First set of MLB Postseason game times out

I predicted this on Saturday:

Well, at least I nailed the sequence. The first two game times will be as follows:

  • Game 1: Detroit at Oakland, 6:30 PM Friday on TBS
  • Game 2: Detroit at Oakland, 6:00 PM Saturday on TBS

Future game times to be released later.

The late Game 2 start also has an effect on the Chargers-Raiders game. Originally scheduled for 1 PM, the game will be moved to 8:30 PM in order to accommodate the football changeover. That will make for a most unusual NFL quadruple-header, with the normal 10 AM and 1 PM slots, the Sunday Night slot featuring the Texans at the 49ers, and then across the bay for Chargers-Raiders on NFL Network. With playoff baseball on everyday this week leading into an epic football Sunday, this has to be one of the best sports weeks in recent memory. See you at the yard.

4 thoughts on “First set of MLB Postseason game times out

  1. looks like the city of Oakland will hold a pep rally for the A’s tomorrow. How about building them a new stadium instead?

  2. @pjk,
    C’mon man! I want MLB in San Jose as bad as anyone, but right now the OAKLAND A’S are in the playoffs and have a very good chance of going all the way. Nothing wrong with the current hometown giving a rally for our A’s. tell yah what, I’m willing to cease all of the partisan bickering until after the final A’s game of the season; hopefully it ends with a nice gold plated trophy and champagne everywhere!

  3. Very curiously I went to the website to look at ticket availability and prices and suddenly there are field level tickets available again. I thought they were all sold out.

  4. I’m with Tony D. I’d love to make it out to Oakland for the rally tomorrow but I’ll actually be starting to unpack. I am now a resident of San Jose. I’ve been anxious for the ALDS date/times to be announced. I was worried the move might interfere with moving in duties. Good times.

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