Oakland Planning Commission meeting (October 1st, 6 PM)

Tonight’s monthly meeting of the Oakland Planning Commission may be of interest to you, since the third item on the agenda is Coliseum City. Some relevant links:

This session comes on the heels of Coliseum City presentations made for the JPA Board and Port of Oakland’s Board last week. I’ll live tweet when the item comes up for discussion and do the wrap-up in this post after they’re done. Apparently there will be numerous Raiders fans there in support of the project. If you’re interested in the subject, I suggest watching.

7 thoughts on “Oakland Planning Commission meeting (October 1st, 6 PM)

    • Seeming more and more likely to be the case that the Rams will be the first team back into LA. Also looks like the Raiders are continuing their San Antonio flirtation and are filing for the next step in the NFL established protocol to relocation filing for a specific financial study into the SA plans.

      That said the rumors are persisting that AEG is interested in buying them off Davis’ hands should he finally realize he’s in over his bowl cut head.

  1. Thanks, for the twitter updates ML.

  2. Another big part of this plan that is problematic for some Oakland residents is the fact that it will bring gentrification eastward. In a city that is already divided between long time residents and gentrifiers, it should be interesting to see how residents react to this plan if it progresses into something believable.

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