Announcement: Writing for Bloguin network, too

I’m happy to announce that in addition to my regular, roughly every other day posts at this site, I will be contributing to a regular column on the Bloguin network, home of Awful Announcing and a slew of sports blogs. While I don’t have an automatic fit with a particular site, my first piece was published today at The Outside Corner, Bloguin’s general baseball blog. The post is titled, “Can the A’s Survive California’s Stadium Drought?”

First post on The Outside Corner

First post on The Outside Corner

I expect to make contributions weekly, maybe even twice a week or more if time permits. The topic will be largely stadium construction, though I’ll also cover sports economics occasionally. I’ll post links here and immediately on Twitter. Bloguin CEO first proposed the idea last week, and I felt that I had the bandwidth so I said yes. I look forward to taking more of the general sports posts that I used to write more frequently here to Bloguin, where I feel they’ll have a more appropriate home.

As usual, feedback is welcome. Thanks to all of you loyal readers. It’s you who have helped build this site’s creditability so that I could spread knowledge elsewhere.

17 thoughts on “Announcement: Writing for Bloguin network, too

  1. Congrats on the new job

  2. @ ML congratulations man, that is so cool. If we ever get something done, people like you (in part), will be the reason why.

  3. Congrats! BTW> Whatever happened to the PDF for donators?

    • @Anon – I have so many different edits of that, can’t choose just one. Sometime this summer.

  4. Good stuff ML. Congrats!

  5. We can say we followed ML before he was famous. Congrats!

  6. @ML

    No comment yet on the Clippers sale price? If the Raiders were actually worth three times their Forbes valuation, that would be a game changer from the standpoint of financing a stadium. At those prices, Mark Davis could get a deal done without selling controlling interest in the team.

    • @bartleby – I’ve been waiting for the news from the last 2 hours to drop. Full analysis coming.

  7. re: Sharks serviceable arena. I don’t want to think about what happens when the Sharks decide it’s time for a new arena and the price tag is $500 million and not $165 million. Hopefully, that won’t happen for another 20 years.

  8. Good deal! Enjoy reading all posts and comments from other readers. Hope one day we can all celebrate a new ballpark for the A’s and Raiders.

    Looks like it may take an owner with a vision and pocketbook of Steve Balmer to get the A’s or Raiders a new stadium. Hope it can get done in Oakland.

  9. You deserve it, ML. Your passion for all things stadia is palpable in your writing! Well done.

  10. Article on Bloguin is a great summary. This sentence needs editing though: “Established LA fanbases make Raiders and Chargers are considered frontrunners for a move to Hollywood.”

  11. Although the Clippers are in a different sport, the fact that LA’s OTHER team were likely sold for $2b (nothing is done until the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed), should increase the odds of an NfL Stadium the LA Market. One person who should be looking at that price is Mark Davis. Why him? Because of the Capital Gains Taxes of $667m that the Sterling’s had to pay off the sale of the Clippers. One day, the Tax Bill will come due to the Davis Family, and if he determines that getting a New Stadium in Oakland is impossible, maybe he can find someone who buy the Raiders for > $2b and move them to LA? Now I know that the Stadium issue must be dealt with, but to be fair the Clippers SHARE the Staples Center with the Lakers and Kings (sound familiar A’s fans?), so its not like they are getting lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ in concessions from Non-Clipper Games either. Something else to consider: There is a deal underway to build a new skyscraper called 1 Vanderbilt on 42nd St in New York ( by Grand Central Station), the Developer (who signed TD Bank as an anchor tenant (moving from New Jersey)) is willing to pay $120m in Transit Improvements to the City to allow the deal to go through. Meaning that if something for whatever reason is valuable enough to someone and they will pay for it (again see the Clippers price), or make adjustments to get it done or BOTH (see the Warriors giving up on the Pier, but still buying Land for an Arena in San Francisco), in most cases it can be done. Regardless if it is good economics or not.

  12. Awesome Sauce’em! Congratulations on the new challenge!

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