San Jose files appeal in Ninth Circuit, also files state claims in Santa Cruz County

Sure, we knew that San Jose was going to file its appeal in the Ninth Circuit early this year, which they did today. The filing runs only two pages, with much more to follow.

The surprise was that the lesser state claims about economic damage via MLB’s alleged interference were also refiled – in Santa Cruz County Superior Court. That’s right, Santa Cruz County.

City attorney Philip Gregory brought up MLB’s mysterious denial of the A’s petition to move to San Jose. Although the state claims are not considered as substantial as the federal antitrust case, it’s clear that San Jose aims to dig up some dirt on MLB’s machinations, which could help their case. The denial letter, which MLB has refused to release citing confidentiality, is probably the big prize. Santa Cruz County may also have a lighter docket compared to other nearby counties, which could be a factor in San Jose choosing to look south. Nothing’s expected to happen in either Santa Cruz or the Ninth Circuit until spring at earliest. Until then, the sides will prepare their next filings.

17 thoughts on “San Jose files appeal in Ninth Circuit, also files state claims in Santa Cruz County

  1. As I’ve stated before, never been a fan of all this legal stuff re freeing San Jose for the A’s. Hopefully the internal machinations are going full speed ahead (between A’s, MLB and Giants), behind closed doors to bring a sensible ending to this drawn out saga. Would (or will) be nice to put all this legal drama to rest…

  2. MLB needs to be taught a lesson that San Jose is NOT to be treated as a minor league outpost of Frisco.

  3. @Tony D.
    As you know I have always, agreed with you on San Jose vs. MLB, but the more I think about it, SJ must have felt it was something they had to do, if they were going to get the A’s to the South Bay, and when it’s all said and done, if San Jose vs. MLB is the only thing that keeps the A’s in the Bay Area, I think we both will look back on, it and be thrilled.

  4. Not being from the Bay Area, can anyone tell me if any of this news about the filing of these appeals were covered by the local Bay Area news media? In particular, the local radio and television sports/news media. This is extremely important, since the publicity about these lawsuits is a very crucial part of the process towards the real objective of ultimately getting the approval for the A’s to move to San Jose.

  5. @llpec – Judging from the news alerts I get, no Bay Area media covered it except for the papers and Comcast Sportsnet. Local TV news did not.

  6. @lakeshore,
    I guess what I’m really saying is that I’m hoping Wolff/MLB aren’t simply sitting on their hands re getting the A’s to San Jose. All indications have been that the owners favor SJ for the A’s and that MLB (committee) wants it to happen. Continue to work with MLB and Giants re San Jose and possible indemnification packages, all while this lawsuit crap plays out as a sideshow..

  7. @ML, I gather that when the largest city in the Bay Area files an appeal in its ongoing lawsuit against MLB, and it’s not being covered(not newsworthy) by the overwhelming local based news media, then it’s obvious that the local media has a direct biased self interest in keeping this information from the general public. It’s also very obvious, one can smell a symbiotic relationship with the Giants.

  8. @llpec

    The A’s did not and still don’t have well-known star players. People know and/or aware of Mays, Bonds, Juan Antonio Marichal, the long hair weirdo bong-sniffing pitcher etc….I will bet you that casual fans could not name 3 players on current or recent rosters. Even CatFish Hunter, Reggie, Rudy etc.. are not memorable names in da Bay. Canseco and Big Mac were big but they were not beloved by the casual fans. anyone remember Stew won 20 games several times? Nope. They may remember The Eck though.

    Oakland maybe a nice city and all but they are a forgotten city. East Bay does not exist.

  9. @Tony D. I am hopong, right along with you.

  10. @ Daniel

    “Oakland maybe a nice city and all but they are a forgotten city. East Bay does not exist.”

    Where is your data to prove this, or is this just your humble opinion? As always, inquiring minds want to know.

  11. New Sacramento kings group finally got the rights to the downtown Sacramento mall…just one more step closer and public funding to mAke this arena come true

  12. @ Daniel

    So if I understand your reasoning correctly, you define an area of earth by how many jobs it gains or loses. Would that be correct sir? If so, that’s fine, I just want to make sure we understand you.

  13. Daniel is another typical giants fans churning out the b.s. that the giants have always been the bay area favorite (Many giants fans enjoy pretending that) Typical giants fans don’t mention that the A’s outdrew the giants 17 out of the 32 years when the giants played at Candlestick – some dominance. They also don’t acknowledge that the giants were 99% likely to become the Tampa Bay Giants (the NL commissioner got mushy about the giants leaving and stalled the giants sale to the Tampa Bay group – that’s the only reason the team didn’t bolt for Tampa)

    • @duffer – Could you stop attacking other commenters? If you can’t refrain from doing that, you’re getting the boot. Besides, it’s lame.

  14. @tony-history would indicate MLB’s process is corrupt and legal action must be taken. Your faith in the process to this point doesn’t make sense to me. We’ve waited 5 years with no answer at all, San Jose lost faith and did the right thing by taking this to court or nothing may never happen.

    MLB now has to fight this lawsuit on 2 fronts, the 9th circuit and Santa Cruz county court. Thus they now have to spend more money and it spreads them thin. This is working out nicely for San Jose and legal action not mlb, nor the giants will control the outcome.

    The A’s will move to sj with not a single dollar going to the giants…’s only a matter of time.

  15. @ML – Ok, I’ll agree to be somewhat more civil – you should also ban obvious giant homer fans who make false comments about their team at an A’s site. That organization receives too much spin anyways.

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