The growing black hole (Update: Blackwell quits)

Update 4:15 PMThe Chronicle reports that Oakland City Administrator Fred Blackwell has left his job to become CEO of the San Francisco Foundation. Who exactly is going to do all the dealmaking that Blackwell was doing before?

Just so we get this straight…

Last summer, the Raiders stadium at Coliseum City was projected to cost $700 million, with a $300-400 million funding gap.

In November, the cost estimate was raised to $900 million, with a $400-500 million funding gap.

Yesterday, new Oakland City Administrator Fred Blackwell was interviewed by the Trib’s Matthew Artz. In passing, he mentioned that the funding gap has ballooned to a whopping $500-600 million.

He did note that one of his top projects, getting a new football stadium built for the Oakland Raiders, remained a struggle. Blackwell said the stadium project faces a $500 million to $600 million shortfall that would have to be subsidized by additional development within the Coliseum complex. While he praised the city’s business partners working on the deal, he said “there are a lot of things that can go wrong in a negotiation of that complexity.”

The biggest thing than can go wrong in any stadium project is not knowing how it gets paid for. Coliseum City is clearly at that moment. $600 million just off the development proceeds and fees? Sure, if they have 500 acres to develop at the Coliseum. In this case it’s only 100 acres, and much of that land is already taken up by the pre-existing venues.

How does this gap keep growing? Are the sides still having trouble determining what the proper stadium vision is? For some time the Raiders and the NFL have wanted a smaller, open-air stadium. The City wants a bigger, retractable dome venue that could also be used as a convention center and to attract future Super Bowls. If there’s still no consensus on the scope of the project a year in, it’s not confidence inspiring. And Mark Davis claims he’s being left in the dark.

Already the backers of Coliseum City are looking into alternatives. Perhaps that will involve the existing Coliseum, or further scaling back or cost-engineering the new stadium. The Raiders may even be considered too expensive to retain. Either way, this stadium project has turned into a money pit. Or a black hole, and not the kind cheers emanate from.

75 thoughts on “The growing black hole (Update: Blackwell quits)

  1. A money pit + no public source of funds = stadium probably won’t get built.

  2. A money pit (emphasis on MONEY PIT) + no public source of funds = no A’s stadium being built on site either (irrelevant that it would hypothetically cost $500 million vs $900 million)…IT’S EAST OAKLAND. BTW, as a Raiders fan who wants them to stay in Oakland/Coli, this sucks. Damnit Oakland! Get it done for Da Raiders!

  3. The writing on the wall – Oakland can’t afford what it’s going to take to keep these teams – has been there for years. $2 billion for three modern facilities and Oakland has no money for this. They’re trying to offer up the Coliseum land but it doesn’t look like that will be enough.

  4. Oakland get your sh*t together, or as the old folks would say “sh*t or get off the pot”, I am really tired of this.
    Oakland has not always been treated well by the sports teams that reside there, but Oakland has had more chances to get something done then any city deserves…

  5. Lakeshore: Oakland can’t get its s** together without money that is not there.

  6. If I am Oakland, I am telling the Raiders to pound salt and getting aggressive about keeping the Warriors and A’s (in that order). Keeping the Warriors in an arena in oakland is more strategically important because it stops an Arena project in San Francisco and keeps the most used kind of entertainment venue in the city.

  7. I remember from that onetime joint county/city meeting on CC that many on the Board raised the concerns that a football stadium would have a low density usage. A stadium built for the primary resident Raiders would have at most ten to twelve event dates. In other words, the ROI for a facility with so few event dates would not be enough to sustain and meet the overall costs of constructing, operating, and maintaining that facility. Reality seems to be setting in with many on the Coliseum Board that while their sentiments are all with the Raiders, a football stadium will not be profitable enough to justify the financial investment required, especially with the ever increasing costs of getting the facility built.

  8. @ llpec,

    As Levi’s Stadium is already proving, there could be more events at a Raiders stadium than just 10-12 NFL game days; soccer, wrestling, etc. Heck, just reading the local news about the excitement surrounding Levi’s Stadium from local biz, you’d think a 81 game a year ballpark was being built in SC. Most importantly in all of this, the Raiders want to stay and build in Oakland; Warriors, A’s don’t. Make it work Oakland for Raiders! (beggars can’t be choosers)

  9. @pjk
    I here you, and I guess they to talk to Sacramento, and see if they can get some form of redevelopment money, hell I don’t know perhaps matching funds for enterprise tax zones, Lord knows most of Oakland would qualify for that. I don’t know but they better figure something out.
    We it’s time for East Bay business interest, such as they are to step up, they can help bridge that gap to a point, of course not to the same success the 49er had in SC, but something will have to come from corporate interest, the rest well we may have a problem.
    I guess we will get to see just how much Mark Davis really wants to build in Oakland, BTW Oakland while I certainly understand your desire for a dome and multiple super bowls it would be nice if you got practical and just gave the Raiders a nice 58-62 thousand seat stadium, you know something that may actually have a chance at getting done.

  10. re: Blackwell said the stadium project faces a $500 million to $600 million shortfall that would have to be subsidized by additional development within the Coliseum complex.

    …notice how there is no consideration of public funding to bridge the gap. Selig and his cronies should read this in case they have any intention at all of asking Oakland for a publicly funded ballpark. Won’t happen.

  11. @pjk
    If MLB does not know that they won’t be getting a bunch of tax money from San Jose and even more so Oakland by this time they are really not looking at reality.
    If its large sums of tax money they are waiting on then the A’s will be in the Bay Area for about ten more years and then off to the Cobb Counties of the world.

  12. The whole thing just gets tiring; Blackwell just throws it out there, in the middle of a fluff piece “Well its 500-600 million sort”, really? Damn Fred you could not even site some hopeful revenue streams (aside from developing the coliseum), no creative ideas that you guys have been thinking of?, just “Well its 500-600 million sort”, well thanks, thanks a hell of a lot Fred.

  13. Lakeshore: If Oakland had hopeful revenue streams, these would have to go to public services and schools. Not professional sports stadiums.

  14. @Tony D., I’m just echoing the common concerns brought up by some members of the joint County/city Coliseum Board. If it’s true that the costs to build a new Raiders stadium have gone up appreciably, it just widens the gap and adds to the concerns of many Coliseum Board members.

  15. @pjk

    SAN JOSE WILL BE DEFEATED..Coliseum City does have a heartbeat and I can see the new Coliseum City field next to Oracle and a half new constructed Coliseum for the Raiders amd development. ..San Jose will not be the new home of A’s it will be in Oakland and we q ill offer some public funding for the project. ….so surrender to ” Save Oakland Sports” or walk the plank!!! That is double for ml..dont mess with kawakami

  16. How delusional are you Harry?

  17. Harry: Your baiting is getting old.

  18. @ harry
    Didn’t you say last week you were ok with San Jose? You must go on these rants once in a while to bate Tony D., and pjk, I don’t think GoA’s even takes the bate, but really man, you say you are a spiritual guy, why say such things just to get people worked up?, if that’s the case.

  19. Blackwell Quits, this is one hell of a bad dream.

  20. Blackwell – works on new stadium in Oakland for Raiders; quits with no deal. Amy Trask -works on new stadium n Oakland for Raiders, quits with no deal. What’s going on here?

  21. From SFGate
    Blackwell will start his new job at the foundation in June and will help the city until then, he said. Andy Ballard, the chair of the San Francisco Foundation’s board of trustees, said he was sure that Blackwell would leave Oakland on good terms, as part of the foundation’s mission is to help that community. In 2012, the foundation distributed $89 million in grants across five Bay Area counties.
    Perhaps they can give a grant to Oakland to help build a ballpark.

  22. I just heard Jean Quan say they have found a funding gap for the stadiums of coliseum city. Her plan is to build all the stadiums with recycled plastic containers at a cost of only a nickel per square inch of stadium. She expects all stadiums to cost only 975 thousand dollars worth of empty Sprite bottles.
    This whole “coliseum city”, “howard terminal” stadium is a lie, a dog and pony show, a sad comment on how so many large cities are run. What they aren’t are tangible chances at new homes for the A’s or Raiders. The writing on the wall has been there for many years now…..

  23. I think Blackwell understood the value of A’s over the Raiders- assuming the JPA picks up the ball here and tries to negotiate a deal I would expect the raiders to be top dog again- crazy how ‘f’d up Oakland is from a leadership perspective

  24. @ marine layer

    (Sobbing) back to drinking…. Coliseum City. ..Ilove u….

  25. Blackwell quits, Oakland is @$#! up from a leadership perspective, team that wants to stay is going nowhere fast…Yet it would be ALL GRAVY for Wolff to have the Coli all to himself! WOOHOOO!…(Wolff and son probably get a good laugh reading this blog on occasion)

  26. @Tony d- while I believe SJ is the best place for the A’s to thrive ML is right- it comes down to economics and right now the buyout for SJ doesn’t make financial sense (remember the gints ultimate win is A’s out of Bay Area). LW didn’t get to where he is by making stupid deals- probably easier to stay on the gravy train of welfare than to get SJ for a reasonable price- is it right- no- bit it is what it is absent a successful SJ lawsuit- you’ve gotta ask yourself why 5 years later and no progress if the gints aren’t stonewalling- pretty obvious to most observers-

  27. @Go A’s,
    I hear yah. But really, no one knows (with perhaps RM being the exception) why nothing has happened during the past 5 years (I say 2-3 years because the first years were true study years by MLB). But if the price is to steep for Wolff to get SJ, I don’t see him trying to cash in on the (apparent) gold fields that are (apparently) the Coli parking lots. No need to rehash what’s going on with the Raiders re dealing with Oakland and making a stadium reality at the Coli. Closing your eyes to that ongoing debacle and thinking things would be miraculously be different for Wolff is what is truly foolish. If San Jose does prove impossible to access, Wolff will stay in Silicon Valley and go back to Fremont (ineptitude, utter despair of Oakland politics makes dealing with NIMBYS look like child’s play)

    BTW RM, meant to imply Wolff and son (if they read this blog) laughing at some of the comments posted here, not your site in general. Wanted to clear that up.

    • @ Tony D – No, I’m saying that you look foolish in your overwhelming desire to deny Oakland any shred of hope. Step back and look at the big picture. Wolff staying at the Coliseum isn’t his desired outcome, but it is a reasonable Plan B if the Raiders leave.

  28. San Francisco Foundation bought the house next door to me. They’re flush. I’m no dummy, I’d take that job.

    I can’t read any of this stuff. You guys are hyper-ventilating.

    My buddy got sick I’m going Friday. Rock star woot.

  29. I believe that Blackwell was truly skeptical about the ROI for a football stadium having only one primary tenant along with its overall low density usage.

  30. I don’t think Blackwell leaving immediately affects the A’s because I think this limbo situation will continue until the lawsuit is over and done with. But this further illustrates the point that Oakland’s “plans” at HT and CC are not worth the paper they are written on if they have significant debt and no way to help finance their plans. I think only giving the land to the team may make it financially doable, but I think the prospect of that is dubious and not necessarily good for the city.

  31. Just think again what could have been had Oakland not sunk money on Mt. Davis? Where we might be today. Still with Arena debt perhaps but maybe in a better place for the A’s.

  32. …If the Raiders leave. Make Oakland choose between the Raiders – the city’s darling franchise that nonetheless is impractical to keep, with its $1 billion stadium that barely gets used – and the A’s, costing half that with 8 X the usage. At some point Mark Davis will have to decide it’s not going to happen in Oakland because Oakland is not going to make this admission.

  33. @RM,
    Thanks. Again, we can all agree to disagree, and I don’t feel the Coli is a reasonable plan B (see Fremont/Southern Alameda Co.) in the event SJ falls through (also see utter delusions and harsh rhetoric spewed over the past few years from Quan, Oakland pols, and the traditional Bay Area media slamming Wolff/SJ). I stand by my opinion, even if it looks “foolish” and the eyes of others; that is all…

  34. The other day, I drove on Route 680 right by what I think were: the new Warm Springs BART station under construction and the proposed site for the A’s. Shame the NIMBYs won’t let it happen because it makes a ridiculous amount of sense to put the A’s right at that spot. Later that evening, I ate at the In and Out Burger in San Ramon (A’s territory), where two customers wore Giants gear and none wore A’s gear.

  35. @ pjk
    Re: Make Oakland choose between the Raiders – the city’s darling franchise that nonetheless is impractical to keep, with its $1 billion stadium that barely gets used – and the A’s, costing half that with 8 X the usage.
    Make Oakland choose? What choice, if Oakland and the Raiders can get it together (big if), there is no reasonable choice. The only thing Lew Wolff has committed to is giving me a 5-10 year lease and at that point, I will act like I am considering Oakland for a new ballpark, and if I am really stuck and can’t get San Jose I may actually build at the coliseum.
    If the Raiders situation falls through, then we have a conversation, in till that point Lew makes it a very easy choice (probable by design); the Raiders are commitment to the project the A’s are not, that was an easy choice…

  36. @ pjk
    You keep coming with what makes economic sense for Oakland (or any city), to do MLB Baseball or NFL Football. We all know it’s MLB Baseball, but that choice is not on the table because the A’s have not made a commitment.
    If Lew came to the JPA and said “Hay in order for this to work I am going to need all the land”, then your constantly asking the question of what choice is better, would have some validity, but that’s not what’s happening.
    It’s odd that the Raiders deal looking wobble may open the door for Lew at the coliseum, but up to this point there is no choice, not really.

  37. All this talk is pure speculation. We should know within the year if the Raiders will be making a stadium deal at CC. At that point, we should have a better idea what could likely be the future ballpark possibilities for the A’s. Eventually, a decision will have to be made on the location of the new A’s ballpark. The lawsuit process and/or a change in philosophy from a new baseball commissioner could be the impetus to get a new A’s ballpark done. I am beginning to see light at the end of this long unending tunnel.

  38. In 2009, I wrote something about the biggest offseason decision not being a free agent.
    In 2010, I wrote something about how it was still possible to get a stadium done in time for 2014 and that a decision was forthcoming for (insert extremely logical basis here).
    In 2011, I wrote…
    Do you see a pattern? There is no reason to believe anything will be done this year or next.
    Or the year after.
    As long as MLB continues to let the situation linger, it’ll linger.

  39. @pjk,
    There’s a 15+ acre plot on the southwest corner of Cushing Pkwy and Fremont Blvd that Wolff should consider for Fremont ballpark IF San Jose is a true no go. Currently owned by Delta Products and slated for a new manufacturing building, groundbreaking was suppose to occur in 2012 but hasn’t happened; alas the land is still a large open field. Wolff could negotiate to purchase site that was sold to Delta for $15 million a few years back. Site is far enough from NIMBY noise east of 680 but still relatively close to Warm Springs BART station (good walk for the healthy; equivalent to distance between Diridon and 2nd street in DSJ). Also would keep financing mechanisms alive that currently exist for SJ ballpark (Silicon Valley corporate support). Then perhaps Wolff could get in on the development slated for the Warm Springs BART station. A true Plan B that (IMHO) is a better alternative to Coli parking lots. (Don’t slam me to hard RM)

  40. @ Tony D.
    Well attest no one can say you have not done some homework, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t some property in or around Fremont that couldn’t work.

  41. @Tony D- Your site is owned by another private entity and is so close to the wildlife preserve who knows if it passes an EIR.

    You cannot just draw lines around a site and assumes it works. ML has pointed this out many times. If Wolff thought he could buy that site and make it work he would have done it.

    Wolff has looked at the entire city of Fremont up, down and sideways. If he “could” build there he would to avoid this TR mess. That is just logic and the BRC would see this clearly too.

    As for Blackwell quitting; that is a huge blow to the process. Now a new city admin is going to pick up the pieces of what is already a fragmented process.

    Just like Amy Trask; dealing with buffoonery all over the place.

    Oakland made their bed with the Raiders in 1995 and they must lie in it until the bitter end. Even though logic would dictate with Levi’s Stadium popping up 35 miles away getting something done without another team is pretty much impossible.

    This is Oakland we are talking about….SMH

  42. Logisitcs aside, a retracto-roof NFL stadium in the Bay Area could be a sweet Super Bowl spot every couple of years. That is until LA builds one and East Bay taqx payers are left on the hook for a sports venue that never lived up to its financial potential.

    Speaking of retractable roof stadiums, I’m swing through the northwest next month and I’ll be visiting my personal favorite retract Safeco. I’ve also requested a tour of BC Place, but haven’t heard back from their guest services. That place is a work of art, and gets mega bonus points for reusing an obsolete venue.

  43. @ Sid
    Yeah you have a point, I sure Wolff has looked at every possibility in Fremont. Well how knows something may open up in the future.

  44. @tony d – the Delta building is being built. part of the structure is up already.

    On Blackwell – hard to blame the guy for taking the job. It’s MUCH more fun to be the guy handing out the $$$ than the one with hat in hand trying to scrape $$$ together from multiple skeptical sources.

  45. #whoispjk

    ALL THIS CAN BE SOLVED IF LEW WOLFF SELLS TO CLOROX…and mark davis sells to colony capital. ..hiccup

  46. @ ML
    Hay I read that article over at sanjoseinside, they describe your blog as “dedicated to covering the Oakland-to-San Jose A’s move”, which I am sure it is if the A’s ever move to San Jose, but I always thought it was dedicated to covering any move the A’s made, even (to a certain extent), if that move was out of the Bay Area altogether.

  47. ML’s blog is not gung-ho “A’s in Oakland only and the owners are evil,” therefore it is incorrectly cast as pro-San Jose.

  48. @lakeshore,

    San Jose Inside is a site for geriatric, SJ NIMBYS who are against ALL progress in San Jose. They all wish for San Jose to remain (in their eyes) a bedroom community of SF that’s quiet and “Hollister”-like. That they made the Kawakami piece out to be “fact” tells you a lot. I used to frequent there but some of the opinions posted were so ridiculous, disgusting I had to get out; it was one thirty-something against a bunch of foamers past 60 years of age.

    I did do my homework! Not a case of drawing lines on a map like you suggested (read my comment again). Alas, as Steve noted above, the Delta manufacturing building is apparently being built now (didn’t see anything mentioned online about it) so scratch that idea. BTW, Fremont not being considered by Wolff right now because SJ IS STILL ALIVE. If SJ dies, Fremont a much better, more reasonable Plan B than the Coli parking lots.

  49. All of you SJ people slow your role, though it does hurt the process by having Mr. Blackwell leave I think you guys forget, that the point person on the project was probably going to change anyway because Quan will not be reelected in November anyway…if she does than my hometown should help the A’s pack to move to the uber suburb who wants a seat at the big boy table and ESPN shouts San Jose…Do you know the way??

  50. Don’t assume Quan is dead. She’s unpopular but then there are no popular candidates running. She may not have many strengths but she’s blessed with some pretty weak opposition, at least as it appears now. Maybe Schaaf or Ruby can make a move or maybe they’ll just cancel each other out.

  51. I wouldn’t say its a weak class, though Quan will get the union vote…of course she gave them a fat raise during her tenure. But being born and raised in the city you get the feel for the strong desire for change. Look at the change over of the city council. If Michael Johnson beats the evil one Desly Brooks (district 6) it will be a complete changeover of the entire council with the exception of Larry Reid(which the coliseum is in his district) the city senses this is time for the city to take a big leap forward! Libby has name recognition but Parker is the most dynamic candidate. If he can get the name out particular to the AA community-who still is a third of the city and overwhelming supports the teams then I feel the powers pushing for this will gain more confidence. Some one has to tell the residents a factual truth…if they go we still got a black hole with no revenue being generated for the next 20 yrs! From that perspective alone you are going to have to have a private public partnership!

  52. I don’t always vote but when I do, I vote the KPIX5 ticket.

    I think the A’s would greatly benefit from a few days of local broadcast television every season.

    Like the San Francisco Giants do with the San Jose station.

    Glad the team pulled it out tonight. I’m going tomorrow.

  53. @lesgoas- great article- thx for sharing- rl and TK are cut from the same fabric- “inside sources”… Right- so my inside sources tell me that Mark Davis won’t be able to meet inheritance taxes when his 80 year old mom passes and he will need to sell the franchise at that point. Local buyers might include some Silicon Valley types who would want to move the team to Levi’s but maybe not with the Oakland name in front- someone said it earlier- wouldn’t it be ironic if the Raiders end up in “SJ” and the A’s are forced to stay in Oakland-

  54. GoA’s: I’ve mentioned the possibility of San Jose Raiders a couple years ago. Some people got really upset. But if the Raiders can’t get anything done in Oakland (something that looks increasingly likely) and the NFL doesn’t want them in LA, then a simple move down the highway and taking on the San Jose name might solve this situation. Levi’s is a few yards from the San Jose border. Does it make sense to still call them “Oakland” if they are playing within the flight path of SJ Airport?

  55. Lieberman just lived my new favorite mantra: “If you start with an answer, and judge evidence based on how it supports that answer, be prepared to look like a dipshit.”
    Of course, the guy has looked like a dipshit for years and he doesn’t seem to care, so good for him.
    Anyone going to be at the game Saturday? I will be and I’d love to say to hi to any and all of you.

  56. nah they’ll just go with the golden state raiders. lol

  57. @Tony- Once again you see Fremont is dead as Steve pointed out about your Delta Products site. Fremont was always plan A not plan B. Wolff is only going after San Jose because he has “no other choice”. Or the BRC would have made him go back to Fremont or Dublin, or some random plot of land in Concord.

    Fremont fell thru count it….5 years ago! Let it go dude…

    As for the Raiders; if they move to Santa Clara they need to keep the Oakland name much like the 49ers with SF. You do not see the Giants/Jets using New Jersey in their name.

    Identifying with their fan base and market is king. 49ers with SF are synonymous like the Raiders are with Oakland.

    It is funny as it was Wolff who proposed Coliseum North years ago which included retail, condos, bars, etc…Sounds very similar to Coliseum City.

    The reason why he tried “Coliseum North” was because he knew about the parking issues that would occur building in the Coliseum parking lots with the Raiders/Warriors.

    If the Raiders leave, he can get creative and can create his own retail development on the site along with a ballpark.

    Of course MLB would have to allow him to stay on revenue sharing as he would be privately financing all of this….That and the Raiders leaving are the keys for the A’s to stay in Oakland.

  58. I wouldn’t be surprised to simply see “Silicon Valley” Raiders if the Raiders wind up in Santa Clara. Bring in the corporate dollars that way.

  59. @Sid–not all folks find high value in the oakland raiders brand–in fact some have a pretty negative connation with it–I agree if MD moves the team down to Levi’s it stays as Oakland but if he sells and a new owner who happens to be silicon valley riches than all bets are off–bottom line your marketing to corporations—in SV the like the ‘9ers brand—so if you have to compete for these dollars you may need a different approach than what the raiders brand currently offers–

  60. If the Raiders don’t get their CC stadium deal done this year, I see the team moving to Santa Clara by the 2015 season. They will remain as the Oakland Raiders, and work at maintaining their blue Collar image and East Bay fan base.

  61. illpec: If they can make more money, ie, leasing suites, attracting corporate $$, by dropping the “Oakland” name and going with “Silicon Valley” or “San Jose,” a new ownership would drop the Oakland name in a heartbeat. The NFL is not about “blue collar” – it is about Big $$$. East Bay season ticketholders are welcome to renew their seats for the Silicon Valley Raiders.

  62. FWIW, we can look at the New York Islanders as a parallel. For years, the Islanders tried to get a new arena in their home of Nassau County. After many years of failure, the franchise agreed to sign on as tenants at the new Brooklyn arena. Nassau County will lose its only major pro sports team but fans can still hop on the subway to go see the team.

  63. “Nassau County will lose its only major pro sports team but fans can still hop on the subway to go see the team”

    @pjk. You meant the Long Island Railroad. The LIRR Brooklyn Branch terminates at Flatbush Avenue(Atlantic Terminal) right across the street from Barclays Center. This would be equivalent to BART going directly to Diridon Station which will likely eventually happen.

  64. Yes, I was wondering just how far the subway extended. LIRR is correct.

  65. @Sid,

    You’re so full of it! Wolff went after San Jose BECAUSE SELIG OPENED IT UP FOR HIM TO CONSIDER (see the fine commentary presented in the past by Rayburn). I would have bailed on Fremont to if the ultimate relocation became a reality. Hence why the BRC (as you yourself even alluded to) didn’t make him go back to any random plot within his designated territory…INCLUDING THE COLI PARKING LOTS. Go back and read your past comment so you can now enjoy the hypocrisy of what you stated (hint: Fremont dead but Oakland alive?)


    Like how the Giants for decades broadcasted from an OAKLAND TELEVISION STATION. With a Jack London Square address to boot… (Nice try)

  66. BTW, I’d consider the “NorCal” Raiders as well if they played in SC with a SJ headquarters/training center.

  67. @ Tony D.
    At this point can anything be considered dead, or alive? I don’t know man it seems like anything could happen and nothing could not happen (nothing leading to the A’s out of the Bay Area), anyway it sure does not fill like a good place to be in.

  68. Sorry: nothing could happen

  69. @lakeshore,

    You know, I’ll give you that! Everything’s alive in the Bay Area for the A’s: San Jose, Fremont AND Oakland. The Giants nightmare come true: A’s stay in the Bay for an eternity… 😉
    ( Until the next thread..)

  70. I wonder if Oakland could lose the Raiders and A’s to the south bay which will settle things…I have to admit im very upset with Oakland as of late. .emailed those close to S.O.S and I can tell they are upset and dont know much..they did post a cute rant from mayor quan saying the Raiders are in negotiations with Colony Capital. ..a lazy answer..but that is what they are sticking too.. sigh…plz..this whole situation can be solved…let the A’smove to San Jose…give the Coliseum land to Oakland Raiders and allow Howard Terminal to be ready just in case the Warriors want to stay in Oakland and move there…sigh… ok n Quan

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