Female A’s fan knocked unconscious trying to break up fight after A’s-Giants game (Update: 1 suspect arrested)

Update 7/11 2:30 PM – The female victim, an Oakland resident, has been released from the hospital. The male victim had chipped teeth. 

Update 7/11 9:30 AM – SFPD is holding a news conference. KTVU is carrying it live. The suspect is 31-year old Francisco Lopez of Sacramento. He was arrested for aggravated assault and conspiracy. The second suspect remains at large. The truck they got away in is registered to the Sacramento area. The incident is described as random and had nothing to do with one team’s fans fighting another’s.

Thankfully, the victim is reportedly responding well to treatment this morning. 

Update 7/11 9:00 AMKPIX is reporting that a suspect has been arrested in Sacramento:

A suspect was arrested Thursday night in connection to the injury of a woman after a fight outside AT&T Park earlier during the day, police said.

Sacramento police took the suspect into custody at 11: 46 p.m. in the 1000 block of Glenrose Avenue after a pick-up request was placed by San Francisco police, Sacramento police spokeswoman Michele Gigante, said.

The suspect, who’s name has not released, was taken into custody without incident.


What was supposed to be a generally joyous day for A’s fans as the green-and-gold heroes trounced the Giants yet again turned tragic as a fan was beaten outside AT&T Park on King Street following the game. The victim, whose name has not yet been released, was wearing an A’s hat. Details are limited, but apparently she was trying to break up a fight between two men when she was hit in the face. She was knocked unconscious.

KTVU has the best description of the incident so far:

At approximately 5:50 p.m., officers responded to the intersection of 2nd and King Streets after receiving reports of an aggravated assault.

In the incident, two male suspects, a black male age 30 to 35 and a Latino male of approximately the same age, got into a verbal altercation with the victims. One of the suspects then punched the male victim in the face.

The female victim then tried to break up the fight when one of the suspects punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious.

Both of the assailants then fled the scene.

According to CBS 5, the assailants took off in a gold Toyota Tundra truck.

The incident comes a day after Bryan Stow was awarded $18 million in his lawsuit against the Dodgers and the two men who severely beat him at Dodger Stadium. Another incident occurred after the final home game of the Giants’ 2013 season, when a Dodger fan was fatally stabbed. Media attention will be focused on the Giants and any measure they may (not) take in response to this incident.

Prayers and thoughts are with the victim, who is being treated at SF General. The suspects have not been identified. Besides the health and well being of the victim, the most important thing is to find these suspects and bring them to justice. If you witnessed this incident, please contact SFPD with any information you may have.

Incidents like these go beyond discussions about what teams’ fanbases are good or bad. It is only a game, one of 162. What makes this even more tragic is that the victim was trying to break up a fight. When I pointed this out on Twitter, several tweeps replied to me that they’ve been in the same situation and nearly didn’t get out of it. It’s very noble to try to play peacemaker, but unless you have specific training you may only be putting yourself in danger. Have fun out there. Be careful. Just because you’re a fanatic doesn’t mean you should lose your humanity. It’s just not worth it.

40 thoughts on “Female A’s fan knocked unconscious trying to break up fight after A’s-Giants game (Update: 1 suspect arrested)

  1. Unbelievable – Three unfortunate fatalities have occurred at ATT park (probably the most dangerous sports stadium in the U.S.) in four years – and now two A’s fans badly beaten there also in that time frame. If the A’s must play the Giants – the games should be played at the Coliseum only (much safer)

    If Selig had any balls – he’d suspend the bay series – similarly as the NFL did when an unfortunate violent incident (fortunately non fatal though) occurred at Candlestick during a Raiders/Niners exhibition game.

  2. That kind of horseshit isn’t helpful duffer.

  3. Pardon me – it’s not horseshit. The giants need to be called out for the violent incidents around AT&T (the games should be suspended also)

  4. In the same way you need to be called out on your rhetorical bullshit. The area around O.Co has far more violent crime than the area around AT&T. Blaming the teams in either case and saying games should be cancelled because of it is pants-on-head-retarded.

  5. You are retarded – the NFL suspended the Niners/Raiders game after one (fortunately not fatal) incident – they evidently thought it was a big deal.

  6. Duffer – I believe you forgot to say that the 49ers/Raiders EXHIBITION series had been canceled. This is important since the 49ers and Raiders play on Dec 7th in Oakland. If MLB wanted to cancel the Giants/A’s EXHIBITION series in the bay before the start of the season that would be a better comparison. Especially since it is a vestige of pre-interleague play anyway.

  7. A preseason game… wow, it’s fucking nothing. Come back when regular season games are getting cancelled and moved. Might as well say all Rangers home games should be cancelled due to an unsafe stadium because someone died falling over the railing. Absolutely ridiculous.

  8. Apparently someone has forgotten about the Rangers and their stadium. Or the Dodgers outside there’s? Shit happens, but hey, let’s over react with inane hyperbole!!!

  9. I don’t go to games at AT&T Park anymore for two reasons:
    1. I know that the Giants are trying to push a team I have spent almost 40 years following out of the market and they won’t get one cent of my money, and I won’t contribute in anyway to their bottom line until this issue is resolved.
    You have to understand that my job is to build out networks and Data Centers to support major internet companies (I have worked at Yahoo, Facebook and now Square). I am invited to attend corporate events on a weekly basis and if they involve baseball they are at AT&T Park. I politely decline, even when it makes sense for me to be there because I need to talk with someone who will be there (business does get done that way, silly as it sounds). They only happen in Oakland when I tell vendors I will not consider attending their event unless it is at the Coliseum (two have actually done it, though the events were sparsely populated!).
    2. The ONLY time I really want to go is when the A’s play and the Giants have done a shitty job of maintaining rowdy crowds the times I have gone there for an A’s game. I witnessed a fight in the stands, where a guy came from one section over and threw haymakers at another kid. They were both long distance jawing with each other for a few innings before the fight, in full view of everyone. The kid who left his seat to partake in physical violence was wearing orange and black and was taken back to his seat after the incident (I watched the whole thing happen and, yes my brother, Uncle and I intervened before the stadium security). The other kid, he got kicked out of the game while some dick bag in a Grateful Dead shirt and a Giants hat yelled “Go back to Oakland.” Jerry would be proud, man.
    Let that sink in for a second. Consider the message it sends.
    The very next time I went to an A’s game at that place, as I left the stadium, right in front of Willie Mays’ bronze visage, a kid threw a shoulder into my chest. It was a typical asshole move and he was definitely trying to start a fight. I looked at the kid with a quizzical look and the SF cop standing next to me throughout the entire event looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I am a lover, not a fighter, so I kept walking while the kid yelled various things, again trying to start a fight while in full view of a cop. Who did nothing.
    Now compare this with what happened in Yankee Stadium earlier this year. I was sitting 20 rows behind home plate, in my A’s hat and being very respectful. A lot of drunk dudes around me were ragging on me and I was ignoring it. I popped out of my seat when Brandon Moss hit a second deck HR in the 10th inning (momentarily forgetting where I was) and one of the drunk dudes turned around and yelled “Oakland Sucks!” to which I responded “What’s that say about the Yankees?” He got out of his seat and started coming after me… the usher, got in his way and motioned for a nearby security guard (in hindsight, I figure she saw this whole thing developing throughout the night and let the security guard know innings beforehand) for a nearby security guard. One of us was escorted out of the stadium. It wasn’t me.
    So, while I don’t agree with the way Duffer puts it or the hyperbole… He isn’t entirely wrong. AT&T Park is a shit show at times and it doesn’t have to be. Unlike Duffer, I think that in all of these incidents there was plenty of blame to go around (including myself, I did hop out of my seat and shout with a fist pump in Yankee Stadium). One of them was handled appropriately and fairly.
    This isn’t to say that I haven’t witnessed similar at the Coliseum. I have and the incidents there have been mostly handled pretty well.

  10. I want this woman’s story to come out. The more people know about the victims, the more they can identify we them and that might make the difference of someone else getting attacked in the future.

  11. I have to add, it doesn’t have to be this way. One of my favorite baseball memories of all time took place in AT&T Park. My brother and I sat in the second deck behind the A’s dugout and our section was half A’s/half Giants (more on how we knew this was true later).
    Jesse Foppert was the starting pitcher for the Giants and the guy next to my brother was talking about how Jesse Foppert, Jerome Williams and Kurt Ainsworth were going to make Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito seem insignificant. My brother and I are not one for holding our tongues about stuff like that, baseball is a sacred honor and we must defend. We jawed the whole time. He back at us “Throw strikes Jesse, they don’t swing!” “Please swing at a bad ball and pop up just to please this guy next to me!” It was testy but fun.
    Late in the game, it was clear that Foppert was no Mulder. The A’s had the game in hand and Eric Byrnes stepped up to the plate with a single, HR, and double to his name. When he hit the sinking line drive to center and it hopped over the center fielder’s head… Our entire section exploded and started chanting “run, run, run.” When he got to third base, we ALL went ape shit. High fives for everyone, orange, green, yellow and black.
    I counted the colors in our section, we were 50% A’s fans, 50% Giants fans and 100% pumped to have seen a cycle.
    That’s what baseball is about. Not acting like some thug in a baseball jersey.

  12. This incident is a shame and has no place in, or around MLB. I hope the Woman (how was only trying to help), makes a full recovery.

  13. I wish this did not happen at all, but unfortunately if had happened when the A’s were hosting the game, it’s hard not to believe that people would not have associated the incident , with Oakland’s bad reputation. It’s sad, but as someone smarter than myself once put it.
    “Most things in life are not as good, or bad as people say they are”.

  14. Totally agree with Lakeshore. If the incident had happened in Oakland I think the reaction would be different.

    I actually think this is one of the reasons why the A’s decided to tarp off the seats. There were a few high profile incidents involving A’s fans around 2004, especially the one with the Rangers reliever and the chair.

    Shortly after that the A’s put the tarps out, cut down on some of the super cheap ticket/food promotions, plus they seemed to start checking tickets more when folks tried to move to better seats. All of these changes were potentially done to try to change the fan demographic to make the team look “safer” to other cities, especially Fremont.

    The Giants have avoided these perception problems. For example everyone remembers Bryan Stow, but the Dodgers fan killed outside of AT&T is brought up a lot less. This isn’t to say the Giants are at fault, but they’re less motivated to take a more active role in solving the problem.

  15. Jeffery – your experience is interesting but in my experience (50+) games at AT&T these are isolated incidents and in line what I have also seen around the country. Your experience with the cycle is much more typical but I like to engage my neighbors in friendly conversation so maybe I’m atypical. I think there should be a more visible security presence inside and outside the stadium when A’s and Dodgers are in town (I typically avoid these games whether in Sf, Oak, or LA because I don’t love the atmosphere so it’s possible my experience is weighted toward less contentious matchups). There is a very effective texting service for security events. Fans have the privilege (you could say responsibility but I wouldn’t) of reporting events before haymakers happen and before people get ejected. But if people are late they probably don’t know this since there is only 1 large announcement of the service before the game (and I think some reminders via the ribbon boards). Also Security will always be biased toward home team fans (inherently or maybe by training), especially if they didn’t see the whole altercation, because pissing off a home fan has a bigger potential cost to the team. This probably doesn’t belong in this thread but I don’t agree with the assertion that the Giants are trying to kick the A’s out of the Bay though. It could be my bias but I am also quite fond of the A’s too having spent a lot of time in the Colosseum growing up since it was closer (grew up/lived in East Bay) and my Gradpa (Mom’s dad. My dad is a huge Giants fan) had season tickets. Anyway I think the Giants are just fine with the A’s in Oakland but not SJ. Maybe I’m wrong. Not that it matters to me since I recently moved out of CA and now have mlbTV to watch those teams even if the A’s leave (they won’t). Anyway there’s my 2 cents.

  16. @CBSSF 58m

    #BREAKING 1 suspect has been arrested on Friday in connection with the beating of woman outside AT&T Park on Thursday night, Sac PD says.

  17. @BlikSteen – The giants owners are definitely attempting to drive the A’s out of town. Baer recently commented that there are cities with larger fan bases than the bay area (specifically Texas and Philadelphia) yet host only one MLB team each. Baer is also 100% wrong. The bay area fanbase is 8.5 mil., Texas’s is 6.5 mil.; Philadelphia’s is 6 mil. Ratto recently has also made similar comments.

    It’s evident what the Giants owners motives are by making comments such as that, it’s also odd the giants are making these false claims after Wolff suggested that the A’s might build at the CC site.

  18. Regarding the arrest, good job to the SF and Sacramento police for following up quickly.

  19. @ Briggs
    Yes, hats off to SF and Sacramento police, good work.

  20. Glad to see they caught the scum who beat this woman. Not glad to see this kind of nonsense returning to AT&T Park once again. And like duff I’m more than a little annoyed that the violence that continues to happen around AT&T Park gets swept under the rug by and large because GIANTS! If this kind of thing were happening in Oakland you can bet there’d be a 10 part expose in the media about how dangerous Oakland is and how the Coliseum isn’t safe.

    To be fair it’s not that the old dump feels particularly safe having to go through TSA like BS to enter the ballpark. And the Coliseum does remain the only ballpark I’ve heard gunshots while visiting. But the imbalance in how the two stadiums are treated when AT&T is actually proving to be the more dangerous, particularly of late, just sickens me. Especially when you have the Brian Stow incident being plastered all over the news just because it was one instance of Giants fans being the victims down in LA, even if Dodger Stadium isn’t particularly fun to visit as a visting fan either.

    Honestly the best places I’ve visited as an away fan remain Petco Park and Angel Stadium. The former far and away is the most accommodating ballpark for away fans, in large part because of the outstanding staff and the laid back nature of Padres fans. And Angels fans are definitely the less strung out fandom in LA.

  21. They really need to cancel the Bay Bridge series since the Giants can’t seem to beat the A’s much.

  22. Bill, if you don’t recognize the Giants goal, you are fooling yourself.

  23. @Jeffrey- pretty amazing isn’t it- Neil D on Field of Schemes argued yesterday that no way would LB try to force A’s out of Bay Area because that would upset the 28 other owners who he needs to keep TR in SJ- really? He knows the 2 counties that the A’s have can’t produce and he has personally exposed all of his MLB partners to a lawsuit by SJ – all in an effort to force the A’s out of the Bay Area- greed at its worst and using leverage that was given to him free by the A’s to help keep the gints in the bay area

  24. Jeffery – Assuming you were talking to me… I did qualify my statement by indicating I typically see this through black and orange lenses but I’d like the A’s to stay in the bay. Do the Giants want the SF-Oak-SJ CSA (8.3 million) all to themselves (yes)? Did the A’s (yes)? So that’s business. I get that. Does the Bay have more in common with Chicago (CSA 9.9 million) and DC/Baltimore (9.3 million) or Boston (7.99 million) and Philadelphia (7.2 million)? I don’t know but probably the former considering it has 2 major population/business hubs (not 3). I think the Giants goal is to maintain a super majority in the area I really don’t think they care if that happens by A’s leaving or A’s staying in Oakland. I certainly could be wrong though. Anyway probably a discussion better saved for another thread but for this thread we can all be glad a suspect has been apprehended and the victim is responding to treatment.

  25. SMG: – shrugging off five violent incidents (including three fatalities) all of them evidently committed by giants fans against fans of the opposing team,in four years, at ATT Park is ridiculous.

  26. Although isolated, I gotta start watching my back now as I’ve been sporting my A’s gear in SF all this week… =/

    P.S. Jeffrey – we should do lunch soon!

  27. Tell you one thing, the Giants have a much better PR machine/ties to the local press than many other teams do. The Dodgers were raked over the coals after the Bryan Stow incident. The Giants have had actual murders outside their park and it seems to get swept under the rug.

  28. Dan, every major local news provider is covering this story. It’s been less than 24 hours since it broke. It took the Bryan Stow incident at least a week before it really caught fire. Ease up on the villain Giants narrative. So far, nothing is beeing swept under the rug.

  29. @all
    I’m very happy the lady is ok and Lopez got caught….don’t drop the soap Lopez (chuckle)

    still in shock lebron went back to Cleveland? Why can’t Lew Wolff be charitable and build a ballpark next to the Coliseum??

    #lewwolff=lebron James

  30. What does LeBron have to do with building a ballpark?

  31. @Dan

    Don’t be a smart ass. What I mean is that Lebron being very charitable by going back to Cleveland which on a pr stand point everybody wins. If Lew wolff were to be “charitable” and build a ballpark next to the Coliseum…he would be a ducking hero in Oakland..and u know it. Raiders would be happy because they would have the Coliseum. Oakland city and pols would be happy that the stadium saga is over and Lew would sell the place out and maybe attract players to city of Oakland.

  32. First, LeBron isn’t being charitable. He’s getting a fat pay check to move back to Cleveland, and frankly he sees it as a place to build a new big 3. Second, asking anyone to be “charitable” to Oakland with 1/2 of a BILLION dollars is just asinine. Particularly when there’s little chance he’d “sell the place out” given Oakland’s track record. Nor would he be able to attract big name players since he’d be spending most of his cash on the debt service for the boondoggle.

    Only way a new ballpark works at the Coliseum is if the city gives him the development rights to the Coliseum site to offset the cost of building the ballpark instead of the Raiders.

  33. @Dan

    I disagree. Lew wolff could learn from lebron..
    What we saw in sports/Society a individual with all the leverage and power show compassion by investing his ability into a city that could use a boost. Lebron is Lew Wolff and Cleveland is Oakland. ..we didn’t appreciate Lew wolff but if he showed mercy and build a ballpark next to the Raiders and works with city of Oakland and Raiders. What a amazing story of a owner who put fans over relocation. Ppl would eat it up and wolff would be a hero. Lew wolff could learn something from lebron

  34. Bilk, (I caught autocorrect this time)
    The A’s, when presented the opportunity to have the market to themselves, worked with the Giants to keep them here.
    Larry Baer was on KQED two years ago claiming that the South Bay starts at the KQED studio in San Francisco.
    Sorry if I am not impressed.

  35. Thankfully, she is okay. This could have been much worse.

  36. Man the Giant the are going to shut the A’s out of San Jose and Sacramento (triple A),one only need to look at a map, to see what the Giants are doing. San Jose to the south, San Francisco to the west, and Sacramento to the north. The Giants are vary good at what they do, as a business and Wolff could learn a thing or two from them, as far as marketing his product, but I don’t see how any reasonable person could not come to the conclusion, that the Giants want the A’s out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and while Sacramento is not technically part of the Bay Area a large portion of it’s population work, do business,or have friends and family, in the inner part of the Bay Area.
    Larry Bear suggest that other markets are lager then they Bay Area and only have one team?, the Bay Area itself (nine by counties), may be slightly smaller then the Philadelphia, or the Dallas metros, but that does not account for both of the mid-sized city’s and counties just north of the Bay in Sacramento and just south of the Bay in Fresno . The San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California),is indeed a two team market, the Giants would just like to see it be a one team market.

  37. Insults deleted. Take some time off guys.

  38. Wow, the squeeze play continues.

  39. I cannot believe this, the Giants not only kick the A’s out of Sac, but now we’re saddled with yet another distant MiLB team in Nashville? This reeks of a few years ago when we ended up stuck with the Vermont Lake Monsters in Short A. But having out triple A team cross country is going to be a big disadvantage. Particularly when we just had them an hour up 80.

    Never mind the Giants now have the A’s hemmed in on all sides.

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