Rust Belt Trip 2014

So far this year I’ve gotten my baseball fix in numerous ways. I spent 2 weeks in Arizona for Cactus League action, and I’ve gone to 10 A’s home games so far this season. Yet there’s one itch I still need to scratch, and that’s a Major League ballpark trip. This time it’s the Rust Belt, covering games in Michigan, Ohio, and western Pennsylvania. If I can work it out, there may also be a trip to Toronto. Here’s the schedule I’ve drawn up so far, starting with some A’s-Tigers games at the end of the month:

  • 6/30 – Oakland @ Detroit, 7:08 PM
  • 7/1 – Oakland @ Detroit, 7:08 PM
  • 7/2 – Milwaukee @ Toronto, 12:37 PM -or- Arizona @ Pittsburgh, 7:05 PM -or- Oakland @ Detroit, 7:08 PM
  • 7/3 – Arizona @ Pittsburgh, 7:05 PM
  • 7/4 – Toledo @ Columbus (AAA), 7:05 PM
  • 7/5 – Milwaukee @ Cincinnati, 1:10 PM
  • 7/6 – Kansas City @ Cleveland, 1:05 PM

If I can fit it in, there will also be trips to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. If you have any suggestions for the trip, drop them in the comments. And if you’re a reader (NRAF) in one of these great cities, let me know and we might be able to catch a game together.

9 thoughts on “Rust Belt Trip 2014

  1. No Toledo? Their known for having one of the best AAA parks next to Sacramento. It’s pretty nice and deserve it after having the worst AAA park for so long. (bout a 45 min drive from Detroit)

    • @Mike – Preferably I’d include Toledo and Dayton. Both of them are on the road during most of the trip.

  2. Hey Marine Layer, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now, as I’ve found the subject of the A’s getting a new park to be to be quite interesting. Anyway, I live in the Columbus area, and will say that Huntington Park is great stadium.

  3. @Steve – Great! Looks like I’ll be there for the 4th. You can reach me at newballpark_at_gmail as we get closer to the game date.

  4. i so want to go to Cleveland. Rock N Roll HOF! Jacobs Field! Did I really just say I want to go to Cleveland?

  5. It is a good time to visit Toronto, there’s been so few times that the team has actually been in a pennant race. There’s actually good turnouts and a good vibe at the stadium that hasn’t been there in 20 years.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve already been, but Buffalo has an incredible AAA stadium, and along with Camden Yards, they’re largely considered the reason for the big stadium boom in the 90’s, 00’s.

  6. OT- LW says A’s are close to signing 10 year lease at Coli- terms should be interesting….

  7. Long-time reader, in Ann Arbor for graduate school. I’d be happy to take in one of the A’s-Tigers games. Beware, though, I’m clearly bad luck when it comes to A’s road games, as I’m on a 10-game losing streak, including Game 1 of the 2012 ALDS, Game 4 of last year’s, and the Rosales / Angel Hernandez debacle in Cleveland. But Comerica’s a wonderful place to take in baseball, so I’m willing to risk disappointment once again!

  8. Felt compelled to chime in since I’m also in Ann Arbor for graduate school. Unfortunately, I’m out of town for a summer internship; otherwise, I would have loved to join too. Great decision to swing by Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids too. There’s also Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo which could be an alternate route along the way. Have a great time!

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