“This is Oakland” video narrated by Roy Steele posted by A’s

Update 10/3 11:10 AM – As you can see below, the video has been removed. I suspect that it wasn’t meant to be posted there in the first place, since it was nowhere to be found on the A’s homepage. Like the other pregame clips of years past, it was probably meant to live only at the Coliseum.

25 thoughts on ““This is Oakland” video narrated by Roy Steele posted by A’s

  1. Nice video. Positive words about the Coliseum gives it an reverent austere aura. I might not be such a bad idea to work the Coliseum into the marketing next year.

    That said, this is from MLB.com and likely made to counter the sewage stories from recent months. I gotta give them credit. They’re doing what good marketing should do: promote the good, ignore the bad.

  2. This is what I call information warfare a day or two before San Jose’s first hearing.

  3. Steven, I seriously doubt there is any correlation between the suit and this video. The Voice of God wouldn’t allow himself to be used in such a manner.

    That said it was a good marketing piece using the Coliseum’s weaknesses as strengths which frankly is what the team should be doing at the same time they’re working to leave.

  4. The only thing missing in that video is the real Oakland.

  5. This has nothing to do with the suits, its MLB/A’s they have no incentive to boost the coliseum. But they are embracing Oakland I think in a better way then I thought could be done. It’s true, its a dump at times, but its been home and there are special memories there. I love the video. Great work by Bob Rose’s team, and awesome they got Roy to do it.

  6. I agree with Dan. This video is better than any marketing done by the Athletics. My only complaint is when the video shows bad scenes of Oakland. It’s ok to want to show the gritty “green collar’ side of Oakland, but don’t shoe clips of areas where people wouldn’t want to walk in broad daylight. Sends the message of, “Hey look at what you get to walk through on your way to the park.” That’s not appealing, might be true, but not the best idea.

  7. Judging from the Rev. Roy Steele’s exhortation at the end, this video isn’t an ad or marketing. It’s a special pregame clip to play on DiamondVision for the crowd.

  8. Makes sense. It looks like it was shot on S-VHS and intended for DiamondVision.

    OT: When will someone tell Fosse to stop plugging in “in beautiful HD” when talking about A’s telecasts? It’s 2013, man.

  9. Ahhh that makes sense. That is going to really get the crowd pumped tomorrow. ML, are you gonna monitor noise levels?

  10. It’d be funny to see the auxiliary media section displaced to Mount Davis, then see what the national media has to say about the Coliseum.

  11. “The worst: Over the past decade, nearly as many high-school-age African-American boys in Oakland have been murdered as have graduated with the qualifications to attend a state university. The chilling title of the series? ‘Even Odds.'”

  12. Excellent ESPN article! As I’ve stated before, the city of Oakland should do itself a favor and focus entirely on the Raiders if they want to remain a sports town. Selling false hope about waterfront ballparks or Wolff selling the A’s is doing no one any favors in The O.

  13. @ Nico: The podcast Radiolab has an episode “The Walls of Jericho” which offers a good crash course in sound physics. Good stuff. The Coliseum won’t actually be any louder than in 2012, but having the upper tank filled will make it seem louder, and that’s the important thing from the fan experience.

  14. Video has been removed. Wonder why? Was it supposed to be up in the first place? Or was it supposed to be a secret for Game One?

  15. @Steven – The odds are not remotely close to “even.” The article compared number of boys graduating high school eligible for CSU to total number of black men killed. A fair comparison would be number of 18 year olds graduating vs. number killed in a given year.

  16. Tim – not my words, the articles.

  17. I know, but just wanted to note it

  18. Unfortunately the “This Is Oakland” video did not make its debut at either game 1 or 2 of the ALDS… Great video… what is the conspiracy of pulling it???

  19. I thought that surely this video would be played at the coliseum on the night of either game 1 or 2 of the ALDS. Unfortunately, the A’s missed a huge opportunity to pump up the crowd with this video before one or both of those games. I hope this video is not lost to history, because I cannot find it anywhere. I would really like to know what happened to the video, and why it was pulled from MLB.com. It would be a shame to lose a great video narrated by an Oakland icon due to a stadium legal issue. If anyone has information on what happened please let us fans know.

  20. If someone wants to edit a video, I’d be happy to do the voiceover…no way near Mr. Steele…but happy to pump up fans!

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