This picture, posted to the Dodgers Photogblog on January 7, depicts new shortstop and Alameda native Jimmy Rollins yukking it up with GM (former A’s exec) Farhan Zaidi. There’s something else odd about this photo, which, when combined with those other two pieces of information, makes the photo look like an unintentionally epic piece of trolling. Unintentional, right? Yeah, completely unintentional.


Thanks, @LionDarrin for the heads up.

Update 1/30 11:00 AM – The picture has been removed from the original post.

21 thoughts on “Lalalala

  1. Saw this earlier. Literally just noticed the football field. And didn’t put 2 and 2 together from before with the satellite view of Dodger Stadium with a football field that was Tweeted out.

  2. Yukking it up while the Charlie Hebdo attack is breaking news on the TV isn’t the best look, either. That might be reason enough to pull the picture?

  3. it took me like five minutes, I almost checked the comments twice to figure out what I was missing.

  4. Good work detective ML, that’s strong evidence that the N.F.L. is coming to SolCal soon.

  5. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. I think we’re all reading WAAAAY too much into this. It’s obvious that the Dodgers are merely adding a huge pink rectangle on the field. I mean, come on. Duh.

  6. current capacity for raider games at the coliseum is 53k.

  7. All we really need to know is whether people in cars can see the field while they’re pulling out of the Academy Gate in the middle of the third quarter.

  8. Without sounding like Nav, I think all teams should be in San Jose. We are the 10th largest city with the highest per capita income. WTF? It should be the San Jose Bay Area. SF and Oakland have nothing on us! We are a world class city. The best. I know it.

  9. They’re all haters because we are successful.

  10. Wolff knows his stuff. SJ is where the $ is. A’s to SJ!

  11. off topic but interesting article on ow to “improve” the levi’s stadium expeience.

    people keep bring up some sort of “roof” to shade the fans across from the suite tower during hot games in aug and sep but how much would that cost? i brought up the idea of some kin of retractable roof but who knows how much either of those two things would cost to build, roof likely going to cost a lot more. mentioned it previously but has there ever been a new stadium built and then a roof built afterwards because that’s the solution a lot are bringing up to improve levi’s stadium.

    niners brass really probably didn’t expect that after they spent 1.3 billion on this new play pen and the overall feel thru one season was pretty meh. players hated the turf and the fans hated the atmosphere for the most part. maybe the only group who liked the new surroundings was the media.

    was NEVER a fan of the design of levi’s stadium, always felt the design that eddie d and policy had for the 97 stadium plan was a lot better overall. but it does look as something could and should be planned with alterations to levi’s stadium down the road including some kind of structure that will shade fans from the sun and or heat.

    • The complaints about the heat are horseshit. It’s no worse than in Oakland, San Diego, or Miami (until the add the roof next year). Also no worse than the LA Coliseum, Rose Bowl, Angel Stadium, Stanford Stadium, etc. A roof is simply not a necessity at all in Santa Clara.

      • true i remember a couple of sep games i went to in previous years that were really hot. didn’t go to this game specifically but my sister did for that 98 opening day game vs the nyj when the temperature was in the 90s.

        do feel that some in the anti levis stadium camp were just going to bitch no matter what. the stadium for all it’s trouble is still better than they had at the stick. though i’m sure some football fans especially old football fans rather enjoy the grungy feel of old stadiums. guessing some on the east coast would rather play be at the old meadowlands than the current metlife stadium and some would rather have veterans stadium rather than lincoln financial.

        hell i’ve seen a’s fans voice their opinion that there is nothing wrong with the current coliseum even for baseball and that a new stadium would drive away the blue collar fans that make the atmosphere so good, which is an argument used for why the w’s should stay at oracle as any new arena built in frisco wouldn’t have the same vibe but i’d guess when that day happens the very pro frisco bay area media will have none of that and it’ll be a total celebration when the w’s move back to the west bay.

      • @letsgoas
        What’s annoying is that the vast majority of the Levi’s complainers were absolutely ready to be out of Candlestick after the 2013 season. The widespread attitude was “thanks for the memories, but it’s time for a new home.” Levi’s, the facility itself, is better than Candlestick in every way. People are just out to blame the stadium because the team was crap on the field this year. I get so sick of the hate Levi’s receives. I often change the station when Damon Bruce starts talking about it.

      • I often change the stations when Damon Bruce starts talking…

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