Official: A’s sign 4-year PDC with Nashville Sounds

Looks like I get to start planning my AAA ballpark trip for next year. Straight from the horse’s mouth:


The Sounds will visit Sacramento next May 25-28, if you want to check them out. I’ll have more on Nashville and the new First Tennessee Park later today.

15 thoughts on “Official: A’s sign 4-year PDC with Nashville Sounds

  1. Well that’s it then. No doubt the Giants will sign with Sac by the end of the week. So very disappointing.

    I will say though that part of me hopes the Giants actually are working with Fresno on re-signing and that Sac ends up being the AAA team holding their hat at the end of this thing wondering where they went wrong. Being saddled with Milwaukee would serve them right.

  2. A trip to Tennessee sounds really nice. The Sounds. Sun Records. Graceland.

  3. Astros to Fresno? Giants to Sac? I think I just read that on the tweeter

  4. It’s official. Giants get Sac through 2018 and apparently get expanded media rights in NorCal as a result. Astros are taking Fresno as a 2 year rental until Round Rock’s current PDC through 2016 expires. Milwaukee went with the closest option left in Colorado.

  5. *comment deleted*

    Ed. – Not allowing you to hijack this thread, Nav.

  6. You may want to protect Wolff from his own dishonesty but there are plenty of other mediums out there who will call him out. Marine Layer, you lose credibility when you do things like this.

    • Nav – You can either choose to stay on topic or you can choose to hijack the thread. I will respond in kind. You’re welcome to spew your venom elsewhere, we’ve talked about this. For whatever reason, you lack self-control. You even admitted it. Perhaps the EBX will entertain another one of your diatribes.

      • I’ll wait for your thread highlighting the recent article by and then perhaps we can have a discussion about Lew Wolff’s statements regarding Coliseum City, Howard Terminal, the Raiders and San Jose. How’s that sound?

      • I didn’t think there was anything truly newsworthy in that article when it came out last week. I tweeted it out, nothing more. When a newsworthy article comes out, I’ll be sure to cover it and the debate can commence. The commenter-to-noncommenter ratio is 1:1000 on this site. I’m not going to “open a thread” just so that you and others have a place to vent. This will be the last I say in this thread on the subject. Any further attempts by you to hijack the thread will be deleted.

  7. Another interesting NorCal/edge of the Bay Area baseball development today. Salinas is apparently making a play to pick up the Bakersfield Blaze who have been looking for a new stadium for a decade. Salinas seems poised to provide that ballpark.

    Everyone except the A’s apparently are getting new or renovated ballparks. Hell even the A’s new AAA team and their spring training home are now newly built or newly renovated. Everything except the Coliseum…

  8. The Sacto thing is another slap in the face for A’s fans right when we need it least. Our AAA team dumps us for the Giants, the A’s are in a historic tailspin, the likes of which may never be seen again, there is no new ballpark in sight.

  9. Nashville Sounds – that has a good sound to it. The A’s are in good shape. The team has quintupled in value since Wolff took over, the A’s are also profitable, and attendance is up. The team’s 2015 rotation will include Sonny Gray, the Shark, Hopefully AJ Griffin and Parker will be 100%, and Kasmir as fifth in the rotation (one of the best starting rotations in MLB) They need a power hitting OF, A 2B, perhaps a SS too if Lowrie doesn’t sign with the team, And catching needs to improve This fan knew they should have signed Suzuki (did Suzuki ever miss one game in 6 seasons with the A’s other than scheduled days off?) – also Zuke is way better defensively than the current, very injury prone group.

    The giants, on the other hand, have plenty of question marks. Their only effective starter is Baumgartner – the rest are bums – The giants also field a very average position player lineup. Sabian’s chewing gum and bailing wire approach to keeping the Giants competitive is due for a big time collapse.One of the weak sisters in that NL West will likely soon realize that the division is not that hard, become competitive, and squeeze the giants out of the playoffs (It may be Arizona, now that La Russa is in charge of baseball operations there) The giants mtg is under big -time pressure to outperform the A’s. Several seasons of bad play by the Giants will erase any advantage they believe they’ve got by locating their affiliates near the bay area. No successful MLB yet has owed their success because they located their affiliates near by. The affiliate moves by the giants are another example of their goofy front office decisions and will likely backfire.

    • The Giants goofy front office decisions have brought them a buttload of money (about twice the A’s) and two world series trophies. It’s kind of odd how your hatred of them (something we share) blinds you to reality.

      • If the A’s were playing in a new baseball only ballpark (the reason they aren’t is that the giants are meddling with the A’s in an attempt to get the A’s to leave town) the A’s would be raking in a buttload of money also (probably more than the giants)

        Don’t forget that the A’s outdrew the giants before the giants moved into ATT. Park. That trend will likely be renewed once the A’s build a new ballpark. The giants know this – that’s why their creepy owners are doing everything in their power to meddle and marginalize the A’s – the giant’s owners are indeed despicable.

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