Damon Bruce in, Rise Guys out as part of reshuffle at The Game

The Game finally got their man today, as they pulled Damon Bruce over from KNBR purgatory to host the afternoon drive time slot starting on March 31 (Opening Day). Bay Area Sports Guy has the scoop and the press release. In the process, the show hosted by Chris Townsend and Ric Bucher will move to the mornings, displacing The Rise Guys (Whitey Gleason, Mark Kreidler, Dan Dibley) in the process. The other daytime shows will remain as is. As it stands the lineup will now look like this:

  • 6-10 AM – Bucher & Towny
  • 10 AM-Noon – Haberman & Middlekauff
  • Noon-3 PM – The Wheelhouse with John Lund and Greg Papa
  • 3-7 PM – Damon Bruce

You may remember that Bruce got himself suspended over a bizarre misogynistic rant he gave over the air in November. Whether that was off the cuff or a stunt designed to help him ease out of the 1050 gig, we may never know. Memories are short in sports talk, and some guys can get gigs no matter how much Neanderthal behavior they exhibit.

The 7 PM slot will apparently remain open, as it has from the beginning, perhaps to keep any one entrenched host from complaining too much about A’s baseball interfering with his hours. That’s just as well. I listen to The Game primarily for the A’s, not the sports talk.

28 thoughts on “Damon Bruce in, Rise Guys out as part of reshuffle at The Game

  1. Rise Guys were entertaining. Oh well

  2. Too bad they didn’t drop Greg Papa.

  3. Wow 95.7 reports colony capital wants 40% of Mark Davis ownership of the Raiders in order to fund the new stadium in Oakland. ..like I said in the last place what does Carol and mark want to do…

    I like Damon Bruce…will be interesting how hewill do on sports topics…good luck

  4. harry: Does that work out to 40% ownership of the team as a whole or 40% of whatever percentage Davis owns? I don’t see him doing either. If he wants to divest himself of the franchise, I’ll bet he’d get a lot more $$$ for it in LA. And in this case, he’d get a stadium and no cash while losing a big chunk of his ownership. At least that’s what this sounds like.

  5. Well, I think that’s too bad. I actually liked the Rise Guys and just simply cannot stand Greg Papa. He strikes me as an egotistical and sexist jerk that I would have no interest in ever meeting. Maybe he’s really a great guy, but I kinda doubt it.

    Other than his having a great first name, I’m pretty ‘meh’ when it comes to Damon Bruce. On those rare times when I have heard him, I’ve found him to be one of the more egregious ‘pro-Giants’ mouthpieces over on the AM dial. So, I guess this new job will force him to start sucking up to the Green & Gold.

  6. The Game should have booted Greg “Short Man’s Complex” Papa….the hypocrite blows up Wolff every chance he gets, then he shows up to Lew’s Opening Night and Playoff Parties, eating free food, drinking free booze….Papa is a SF lap dog who is still bitter about losing Warriors gig, bitter about being relegated to 5th string on SF Criminals broadcasts, and bitter about being a midget….Hey Greg, Move to the East Coast quickly…for the benefit of all of us.

  7. Rise Guys was the best show. I like the Wheelhouse but its time doesn’t correspond well to when I can listen. My listening time will drop substantially unless I’m listening to the A’s games.

  8. @pjk

    Not to sure. .u think Davis has the balls like Al to move to LA? Ima call his bluff and so will Oakland. ..again the best Davis could do is grt the Coliseum to himself…forcing the A’s to be homeless and get a temp ballpark in san Jose or sac…as part of agreement of having the Coliseum. Davis needs to update the Coliseum by getting new scoreboard ext paint job and other minor upgrades

  9. Disappointing. The Rise Guys are hilarious. They seem like guys that have a great time together making the show too, and that makes my morning commute better every day. I hope they latch on locally elsewhere. Best of luck to them. If anyone knows a way to give radio hosts a show of support in this type of situation I’d be grateful if you posted it here.

  10. they said Bucher and Towny take over on the 31st but when do the Rise Guys go off air?

  11. be kind of awkward to stay on the job when you know you’re getting laid off. bruce wasn’t on 1050 today and i’d expect the rise guys/dibs not to be on in the morning the next 2.5 weeks either.

    imo it’ll be must listen to radio in bruce’s debut on 95.7. really hope he provides the goods on knbr’s biased methods over the years though i think most of us know or at least suspect what has been going on with that station and their lack of “support” and bias for some teams in the market and others.

  12. Yee yee. Believe they said haberman show will cover morning slot till 31st and wofford will fill for the 10am show till then. Rise Guys are gone, radio won’t leave you on air to put down station after they just canned you.

  13. Count me in as another person who liked the Rise Guys and wishes that they got rid of Papa instead.

  14. I love 95.7 the game.

    I’ve been listening to sports talk long enough to remember when 49ers / Giants talk was shoved down the Bay Area’s throats, whether you liked it or not, and whether you had allegiance to either team or not, for year after year after year after year.

    Sure the A’s and Raiders bounced around on different dials for a long time, but I’m happy to see both Oakland teams at the same place. (I remember when A’s broadcasts were at 1500 AM?)

    I don’t think the morning show will be that bad on 95.7 the game. I remember when Chris Townsend started getting really noticed at that station that went into receivership (860 AM?). He brought a lot of passion. I actually wish he was still doing A’s shows, but oh well- mornings it is.

    Greg Papa is good on the Mic. He is a comedian, that’s what he brings. I find him funny and don’t take anything he says with seriousness. He’s just entertaining people, I back him. Makes me laugh every time he says, ” I’m going to the basement and shutting the blinds “.

    Henry Woofard is underrated. Next to Rick Tittle, Henry is my absolute favorite, and I wouldn’t mind Henry and Rick trading 7 – 10 slots on the weekdays ( Rick 3 days, Henry 2 days )

    Guru is the odd man out. I don’t know if Guru has a full-time gig doing something else or if they just like Zack more. Zack is like a toned down version of the Guru. They should let Zack and Guru have the weekends to themselves.

    Damon Bruce will be fine at the game, as long as he keeps his bumper music.

    John Lund is weird, I don’t quite know what to make of him.

    Everybody else on the game sounds the same, with different names.

  15. The Rise Guys were my favor show in the morning. Townsend and Bruce are
    just loud mouth. I guess I will switch back to KNBR.

  16. I’ll say this. GET IT DONE! If Mark Davis is smart at all, which I believe he is, GET THIS DEAL DONE! Mark Davis is smart, but appearances can be deceiving.

  17. The only show I regularly listened to was the Rise Guys. At least they still have A’s baseball. I’ll just go back to listening to Morning Edition.

  18. I would Retweet your latest tweet about both cities not getting a fair shake, but you blocked me on Twitter. High school lame.

  19. Wendy thurm tweets starting to show her true colors as a gints homer-

  20. @ML – Oakland is such a wonderful, magical place. If I popped out 10 children, they’d all grow up in Oakland or San Francisco. Am I unblocked now?

  21. @ML: Okay, okay, okay, I take it all back and apologize for my rough attitude to those North of me who have even a bigger ego than me! Am I unblocked now?

  22. @ML: Okay, okay, okay, … OKAY! No one EVER gets shot in Oakland and it’s a perfectly safe city to live… just not for this one. Am I unblocked now?

  23. @ Steven

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  24. @Ivan: Bitc-wonderful ladies… be expensive.

  25. RisE gUys come back home!!! Sacramento, Sacramento, Sacramento, Sacramento

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