SewageGate, Autumnal Equinox Edition

The Bay Area was hit with a deluge of rain before the scheduled start of the Twins-A’s game today, causing flooding in the dugouts and the A’s coaches’ offices. I brought the snark as usual.

For a more straight news take, BANG’s Laurence Miedema has compiled a bunch of tweets that cover the story and reaction from all over the internet.

With that, let’s hope there are no more sewage catastrophes today, this weekend, and the rest of the season.

9 thoughts on “SewageGate, Autumnal Equinox Edition

  1. Man the shits just keep coming don’t they. Seriously, is this going to become a daily occurance? Makes me glad the Coliseum isn’t currently my daily ballpark. I’d rather remember the old girl before shit started “volvanoing” out of drains. In the meantime the Padres may suck but at least they suck in nice surroundings.

  2. Sewage was reportedly coming out of the faucets, even. Thanks a lot, Bud Selig.

  3. Honestly, after so many anti-Wolff folks had a field day this week, it fascinates me how so few commented on SFGate with this latest fiasco. Wolff didn’t speak about it (a good thing), and it certainly didn’t help where Susan Slusser reiterated that this is not the A’s building and the city and county bear the burden of infrastructure.

  4. At what point does the player’s union step in and say enough? If I’m SJ, I’d be contacting them and giving them a nudge. Someone is going to get sick from one of these incidents and based on the conditions in the clubhouse, I wonder if qualifies as acceptable based on the CBA, etc. I’d love to hear Beane talking to FAs in the off season. “Come to Oakland. It’s the shit here.”

  5. Wonder if this will endear the other owners to the Giants owners, who are responsible for this. The A’s have a solution to this problem – moving further away from the Giants to a larger city, but the Giants refuse to let them implement this and Selig is too much of a coward to overrule the Giants. And we’ve already heard that Lew Wolff is well-liked among the other owners.

  6. I asked this question on another thread, but I suppose it is more appropriate here: Is there any possibility that local and/or state health authorities could immediately shut down O.Co Coliseum declaring it a health hazard due to problems with the plumbing and thus unfit for business or entertainment purposes? If so, how would that affect the A’s and the Raiders in terms of where they play their home games? Any guess or estimate how long it would take to remedy the plumbing problems at the Coliseum and how much it would cost the city of Oakland to fix it? I realize that the sewage backup occurred only a couple times but, again, I was just wondering if there is any chance of this occurring.

  7. @Matt:

    unless the tenant aka the A’s file a complaint, doubt that anything will happen. LW will not file a complaint.

  8. i don’t think the raiders have had any issue in regards to sewage problems. that seems to be related to the baseball side of things. i read over the weekend, don’t remember where, that the raiders and other nfl facilies are on a whole other level in the coliseum when compared to where the baseball clubhouses are located.

    i’m guessing when the raiders came back in the mid 90s their plumbing was “up to code” with the renovations made for them while not much as been updated for the baseball facilties over the past decades.

  9. You can’t read a story about the A’s without the writers mentioning sewage coming out of the Coliseum’s pipes.

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