Football Stadium Proposal Tale of the Tape

I put together a simple table explaining the differences between the various stadium+ proposals being bandied about in California. Some of the information below is subject to change.

Click for larger version

Click for larger version


7 thoughts on “Football Stadium Proposal Tale of the Tape

  1. Man there are a lot of TBD, TBA and “not yet committed” on the Coliseum City proposal compared to the two Southland entries.

  2. Under transit availability, we could also list the Oakland Airport with its close proximity to the coliseum area. I don’t know the LA area well enough, do either of the two sites down south have close access to one of the major airports, down there?

  3. Coliseum City Financial Backing – TBA. And that’s after several years of floating this proposal around. To quote diehard A’s-in-Oakland advocate Glenn Dickey: if you don’t have a financial plan, you don’t have a plan.

  4. How is the Forum “On-site” for Hollywood Park? Isn’t the Forum and land a separate parcel, owned and operated by MSG? Sure it’s right next door, but Staples Center is right next door to the convention center and owned/operated by AEG, you know the same company backing Farmer’s Field. That one would seem to be more On-site to me than the Forum.

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