Coliseum gets upgrades for fans, media, players alike

The Coliseum will look a little different from last year or even FanFest. A number of improvements have been made, from fresh paint and changes to the dugouts and clubhouses to the redone West Side Club. Here’s the press release announcing the changes, courtesy of the Coliseum Authority:

For Immediate Release                                Contact: Dan Cohen/Edit Ruano                                              March 30, 2014



New Improvements to the Coliseum Will Greet Oakland A’s Fans, Players, and Media for the Start of the 2014 Baseball Season

Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Authority and the Oakland A’s have invested in improved security, upgrades to press and player amenities, and new food options


OAKLAND, CA – A’s fans visiting the Coliseum to watch a game this year have a number of new improvements to look forward to – and so do the A’s players, opponents, umpires, and media.  The Coliseum Authority and the Oakland A’s made significant investments in the off-season to improve the experience for all guests.  This includes improved security at the entrance, new food and beverage selections at the stadium, and improved amenities for players, fans, and media.


“A’s fans have been looking forward to the start of the 2014 baseball season all winter, and we want their return to the Coliseum to be a positive one,” said Authority Chair and Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley. “That’s why we are so excited about all the work that has been happening at the stadium during the off-season this year. It’s more than a fresh coat of paint – it’s about us addressing the needs of our loyal fans.”


For A’s fans, here are some new improvements to expect:

  • New look: The Coliseum has been fully re-painted and new Kentucky blue grass sod has been laid on the field as it is each year before the season.  New investments in groundskeeping machinery, including industrial lawnmowers and a “laser-leveling system,” will allow the Authority to maintain the field more easily and effectively.
  • New concessionaire & food items: The Oakland A’s, which are in charge of the concessionaire contract, have brought in an exciting array of new items and are upgrading the concession experience/facilities. Fans will now have access to even more premium beers and new food items like wood-fired pizzas, and more!
  • Improved “Ring” Road:  The Coliseum Authority will repave the road that circumnavigates the stadium after the initial homestand.
  • Improved security: The Authority will provide state-of-the-art magnetic screening equipment that fans can quickly pass through as they enter. The Oakland’s A’s will provide personnel to manage the screening.



For the players, umpires and media, improvements include:

  • Remodeled dugouts: Both the home team and visitor dugouts have been upgraded with new padded benches, upgraded flooring, new dugout phones, water fountains, and new bathroom fixtures and paint.
  • Upgraded lockers: The home team, visitor, and umpire locker rooms all have new rubberized floors and showers.
  • Updated press box: Members of the press will now have access to flatscreen televisions, and new tables, carpets, restrooms and ceilings.


“We are excited about this season and confident that fans who come to the stadium and the players will have a winning experience,” said Chris Wright, VP of AEG Facilities and GM of Coliseum & Oracle Arena. “Now, it’s time to play ball!”


To download pictures of the improvements, please visit:




About the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum Authority:

The Authority is a public partnership between the City of Oakland and the County of Alameda (owners of the Coliseum Complex) that manages the Complex on behalf of City and County.  The Authority subcontracts the day-to-day operations of the Complex to AEG.  An eight-member Board of Commissioners governs the Authority.  Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley currently serves as the Chair of the Board, and Oakland City Councilmember Larry Reid serves as the Vice-Chair.

Let’s hope that the weather cooperates tonight so that everyone can enjoy the changes. The one I care about most? You can guess:

20 craft beers now available in the West Side Club

20 craft and import beers now available in the West Side Club

17 thoughts on “Coliseum gets upgrades for fans, media, players alike

  1. “even more premium beers..” That should take the sting out of not having a spanking new yard 😉 GO A’S!!!

  2. BTW R.M., will the awesome craft beer just be accesible to the Club folks, or to all?

  3. “Remodeled dugouts: Both the home team and visitor dugouts have been upgraded with new padded benches, upgraded flooring, new dugout phones, water fountains, and new bathroom fixtures and paint, and the same old plumbing.
    Upgraded lockers: The home team, visitor, and umpire locker rooms all have new rubberized sewage-resistant floors and showers.”

  4. I’m sure many people are thinking this right now but I really don’t want to be stuck in 2 hours of traffic only to have the game cancelled once finally arrive at the Coliseum.

  5. I like how the new sod and laser leveling system are listed under improvements for fans because fans have TOTALLY been complaining about the height of the Coliseum grass for years. /s

  6. Lipstick on the pig.

  7. Excellent! The stadium sucks, but if they can at least improve the player spaces and improve some of the basic amenities, concessions and most importantly, the Scoreboard, this would help. Doesn’t make sense to make huge investments without some view of the future, but this doesn’t go overboard.

  8. Probably still haven’t addressed the one thing that makes the A’s dugouts the most dangerous in baseball… The lack of protective screen.

  9. @Tony D – The Club has been open to the public for years.

  10. @R.M.,
    Thanks; I honestly never knew that. Always assumed it was a members only thing, so never thought about wondering outside the confines of the main concourse. Thanks again.

  11. Yes, anybody with even a $2 ticket can go in the club. Try doing that at a Sharks game, without a club-access ticket. You won’t get in.

  12. Wait you’ve never wandered out of the main concourse?

  13. Polishing the brass on the Titanic.

  14. @pjk

    YES YES YES!!! Lipstick on a pig..but its our pig and its better then waiting on Lew Wolff (not having the balls like Al Davis and move to San Jose) and Bud Selig non action on any type of upgrades. ..I always felt the Coliseum was better for the Raiders to update but ill give the Joanie props…lets win today and have a great season and hopefully this TR rights issues will finally be shared.

  15. @ Dan,
    That’s correct…GO A’S!

  16. Actually Dan I stand corrected: for Raiders games I’ve been to the East Side Club (nice) and have sat on every level, from the Black Hole to the great heights of Mt. Davis.

  17. going back to the a’s whole clubhouse situation, i don’t know if it was asked before or if there was any discussion about it during the whole sewage-gate but why couldn’t the a’s at least until aug be in the raiders locker room.

    from what i read the raiders locker room isn’t effect by the old plumbing at the coliseum since it was built during the remodel in the mid 1990s. not like the raiders locker room is being used anway from april thru july and it’s a lot more spacious from the pics i’ve seen that the a’s current clubhouse. how much further is the locker room the raiders use from the field than the a’s?

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