The Kid

I know we’re all hurting from Game 4. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate this.

Tomas Hertl is 19 years old from the Czech Republic. He scored 4 goals against the Rangers. He’s the youngest to score four goals since 1988. He’s already a Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) candidate. Once in a while we’re blessed to see truly transcendent talents like Joe Montana, Rickey Henderson, or Barry Bonds. Like Yoenis Cespedes, Hertl speaks little English. Like the aforementioned legends, this kid can carry a team, sell tickets, do the unthinkable. He’s that good. Just drink it in, and know that he’s probably going to be a Shark for a long, long time.

8 thoughts on “The Kid

  1. Thank you for this. That Sharks game was the only thing that got me back in a good mood tonight. Well, that and a few fingers of whiskey.

  2. The rest of the league is going to have to pay attention to him, that’s for sure.

  3. Amazing how one player like this can re-energize a team and a fan base- Cespedes for the A’s and now Hertl for the Sharks. The Tank was rockin–the kid is freaking exciting to watch. He is the perfect indgredient to the Sharks core players…will make life a hell of alot easier for Couture and others. Go Sharks!

  4. What is the Sharks all time highest goal total? 9 has got to be close right?

  5. I think it’s 11 goals in one game

  6. USA Today says it’s 10.

  7. Thanks ML, I just picked him up on fantasy hockey team.

  8. While super impressive (maybe have to go back to Gretzky to think of impressive scoring for someone so young) it’s cold comfort — especially considering it brings up the Sharks, a glaring example of a ‘make the playoffs only to lose’ (though not as bad as the Caps). And while the big picture puts things in good perspective (the money poor A’s out doing big money teams is always a great thing), only two things will make me feel better (1) The Red Sox clean the Tigers clock (my own petty anger though this does little to smooth over the disappointment) and the much much much bigger (2) either the judge gives standing to SJ’s lawsuit or MLB announces a settlement with SJ that paves the way for the new stadium. Now THAT! would make me feel better.

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