance always has been horrible and the Oakland only crowd and bay area media are looking for excuses and trying to blame it on LW

    …correct. Wolff will get blamed and there won’t be mention of the actual problem – Oakland cannot afford major league sports anymore. Expensive, new single-purpose facilities are needed and Oakland can’t pay for any of it. And we don’t see any private investors beating down the door to pay for any of it, either.

  18. @GoA’s
    Yeah, man I agree with you. There may be a few different dynamics, such as the 49ers tried for years in SF, and one could say they may rather be there, if they could have found a solution. The Raiders are (at least on the surface), making a real attempt at a solution in Oakland, but (as you know, I don’t think Lew is without fault), your correct, if Lew decided today, that he wanted to build at H.T. (who knows if that’s even possible), more than anything in the world, there would still be people that would clam he does not really want to do it, or its only because he was forced to, or whatever. Its more than a little ironic that the man whom may have fought the hardest to keep a sports franchise in the Bay Area, is vilified for it.

  19. WS games in Oakland + stinking smell = dream scenario

    oh man, I would love to see BS and other owners have to suffer through it for 9 inn or more

  20. WS win in Oakland + LW forced to parade in Oakland = dream scenario

  21. @Tim I wonder if Lew would even show up.

  22. @Tim,
    Wolff would love to win a WS and take part in a parade through Oakland. Why on Earth wouldn’t he? He wouldn’t be “forced” to partake in a parade as you suggest. Again, a World Series win would be awesome for Wolff, us fans AND Oakland, but it would change nothing, I mean NOTHING, on the ground. The team would still need a new ballpark and Oakland would remain piss poor/leaderless. In short: World Championship does not equal new reality..

  23. The boo birds and hecklers will be merciless if he does and yet I would guess it would be a first for an owner to not participate in a championship parade.


  24. @Lakeshore,
    I imagine if some Oakland-only idiots made terrorist threats against him he couldn’t show due to safety. I wouldn’t put it past some of those folks.
    Your post brings up an interesting thought: would there even be a parade through downtown Oakland with a WS win? With OPD being stretched thin and violence at an all time high, it might be safer to hold a WS rally/celebration on the Coliseum grounds. I believe the Angels did this back in 02 (at Angels Stadium) when they won the WS. Something to consider.

  25. If the A’s win, Wolff will be happy to have a parade in Oakland. He will get lots of boos if he participates because he is not Wally Haas, who was willing to lose Big Time $$ running the A’s. The entitlement crowd – as in, we deserve a ballpark that we don’t to pay for – will be out in full force.

  26. “The entitlement crowd – as in, we deserve a ballpark that we don’t to pay for – will be out in full force.”

    As will the crowd that doesn’t want their team to move to another city. What crazies

  27. One of the videos state that the A’s are 23 in attendance. That means there are 7 teams that are not doing as well as the A’s this season. Except for TB, they all have stadiums that are considered MLB approved. So there are attendance problems across MLB.
    Briggs has an excellent point that the A’s are where they should be historically. I really don’t have to much of a problem with Wolff’s comments as long as they were off the cuff sincere and not calculated.

  28. re: As will the crowd that doesn’t want their team to move to another city.

    Another city a whole 30 miles away? Not really that big a deal, is it? Do the fans in Oakland fill the stands for this first place team? Usually, they don’t.

    49ers moving 40 miles and two counties away = Yawn.
    A’s moving 30 miles and one county away = Unspeakable horror. Go figure.

  29. Disney had it right – go incognito and buy up as much property as possible before people know what you’re doing.

    I had always been bugged by the Flea Market property area folks not wanting to play ball (pun intended) with Wolff on the mixed-use site back in ’05(?) because it would have updated a completely depleted area.

    As for attendance, I thought we had a pretty solid showing during the early/mid 2000s. 27K+ avg was a great period – and all done while the Giants were in the midst of their Ballpark + Bonds HR trip + World Series push.

    Things significantly tailed off when Oakland, and subsequently Fremont (not loved but still East Bay) were canned. Not that Wolff conspired this whole series of events to pave the way to SJ, but he certainly didn’t help himself with his statements and their PR decisions.

    Oakland is for diehards, but plenty of elderly fans who held season tix since the 80’s called it quits over Wolff’s badmouthing, tarping and publicly perceived disinterest in the local fans who came out to every game through thick and thin.

    ML mentions the PR battle, but as I’ve said, Wolff did considerable damage to a skeptical fanbase that won’t be undone. Not that it couldn’t be undone, but that it’s not in his interest to do so.

    Oakland gov’t has been, and will continue to be, absolutely horrendous. I hate to see the new downtown restaurants and businesses get destroyed during BS protests. Quan didn’t hammer down during the Occupy crap, and instead these anarchists wielded it, literally.

    The local fans have no power to build a national storyline that would overcome the Oakland pols – disasters are much more interesting to cover.

    ML, if i remember correctly, you’ve said several times that if fans want to make a statement they should “show up” and that would prove a point. However, as your site has argued, Wolff is looking to SJ for the corporate support that oakland lacks – attendance at this point is irrelevant for Wolff’s plan.

    Fans should come out to support the players achievement and the respect their on-field performance brings to the community.

    I too wish more fans would show up for the stretch run – but where’s the PR blitz? It feels like All’s Quiet on the Western Front.

    No face of the franchise. No bulletin board material for fans to read in the paper. Casual fans barely know what’s at stake – home field, best record in baseball, beating out the Red Sox & the triple crown winner to take control of their destiny – avenge Prince’s F-bomb & “the kiss”. No sequel to the Bernie Lean.

    A’s have a steak, but they need SIZZLE.

    Instead we get whimpy crys from a rich owner, who spends his free time conspiring to take the team away from the city. Yeah….great strategy.

  30. re: Briggs has an excellent point that the A’s are where they should be historically.

    …If we want to look at history, they should be moving back to Philadelphia. The A’s poor attendance throughout their 45-or-so-year history in Oakland has been noted in this forum many times.

  31. re: instead we get whimpy crys from a rich owner,

    …What has Wolff said besides all options in Oakland have been exhausted and he can’t finance a ballpark there? Are there any MLB owners who are NOT rich? Any poor people owning MLB teams these days? Wolff is a rich owner who has not asked for any public money to build a ballpark, unlike 98% of the other rich owners. He just wants to build in a place that makes sense financially. And that place, unfortunately, is not Oakland. The Raiders own study noted the lack of corporate support in Oakland, so it’s not just Wolff pointing this out. (Raiders whimpy cries?) The battle cry still seems to be “Let the rich owner build his own ballpark, but only where we tell him to.”

  32. @Tony D. Lew would have good reason to stay away from DT Oakland, but if he does he will be thrown under the bus for that as well. @RU155 You made some really good points, thanks. I really like your point about “Lew probabley could fix some the damage, but he really does not seem to have thoes fans in his plans”, he could do better, but I dont think it would matter, for the most part.

  33. If Wolff didn’t have current fans in his plans, why not just ask to move the team to Vegas or San Antonio? Selig said Wolff has the right to request a move. No, Wolff is endeavoring to keep the team within an hour of the existing facility, taking on the Giants territorial rights and having current fans hate him just because the name “Oakland” would disappear from the daily standings and they’ve have to travel a little farther to get to the games.

  34. @pjk missing the forest for the trees.

    Wolff has a poor public image (rich/whimpy/traitor) with the local fanbase and it’s got nothing to do with your entire rant.

    My post is about if Wolff wants to put more butts in the seats, he has a funny way of doing it.

  35. @pjk I here you on the rich thing, I wish everyone would stop with that. so the guy is rich, like you said there all rich, hell Mark Davis is about the brokest, piss poor owner you will find, and he is rich as hell.

  36. Robo, A’s are 25th in attendance. And at least three of the teams below them are totally understandable in Houston, Ckeveland and Miami.

  37. re: My post is about if Wolff wants to put more butts in the seats, he has a funny way of doing it.

    Maybe Wolff should have low prices, a winning team, great giveaways, free parking nights. lots of fireworks displays – this would be stuff that might put more fans in the seats. Oh wait – he’s already doing all that . Never mind. Face it – as long as Wolff is unwilling to privately finance a ballpark in Oakland, regardless of the risks involved, he is going to be hated by some folks.

  38. well if Oakland wants the A’s, let them raise 1B but so far, Quan or previous pols including the “moonbean” Brown did not want the As.

  39. @ru155,
    Correction: Wolff has a poor public image with the Oakland-only portion of the fansbase (fixed!). I, and many others, have no problem with him as owner.
    And let’s get something straight people: Wolff merely pointed out that the crowds at Ecoli should be larger for a playoff bound team. THAT’S IT! Yet he’s getting vilified for pointing out reality!? Maybe tickets to an A’s game (regardless of where you sit) should be FREE. Would that make some of you happy?!!

  40. LW wasn’t the only one who pointed this out–so did JR–and now the Oakland only crowd is pushing for his trade—crazy

  41. so somebody help me–what has LW done from a PR perspective that is so bad compared to what Lacob did for the W’s who steps in and from day 1 says he is moving to SF and in fact does all his press conferences from there–How come TK is not all over him?

  42. @PJK

    You’re still stuck on fighting over Lew Wolff’s persona that’s already been decided.

    Ya need to shake loose of that line of thought – think “Oakland A’s Baseball push for the playoffs.”

    Segment this final set of games from the rest of the regular season and I’ll try a simple breakdown to walk you through what happened.

    GOAL: Increase fan attendance leading into playoffs

    ACTION: Wolff (poor public image in Oakland) goes and makes defeatist comments, lamenting the low attendance during the stretch run for the playoffs.

    RESULT: media hits entirely focused on Wolff, his relationship w/ fans, poor facility. Fan’s lash out at Wolff, whom they already disliked and are given another headline that reinforces their POV

    VERDICT: Bad move Bro, PR department put in a bigger hole. Instead of turning attention to the ballplayers (your positive rallying asset), you turn it towards the owner (touchstone for all that is wrong with the franchise).

    do you get what i’m saying?

  43. reL Wolff (poor public image in Oakland)

    …and why does Wolff have a poor public image in Oakland? Because he is unwilling to privately finance a ballpark in corporate-poor Oakland. That’s it. The media, ignorant of or in plain denial of East Bay economics, reflexively sides against Wolff. No surprise there.(Of course, the East Bay and Frisco media do not want the A’s in San Jose under any circumstances) The A’s are in first place and their attendance is poor. Is Wolff supposed to deny this?

  44. @pjk & Tony D,

    Stop getting hung up on “why” he has a bad public image – it’s there, and citing reasons why it shouldn’t be doesn’t change that. He hasn’t done anything of substance alter his position, and it’s solidified. Beyond a few core supporters, at best people are indifferent to him.

    you can’t ignore his role as spokesperson/figurehead in communicating to stakeholders.

    “truth” doesn’t matter, it’s how you frame it. He lost that battle, and he keeps digging himself, and the franchise, deeper. Instead of shifting a losing dynamic away from himself, he’s spotlighted it.

    He can be a perfectly swell guy one on one, but if he wanted to do something about attendance, he’s squandered an opportunity. Instead of speaking to media, he should have gone to his PR department and said, “we just swept Texas, we’re hurtling towards the playoffs and i want wins and a crazy atmosphere for these final games – what ideas do you have”

    RE: tickets for free/promotions

    those things don’t matter within this cycle. It’s a values, not value, proposition.

  45. I can’t believe I am defending Lew here, I do agree with what Ru155, is saying, in regards of Lew blowing it from a public relations stand point , on more than one occasion, and I believe his PR problems extend beyond the Oakland only types (not sure if he really cares, about that though), but how much of that accounts to the A’s problems, it’s hard to quantify, but realistically, I don’t think you could say Lew’s PR moves could account for no more than a 1%-3%, of the attendance problems, but then when you look at the cost of the tickets, that’s got to be worth a 1%-3% percent bump, a winning product on the field has got to be with another 2%-5% percent bump, and so on (as pjk points out), if you calculate all the reasons Lew has helped attendance (or should have), they fare out way any negatives impacts he may have had on attendance., a lot of people are putting was too much a Lews feet. I caution all of you Pro-Oakland or Oakland-Only people, Lew Wolff, may be the difference between the A’s being in the Bay Area or out of it entirely, but I guess that’s alright, as long as it’s not San Jose, for some….

  46. 1,000,000,000.00

    all problems will be solved if Quan can count the numbers

  47. Sorry, I ment to say RU155

  48. Tony D.

    The crime rate in Oakland is by no means at an all time high. If anything the crime rate has stagnated since a low in 2008, but overall still down from peaks in the early 90s. You often have good points, but the fear-mongering nonsense and needless antagonism are off-putting.

    In wish-fulfillment land, I’d love to see a parade down Broadway. Doubt it would pose a problem for City and County.
    (disclosure: Oaklander, but not Oakland only)

  49. @pjk & Tony D, you both mention all the things the A’s have done to draw fans. But all of those are *PASSIVE* efforts. You still have to actively tell people these things exist. And that’s the point RU155 is making.

    When the Giants are going well (and even when they’re not), we’re bombarded with ad after ad after fking ad about how great they are and hey, show up for all the fun, etc. Quite frankly, I don’t recall ever seeing a real push by the A’s to do the same. They want butts in the seat? Tell people there are seats to put their butts in. The A’s are relying 90+% word of mouth and the media to do that for them and it doesn’t cut it. Do they have the stadium? No. So don’t bother playing that card. But they do have a winning team and a fan comradery that they could promote the hell out of and draw people in. Creating new fans takes effort, it’s not simply magic.

    If Wolff doesn’t actually care about that or doesn’t see the valuing in spending the money for that, that’s cool. It may just be that the money spent to do that wouldn’t net the team a profit. And if the numbers run that way, okay. No biggie. Just don’t complain about not enough people showing up because sitting on his ass doesn’t gain him anything.

  50. @Lakeshore/Neil

    The PR issue is significant, and it’s eroded things (huge drop in attendance after ’07/oak->fremont->sj) over time.

    The ownership has forced efforts to be focused on damage control instead of promotion and building a narrative for the season.

    It’s always difficult to quantify the value of PR (plenty of studies w/ no solutions), but every major company does it because it tends to have an impact.

  51. doesn’t look like fisher/wolff are going to be selling the franchise anytime soon due to the amount of money they’re making each season.

    if anything a’s fans probably have to hope that wolff’s son takes over the team and does what jed did for the niners and for the family name when he took over for his father. remember not too long ago niner fans were killing the york family, even having a site and shirts of “dumpyork.com”, now nobody even has any ill will towards the niners ownership.

  52. @RU155 I here you man, your on the money with that. I always say that the SF Giants do a better job of marketing their product in the Oakland East Bay then the A’s do, and even though that poor marketing pre dates Wolff, he and they do poor in this area. I know some will not agree, but it does fill like the A’s are saying “F” it, we will market the hell out of this team when we get the South Bay, and not a moment befor.

  53. Comparing Oakland to SC/49ers is so crazy. Jed was able to get a new place because some pols from SC and SJ helped him and the team. They helped Jed run a classic political campaign by having Jed/his dad go door to door etc…That’s how they defeated the NAH-NAH crowd in SC. Plus SC/SCV have the money.

    Oakland has nothing except Ms Quan. Even KJ in Sac was able to get 200+ mils for the Kings.

    Oakland = BIG ZERO

  54. I can’t accept that any hardcore A’s fan has been boycotting A’s games. Jorge Leon is there quite often. The boycotting A’s fan is a myth.

  55. @Briggs, not a myth – i personally know several old timers who decided to hang it up because it just wasn’t worth the effort/cost when ownership wanted to bag on them. Real sad b/c i always liked talking ball with them.

    But my overall comments in this thread are not about litigating Oakland-only, SJ-or-Bust, or how Wolff has been mistreated by the media – i’m saying that if the A’s wanted to boost attendance for the run and build excitement around the end of the season, they should have launched a targeted PR campaign.

    Oakland doesn’t get the benefit of regular national press attention (at least not for positive aspects). If you want to be the story, you have to sell them on one – unfortunately Wolff, once again, sold them on the wrong story.

  56. Giants also actively try to market their team and cultivate their fan base by having stores all over the place – http://sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com/sf/ballpark/dugout_stores/.

    A’s have zero stores anywhere, including downtown Oakland, where one would obviously put a store if one weren’t trying to salt the earth with the fanbase.

  57. Gnats did not get the attendance numbers even after they renovated the Stick. So don’t tell me that the gnats are so great at marketing, BS.

    It is the new park plus Bonds plus WS rings .

    Who is the most exciting player the A’s have ? Can you name one?

    Teh gnats had Bonds.

  58. Who here has playoff tickets?

    • @freddy – Got mine by 10:30 on Tuesday.

      @RU155 – Lakeshore/Neil is right about the marginal difference Lew’s “PR” would’ve made. A few percentage points at best. Wolff knows as well as anyone what brings the fans out. We’ve discussed that ad nauseum here. Wolff was disingenuous when he talked about the reasons for not getting bigger crowds – it’s mostly due to the low season ticket base. He knows what to expect for walkup sales and advance sales are well known internally. There’s winning (now, 2006) and then there’s WINNING (The Streak, Bash Bros era). Unless there are bobbleheads the rest of the year and they’re advertised well in advance, the big crowds can be difficult to achieve. Fireworks nights work. That said, Wolff should’ve kept his mouth shut. Even a backhanded compliment such as, “We have great fans, just not enough of them” is difficult for some to take at this point. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  59. One of the guys on 95.7 said the A’s treat the fans “like crap,” Wolff does nothing for the community, blah blah. Of course none of this is true. But as stated, nothing short of Lew Wolff and John Fisher risking hundreds of millions of dollars to give corporate-poor Oakland a free stadium is going to suffice for some.

  60. **Agree it was a poor PR move on LW’s part to bring up attendance in this way. Probably should have brought attention to the lack of attendance for a ‘winner’ from a different angle (unless his comments were meant to be pointedly heard by a certain former college friend).
    **The continued pointing out/lamenting of the Oakland Only commenting is odd. It is already well established, factual, empirical, indisputable they will not be honest. They are running on emotion, they simply want to win, no facts or evidence will sway their commenting one iota. They want to win and will bulldoze anyone and anything to do it (including some “media”). LW could save orphans from a burning building and they will say he was actually trying to push them all back in the building and simply failed in doing so.
    ** Boycotting of the A’s because of LW? Puhlease. Attendance is where it should be for this location and venue. While some sort of media flash could possibly generate a bump in attendance, it will be short lived. Attendance is where it should be and it ain’t going to change to any significance. LW knows this, BS knows this, anyone who can read and add knows this.
    **I agree with other posters who want a plumbing disaster to happen during the WS. Hard to believe that these kind of events are more important than reason, however, the coward known as BS will get the issue put front and center if the world sees players leaving the dugout, game is delayed, and the reason is crap. It will even force the cowardly local “media” to take up the issue from a slightly more earnest standpoint.

  61. Keith Olbermann doesn’t like Bruno Mars either. Coincidence?

  62. I won’t even attempt to try and change minds here. That battle is obviously futile. To some, believe what you must because it’s your world. If a decrepit coliseum is Wolffs fault so be it. If Wolff personally makes you feel
    Bad, so be it. If you won’t go to games because of him, so be it. Heck, if you want to blame him for violence in the Middle East, have at it! The bottom line is this: the A’s need a new ballpark and the man is doing his best at trying to get one built in the Bay Area.

  63. @TW,
    You da man brah! 😉

  64. The reality is the A’s are not going to be playing at the Coliseum five years from now, and stuff like sewage and attendance are just more straws on the Elephant’s back, before it breaks. Selig handing out an A’s World Series Trophy, in a smelling Coliseum locker room, would be something to really make him unhappy ( like when Pete Rozelle had to give Al Davis the Lombardi Trophy). The only question remains where are they going to end up? I suspect, the answer to that question will occur by the end of the year

  65. ML – Excellent. The whole stadium sold out fast, huh? It was like trying to score campsites in Yosemite Valley.

    The third deck situation was really wierd. They wouldn’t sell us playoff strips. They listed the ALDS at $15 – same as last year. Monday the price jumped to $22. Tuesday morning, boom, they’re gone in minutes. An hour later the tarps started falling, the price is bumped to $35 – a $20 increase over last year, a $13 increase in one hour.

    The information the office gave us was very conflicting. At various points we heard “the MLB made us do it” or “the MLB wouldn’t let us.” There was something strange going on, I’d love to hear the real story someday.

    The third deck situation will continue to be odd, it totally messes with the secondary market which accounts for a lot of sales. This could result in a Stubhub firesale, like the WBC last year. Empty seats in the lower sections; walk-ups, even. After the A’s advance, the ALCS will present a new scenario.

    First we gotta clinch! Then come on by if you wanna have a beer with my crew. There will be a dozen or so of us, we’ll be tailgating.

    Anybody else have playoff tickets? Just ML & me, really?

  66. I have playoff tickets for game one of the ALDS. I was able to buy more this morning for a friend.

  67. Lew Wolff has been unfairly vilified for willing to build with private funds a new ballpark for the A’s within the Bay Area market. In addition, it promises to be built at a Bay Area venue that will potentially offer the best opportunity for both the team’s future financial well being as well as strong play on the field. It has been common knowledge that an Oakland locale for a new A’s ballpark has limited economic potential within today’s greater Bay Area regional economic environment. Lew Wolff, along with his long range plans for the team, remain as the best hope for the long-term future of the A’s to remain in the Bay Area market. As for the Oakland only crowd, Civic pride will not guarantee a successful A’s franchise in Oakland. It may though guarantee that the A’s will ultimately be forced to move to another part of the country.

  68. Alright, Jeffery! You’re welcome to drop by, too. Our seats are scattered about 316 & 318 (all three games, if necessary). Many should be marked obstructed view, so once we’re in the building we might be on the move.

    Anyone else?

  69. OT – I have 2 tix for tonight game and might not be able to attend. If anyone wants it and is close to South Bay to pickup, email me at djst1love@gmail.com

  70. Once again Wolff shows his utter lack of class by blaming the A’s fans in the middle of a play-off run. What a selfish, greedy jerk, needing to make his same tired old argument when he should be promoting this exciting time for Oakland baseball. Maybe if he let go of his stubborn refusal to re-consider the stadium issue, he could see that Howard Terminal/JLS/Oakland really is the best place for the A’s and work to make that happen. Maybe we all wouldn’t have to suffer the humiliation of yet another sewage leak! All he sees is $$ for him, and screw the fans.

  71. Wolff is responsible for the sewage leak in a building where he is just a tenant? Why am I not surprised that someone is writing this?…If HT/JLS/Oakland is the best place for a ballpark, why hasn’t Bud’s blue ribbon committee said so after 4.5 years? What are they waiting for?

  72. We have ST, so we purchased the entire strip. Don’t know whether we’ll be able to go to the first two games of the ALDS though. We’re going to be out of town the weekend of the 4th. If the A’s clinch home field advantage over the Tigers, we’d only be able to go to the 5th game.

  73. If HT is ever going to be considered as a feasible site why hasn’t city of Oakland taken the necessary steps to get it on the agenda of the Port Commission and start an EIR. That’s not LW’s role Jerry–

  74. re: All he sees is $$ for him, and screw the fans.

    …So do you think Wolff should be expected to lose Big $$ building in Oakland? If Oakland really wants that site, the city could offer to pay for the stadium. It has not.

  75. “Once again Wolff shows his utter lack of class by blaming the A’s fans in the middle of a play-off run.”

    @Jerry – Who’s fault is it then Jerry? Who’s to blame for the A’s only averaging 18K for the 3 games against the Angels? This after the team came off of a 5/1 road trip where they swept the Rangers.

    “All he sees is $$ for him, and screw the fans.”

    Did you know over the past 4 years the price for my season tickets have only gone up $2.00/ticket? It started at $38.00 and is now at $40.00. This is for MVP tickets behind homeplate. Do you know how much my tickets to this year’s ALDS cost? Same as last year, $40.00/ticket. The same friggin price as a regular season game!

    Come on Jerry. Greed? I don’ think so.

  76. Same old comments from the love-San Jose crowd, I see. No, I’m not saying Lew is responsible for the sewage problem, but if he faced reality and realized that SJ is not an acceptable location for a stadium, maybe we’d be well on our way into a nice new stadium in Oakland. Btw, SJ shows its utter desperation by suing MLB – what a joke.
    Oh, and we are just so sure that if Lew built a stadium in Oakland, he would lose money. Same old we-know-it-all attitude from you San Joser’ers.

  77. @GoA’s You are so correct, I fill like H.T. could work real nice, but if Oakland wants Lew to take a second look at it, what are they doing about it?, if MLB likes the site as Oakland pols have said they do (who knows if thats true, or not), what are they doing about it? we dont have an EIR, we dont even have one started. We have no idea, if a ballpark can even be built there, we do know it will cost more, then other sites, so whats being done about that? its been reported that Warriors ownership went to the site (pehaps as a back up to piers 3032), so the site seems to have sothing to offer, but your not going to get Lew (or MLB), to take a fresh look at the site if you do nothing about it.

  78. @jerry–and oakland shows its desperation with JQ working with the gints/baer to keep the A’s stuck in Oakland hiding behind TR–we haven’t done jack shit for you but by god your not leaving—yup–thats class thru and thru

  79. Jerry: I’d love to see a new ballpark in Oakland. But like Bud’s Blue Ribbon Committee, formed in early-2009 to explore ballpark possibilities in the A’s current territory, I haven’t seen any evidence that it can happen. Oakland has done nothing but point at two already-studied-and-rejected sites (not counting the Victory Court site Oakland pitched and then dropped) and has not offered a dime for ballpark construction. And historically, we had Mayor Jerry Brown fire the city manager for pitching a downtown ballpark site…Have you seen the Raiders’ map of where the corporations are, the corporations needed to pay for a privately funded stadium? They’re all in the South Bay, not in Oakland. Oh, I forgot – Wolff and Fisher are rich and should just be willing to lose their own money on an Oakland ballpark, right?

  80. Well, the threads and comments have been clean here for a long while. But like a good winning streak all good things must come to an end…the trolls are back!

  81. So true Tony. It’s just upsetting to see comments made, with nothing really to back them up. Is Lew Wolff perfect?, far from it. But he’s put a winning product on the field, and offering it up at a reasonable price. He’s doing his best to address the ballpark situation, but like the local media, all some people can do is complain and criticize, without offering up any reasonable solutions.

  82. @Tony D. I guess your right, BTW how was your trip?, sounds like (from what you posted), you had a lot of fun.

  83. fc – Wow, you paid $40 for the MVP seats listed here for $88?


    That’s a great deal. They’re listed as $48 for partial season ticket holders. We were offered some crappy seats for $20 if we bought the strip, now $38 day of sale. We were really bummed we couldn’t get strips for our section, we ended getting a pretty lousy deal – $22 for obstructed view. Oh well.

    Need a W tonight! Got offered a ticket for Sunday, maybe they will clinch then.

  84. @ML predictability and diminishing rate of return

    there are different types of PR for different objectives with different shelf lives.

    What you and Neil base your percentage off of is basic advertising: hey were having an event on X date, so come for that specific event, thanks for coming.

    It’s a silo in a field of opportunity – they’re concentrating their efforts onto a capped return (ex. Star Wars fireworks w/ max attendance for a single game) with a predictable start/end point.

    What I’m talking about is a campaign to actually shift public opinion and develop the season’s narrative – these are the kinds of campaigns with, some timely hitting, will dramatically build interest.

    Wolff’s comments are merely evidence that there is no plan except tinkerbell + happy thoughts.

    • @RU155 – You’re talking a lot and not saying much. It’s much simpler than that. Casual fans come out to events. Most games in a typical A’s homestand aren’t events. Not the discount games, not the free parking games. It’s the bobblehead games, the fireworks games. It’s been like that for decades. The only thing that can make the Coliseum have more of an event feel is to change addresses. Otherwise the only reason to come is to watch the game. And as we’ve learned, in this day and age baseball isn’t enough.

  85. @ru155,
    Shift public opinion? You mean the opinion of
    a small minority and media that refuses to take their heads out of the sand? Perhaps if I’m Wolff I continue to ignore the ranting of the traditional Bay
    Area media and Oakland-only and stay the course with the current narrative.
    Speaking of sand LS, trip to Da Islands was awesome. Thanks for asking; Go A’s!

  86. “@GoA’s You are so correct, I fill like H.T. could work real nice, but if Oakland wants Lew to take a second look at it, what are they doing about it?, if MLB likes the site as Oakland pols have said they do (who knows if thats true, or not), what are they doing about it? we dont have an EIR, we dont even have one started. We have no idea, if a ballpark can even be built there, we do know it will cost more, then other sites, so whats being done about that? its been reported that Warriors ownership went to the site (pehaps as a back up to piers 3032), so the site seems to have sothing to offer, but your not going to get Lew (or MLB), to take a fresh look at the site if you do nothing about it.”

    @Lakeshore/Neil and ML – Unfortunately ML hasn’t posted anything about Mayor Quan’s appearance at last night’s SOS meeting, where she addressed the state of the Raiders, HT, and the warriors, and also stayed with fans for over an hour to answer questions. Any reason in particular why we haven’t heard anything about this ML? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since it’s only been a few days, but to me it would make since that information like this would at least get a mention.

    Back to your comments about HT – it’s been widely publicized (including this blog) that HT only became available to the city this summer. Therefore it’s ignorant to sit back and say “what are they doing about it” when it Quan has made it very public that she is working very hard to finish the EIR (anytime now) and make her proposal to MLB. And the fact that Quan set aside the land for entertainment and retail even before it was in her hands eliminates the need for more red tape. Oakland will come out with the EIR, RFP, and other materials before the end of this year. Whether that information will be distributed to the masses however, is another story.

  87. @admin- you nailed it- which is why tonight was 11k fans and tomorrow which is fireworks is sold out-

  88. Jeff, an EIR takes months and they haven’t even started so they’re definitely not finishing any time now. And certainly not by the end of this year. If that’s what she’s telling you, oh boy do are there problems.

  89. @dmoas – So please tell me how you know that an EIR has not been started? Please back up your comment with proof before you slight the Mayor.

  90. Part season-ticket holder, have a playoff strip in 124. Favor San Jose because I think revenue would be there to raise payroll, but more power to them if Oakland can get its act together at Howard Terminal. At this point the Coliseum situation is getting so ridiculous I wouldn’t even mind Sacramento.

  91. Getting Quan to an SOS meeting seems like a very safe place for her, she can say what everyone wants to hear, and not have to be accountable for any of it. These same people who trot out that “Wolff lied, never tried” mantra hardly made a peep when she completely lied about the Victory Court EIR. Not completely shocking that she would spend so much time with people who’ve made it their mission to villify the owners who are trying to leave her city.

  92. @ML – Whether I’m write or wrong about the process is besides the point. The mayor was speaking at a public forum about the stadium situations but you failed to mention it in any fashion. You are leaving out important parts of this complicated story so that you can spin it in your favor. And if it is true that the mayor is not being truthful, you missed a great opportunity to make your case even stronger.

    • @Jeff – I have no visibility into what Save Oakland Sports does. Why? Because they took me off their email list last year. Without telling me. That’s right, no explanation. When I noticed this and asked why, I got the runaround. I get it. Certain people there didn’t like me or my perspective. That fine, just admit it. While there are people at SOS that I know and respect highly, I lost a little respect for the organization at that moment. So to answer your question – it’s because I don’t get updates from SOS about anything. They shut me out. That’s their prerogative.

      I’ve covered multiple Save Oakland Sports events in the past. If something newsworthy is going to occur, I’d like to cover it. What exactly happened last night? It doesn’t appear that any of the regular media were there. From what I can tell, it was little more than a photo op. What public news came out of it? If you or anyone else wants to cover SOS meetings for this blog, I’ll be happy to devote space to it. What I won’t do is serve as anyone’s promotional arm. There are plenty of other groups and websites willing to do that.

      BTW – Knowing the process is not besides the point. If you don’t know the process, you are unwillingly disseminating misinformation. Beyond merely bad form, it’s dangerous. People need to be informed, not misled.

  93. After reading the comments here, it’s very clear to me that this is a pro San Jose blog which is unfortunate because the name “newballpark.org” gives an indication that it should not be pro anything except information about a new park (regardless of the location). I will still read posts, but only with a grain of salt because it’s clear that information is not conveyed in a “fair and balanced” way like it is advertised. Sounds a lot like Fox NEWS for SJ.

  94. Marine Layer, the fact nothing really happened (or important information coming out) is predictable. No serious discussions (unless it is Drinking related (wine or beer tasting for example)) happens in a bar, for obvious reasons. The same concept applies with the Wolff Critics, and Wolff’s response to them. The opinions of “Save Oakland Sports” and Keith Olbermann are just that: Opinions, and basically do not matter. Who matters? 1: Wolff. 2: Quan. 3: Selig. 4: The Giants. 5: The Oakland City Council. 6: The City of San Jose. 7: People whose job is impacted by where the A’s play next year (this does not mean players, it means the guy selling peanuts) The fate of the A’s is a multi-million dollar decision, that will affect all of those entities, and in some cases, their legacies (Quan, Selig & Wolff). I admit I do not like Olbermann and will not watch him, but no matter where the A’s play, he is getting paid, and “Save Oakland Sports” will huff and puff over anything that happens. However, the what happen to guy selling peanuts and the taxpayers of Oakland, that is quite different.

  95. @jeff,
    Someday you’re going to find yourself cursing the hell out of Jean Quan. Until then…

  96. @Tony D.
    Soooooo right, it’s all oakland-only and intransigent media buffoons that are ruining things and i’m just parroting them? for the love of God, i’m sorry I don’t fit in your neat little box of simplistic perspectives – i could care less about the oakland-only or sj-realist stuff and whose right/wrong, yet you keep going back to it.

    Wolff gets a bad rap from media – proven, oakland is second fiddle to SF – proven, nobody in the national media cares about the A’s (despite 3rd best record) – proven.

    It’s a hostile environment that makes it difficult to sell the positive, and it’s why PR campaigns get launched.


    Selling products like bobbleheads and fireworks are fine but have nothing to do with what i’m advocating.

    I’m going back to what this whole line tangent is about: wolff said he was expecting people to be excited about the stretch run and want to come out as they battle for the playoffs while playing exciting baseball.

    I am talking about a pr campaign that gets key audiences EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in the A’s ON-FIELD PERFORMANCE/PLAYERS.

    The drama of the season, why is this next game important, what kind of drama can i expect, what milestones am I looking for, why do I need to be there, Donaldson should be MVP/Colon for Cy Young etc etc.

    Point: The A’s have done a bad job of selling the story

    • @RU155 – If anything, there should’ve been a late season ad campaign that urged fans to come out because of their turnout at the end of the 2012 season. Latter-day nostalgia, if you will. Like the promotional budget, the ad budget is pretty well fixed and spent well in advance for the most part. There should be some money set aside for situations like this. At the same time, it’s curious that given the amount of media coverage the A’s get, there aren’t already fans out there who remember last September and are trying to recapture it. Are fans’ memories that fleeting? If there’s a difference, it’s that while the team is largely the same, there’s no theme or meme to give them the way Bernie Lean worked so effectively for them last year. The players chose to do different celebrations this year. Can’t blame anyone for that.

      Then again, I heard someone say that the next three games will be sellouts or close to sellouts. What does that mean? What anti-Wolff statement is being made there? Actually, Wolff has little to do with it. Friday is Star Wars Fireworks, which sold out last year and is guaranteed to sell out this year. Saturday is Oaktoberfest, which should also bring out a nice crowd. Sunday is the final home game and should elicit a huge response on its own, especially if the A’s are in the position to clinch. Fans go to events. The last four games? Not events.

  97. @ML,

    thank you – that’s what i’ve been repeating.

    If they wanted to draw more fans in beyond the inflection points, they need an alternate campaign that sorts out the A’s storyline. National media — hell, regional media, has not paid attention to the A’s. The A’s have to invent it themselves.

    Nobody will remind the community what happened last year, how improbable it was, and how crazy the crowds were in the playoffs – that’s where a campaign comes in b/c the A’s have to do it themselves.

    Is it fair, nope – to overcome the bias, you have to give media something they can’t ignore.

    • @RU155 – That said, originally blaming Wolff’s comments from earlier this week for this week’s attendance is way out of left field. The attendance pattern was already a given. Fans pick and choose their spots, and they know they can do it with more regularity with the A’s than with the Giants. There’s far less drama for 2013’s home games 79-81 77-79 than for 2012’s 79-81. There’s no way to manufacture that drama or market your way into it. It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle. I’m come to terms with the notion that I may never see that environment ever again, even if the A’s win the World Series in the near future.

  98. Faced with nothing but cold, hard facts about why it’s utterly impossible for an EIR to have started (let alone be delivered by the end of the year) your reaction is to say that suddenly doesn’t matter and conclude that everyone is just a bunch of pro-SJ meanies. Alrighty then…

  99. More of the Oakland-only vs. Just-get-us-a-ballpark A’s fans at each other’s throats. (Thanks, Bud, for doing nothing.) But I’m not really seeing the point of an Oakland EIR if the city is not prepared to help pay for the ballpark and expects the owner to do it, even though it’s not financially feasible. Will MLB even let the owner build privately in Oakland if it’s going to be a money-losing nightmare? Which banks are going to underwrite a $500-$700 million, privately financed ballpark in Oakland given the lack of corporate support and history of poor attendance? It seems pretty obvious by now that there will be no precedent-setting MLB financing of an Oakland ballpark. MLB wants publicly funded ballparks.

  100. @ML,

    I never blamed wolff’s comments for the poor attendance. Were his comments a bad moment? Yes. But to me they just show that there was no coordinated campaign to build interest.

    Yes, Fans will pick and choose their spots – this is about influencing their decision process by adding new hooks that are independent of a giveaway. Giveaways are insulation against the unknown.

    2012 was the lightning in a bottle – bernie lean video w/ the team is a good example of A’s comms team capitalizing and generating media/internet attention.

    You can say “no way” could they rebuild drama in 2013 – but that’s what good PR firms get paid to do every day.

    • @RU155 – I disagree. Too many ingredients that can’t be duplicated. End of the season timing. Do-or-die scenarios. Pent-up hunger among the fanbase and team. Incredibly low expectations going into the season. The A’s are ending the home schedule a week from the true end against the decimated Twins, not the Goliath rival Rangers. Marketing or PR can bring out some fans or help convert casual fans to hardcore fans. That’s where it helps. Mktg/PR can’t duplicate 2012’s circumstances. 2012 largely transcended marketing. If you really believe it can affect things that much, you’re clearly trying to sell me something.

  101. @jeff
    I realize from a person’s point of view that would like the A’s to stay in Oakland, this blog may seem slanted towards San Jose (I believe we all have some biases), but ML does a really balanced job in my opinion, and believe me I really want the A’s to get something worked out in Oakland.
    I believe most of the relevant news, that comes out just happens to be related to San Jose efforts, and not Oakland’s, ML can’t cover news that’s not there(thankfully he chooses not to), if Oakland/Alameda county are not doing anything relevant, there is nothing to report. It may seem bias, because there is little, to no news, and what news there is, is not coming from Oakland.
    I as a pro-Oakland person (would be happy with San Jose), have every confidence, that if/when Oakland does anything of relevance ML will be right on it. The fact is Oakland pols, have come out with truths, and half-truths, if Oakland is/was doing something they are certainly are doing it out of the view of the general public’s eyes, let’s not forget the current governor fired the one man in Oakland that was trying to get something done, that’s a fact and it was most likely, related to the efforts, Bobb was making toward the A’s getting a new home.
    If you have a problem with the commenters here, well that’s not ML’s fault, everyone has their own point of view. Its seems to me that most of the people here that are pro-San Jose, would also be ok with Oakland (if Oakland can ever get its act together), they just want what, we all want for the A’s to get a new ballpark. It’s also true that many other people don’t care if it’s, San Jose or Oakland, they simply prefer San Jose, because it’s the best economically for the A’s., is there any doubt that if its Oakland (MLB, Oakland/Alameda Co., Port of Oakland MLB players union, SF Giants), someone is going to have to give economically to make up for it not being in San Jose?

  102. @ML,

    you misunderstand,

    Can’t repeat 2012 because that was completely organic and fell in line all by itself – hell it wasn’t even a story till after it happened. And rarely will a company (or ballclub) luck out as much as the A’s did last season in that respect.

    Good PR firms come in and build upon that excitement for the next chapter – instead it was allowed to fizzle out.

    Each season is different, and you don’t always get the story you want, but there were very good hooks that were not capitalized upon by A’s management. I fight in a different arena, but it’s not hard to see this was a wasted opportunity.

    • @RU155 – Honestly, I think the only thing we’re debating now is the demonstrable level of effectiveness of such a campaign. We certainly won’t know this year. Maybe we’ll see one next year.

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