CBS Sunday Morning profile of Daktronics

Runaway success scoreboard manufacturer Daktronics was profiled today on CBS Sunday Morning. The segment covered Daktronics’ humble beginnings as a company started by two engineering professors who simply wanted to keep students from South Dakota State from fleeing the region. It’s a classic tale of American innovation and ingenuity.

Daktronics makes all three new scoreboards going up for the Earthquakes and A’s, at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, Hohokam Stadium in Mesa, and Coliseum in Oakland. The 49ers had a graphic created comparing the sizes of other NFL scoreboards to theirs. While the displays at Levi’s Stadium are labeled “Sony,” they are in fact Daktronics products. The Coliseum scoreboards should ultimately bump the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium out of the top 10. It doesn’t make up for the Tuck Rule game, but it’s something.


Enjoy the Super Bowl, everyone.

9 thoughts on “CBS Sunday Morning profile of Daktronics

  1. There comes a point where the boards are getting TOO big. Jags and Texans have definitely crossed over that line. Seems to me somewhere between the Niners and Chiefs is the sweet spot. On the opposite end you have to feel for the Chargers. Man their board is small and now thanks to the new boards at the Coliseum it’s alone as being the last old 4×3 shaped board. And with the Saints looking to upgrade their board it will be left even further behind.

  2. Who knew the ‘Dak’ stood for ‘Dakota’?!? Ya learn something new every day.

  3. I blame the Yankees for starting this trend.

  4. wasn’t it sky dome in toronto in the late 80s-early 90s that first put up those big rectangular scoreboards?

  5. I think we may be maxed out soon on the new scoreboards in pro stadiums. However, the new avenue seems to be what the jags, miami, indians, Rockies and others are doing, which is to take part of the stadium and use it for other purposes. This includes party decks and club spaces. In fact the earthquake s stadium seems to have figured this out from the outset, with the giant bar at the end

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