Revised Cactus League Trip Schedule

When I had originally posted the 2014 Cactus League schedule, I was under the assumption that I’d be able to spend at most a long weekend in the desert, watching the A’s and a few more games. Time has a way of changing things, this time for the good. My younger brother, who has been attending ASU, is in the process of buying a house in the Phoenix area, which will make it easy for me stay there for this and future spring trainings.

As a result, what was going to be at most four days will now be two weeks at the end of March. I won’t be taking much time off from work, instead going to a bunch of weeknight games while going to day games on the weekends. Here’s the schedule (night games in italics):

  • 3/15 – Rangers @ A’s, 1:05, Phoenix Muni
  • 3/15 – Dodgers @ White Sox, 7:05, Camelback Ranch
  • 3/16 – Indians @ Cubs, 1:05, Cubs Park
  • 3/17 – Rangers @ Royals, 6:05, Surprise
  • 3/18 – Giants @ Indians, 6:05, Goodyear
  • 3/19 – Cubs @ Rockies, 6:40, Salt River Fields
  • 3/20 – Giants @ Padres, 7:05, Peoria
  • 3/21 – Royals @ Angels, 1:05, Tempe Diablo
  • 3/21 – A’s @ Giants, 6:35, Scottsdale
  • 3/22 – Angels @ Brewers, 1:05, Maryvale
  • 3/23 – A’s @ Mariners, 1:05, Peoria
  • 3/24 – Padres @ Cubs, 7:05, Cubs Park
  • 3/26 – Angels @ A’s, 1:05, Phoenix Muni

That’s 13 games in 12 days, covering all 10 Cactus League parks and all 15 teams. Included is the final A’s game – and probably the last Cactus League game – ever at venerable Phoenix Municipal Stadium. There won’t be any tearing down of foul poles or ripping out of seats, because Muni will live on as the next home of the ASU Sun Devils baseball program. I’ll take the afternoon off for that game on the 26th, and it will be bittersweet. I may add games on the 25th or 27th, plus there will be plenty of other sports going on (Coyotes, Suns in town, NCAA tournament on TV with both Arizona teams playing well), so I expect my plate to be very full. If you’re in town, let me know and we can commiserate over a beer during a game. As for the expansive schedule, consider it a bucket list item to be checked off.

5 thoughts on “Revised Cactus League Trip Schedule

  1. My cousin went to school with your brother, that should get me a few days in his house! Haha! Looks like fun, enjoy your time out there.

  2. My brother’s gonna be set up to accept lots of guests on a rotating basis.

  3. Will travel to the Valley of the Sun March 15-19, am planning to visit my retiree parents in Mesa, as well as an old high school friend who’s a Bay Area expat like me–except that he moved to Phoenix while I moved to frigid Chicago. I’ll catch some spring training, for sure, while down there. I’ll PM you.

  4. youre missing the reds on that schedule. ill be down there the 18th thru the 23!

    • @ryan saulsbury – Agh! I moved a couple of games around. I’ll add a Reds game in there somehow.

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