Commishes having a good time

Let’s see, one presided over the most epic case of collusion pro sports has ever seen, another presided over the steroid era, the newest guy? Hasn’t had a chance to do anything yet.

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  1. When anyone says “resolve the A’s stadium issue” this means “allow the A’s to move to San Jose” to the San Jose crowd.

    In reality, resolving the “A’s stadium issue” should mean that MLB stop jacking Oakland around, get Wolff to stop being an obstructionist and work with Oakland on a new ballpark. If convincing Wolff to work with Oakland doesn’t work than MLB should force Wolff to sell the team to someone who will.

    Wolff purchased the Oakland A’s and he should be looking to build a ballpark for the OAKLAND A’s and not use this issue as a way to relocate the team to San Jose.

    If Wolff can’t get it done in Oakland, then sell the team. It’s as simple as that. Wolff has dragged Oakland A’s fans through the mud for much too long with his constant and on-going shenanigans. The Giants already own the Bay Area becuase of Wolff’s and Billy Beane’s horrid decisions. MLB isn’t going to cow down to this incompetent ownership in order to appease Wolfv and his selfish motives.

    • No, resolve the A’s stadium issue means exactly that. Get the A’s a new ballpark. Be it in Oakland, Fremont, San Jose, Pleasanton, etc… etc… At this point anywhere in their region works as long as it gets done. They can’t continue on in the Coliseum.

      And as for Wolff not working with Oakland, he’s working with the county and JPA… it’s Oakland that won’t work with him. They’re obsessed with their Coliseum City plan that isn’t financially viable for ANY of the teams as it stands now. Unless they can magically make a billion dollars appear it’s not happening.

    • Your view of the A’s and MLB’s view of the A’s are polar opposites. That should tell you something. “Resolve the A’s stadium issue” is literally resolve it. Get them a new home. There’s no explicit or implicit choice of where. The Athletics are a franchise. It’s *current* host city is Oakland. But it’s also been hosted by Philadelphia and KC. And it could be hosted elsewhere both in the region and outside. Really, the only the thing anyone cares about at this point is a literally yea or nay on SJ. That would be a decision. That’s really what people want, a decision, *action*.

      Here’s something that you need to get into your thick head: MLB will put this team wherever it wants to. *MLB* doesn’t give a shit about Oakland. They have no need nor a desire to appease you or the city for the sake of the team or the league. The team and the league will always come first. They’re a business. One that seeks to make money. They can’t force a sale of the team even if they wanted to and they *don’t* want to. They’re not going to force any owner or franchise to spend their money on a stadium endeavor. If the city can’t get their shit together and come up with a solution that appeases MLB, then they’re gone. If the people in the region stop supporting the team regardless of managements fault or not, they’re gone. Simple as that. You whine and bitch all you want about community and how unfair that is, but it’s the reality. If you can’t handle that, than perhaps MLB sports fandom just isn’t for you.

    • Dude, why the fuck do you insist on acting like a total douche and turning this very short and very light-hearted post into one of your retarded pulpit rants?

  2. For me, getting rid of the Oakland A’s just so you can build a “ballpark anywhere,” for the San Jose A’s, doesn’t count as building a ballpark for the Oakland A’s. The “San Jose A’s” would be a completely different team and our Oakland A’s would no longer exist.

    Sorry, that’s too great a price to pay to have a “ballpark anywhere.”

  3. Also, signing an extension for a land option in San Jose is not “working with Oakland” in “good faith.”

    MLB has a responsibility to make sure that things are done in a proper and legitimate way .

  4. Elmano #NoOneCurr

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