Hohokam Stadium & Fitch Park Update, Early February 2015

This post is split into three slideshows, check the captions for comments. I’ll do a more verbose post after the Open House on the 21st, and the Spring Training Home Opener on March 3rd. First off, Hohokam Stadium pictures taken yesterday. Apologies if this post takes longer than usual to load because of all the pictures.

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Next, Fitch Park photos also taken yesterday.

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Finally, pictures from today’s sneak peek inside Hohokam.

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A couple notes on the scoreboard:

  • Unlike the boards at the Coliseum which use 13 mm LEDs, Hohokam’s board uses 16 mm. Each Coliseum board (36′ x 145′) is nearly 5 times the size of the Hohokam board (26′ x 56′).
  • Resolution of the board is 552 x 1104 pixels. There are two auxiliary score-only boards behind first base and third base.


8 thoughts on “Hohokam Stadium & Fitch Park Update, Early February 2015

  1. Might be time to finally go to a spring training game. I could hit the vs. Seattle game on Thursday March 12th and then the Nascar race on Sunday the 15th. It looks like Sat the 14th against the Gnits is sold-out already.

    That would be an awesome trip!

    • I actually shifted my trip up a week to avoid the game against the Giants. It’s too early in the year to deal with Giants fans.

  2. My seats are in Section 105 directly behind the A’s dugout, but I’ll most likely be walking around as much as I can.

  3. Maybe MLB will let the A’s move to HoHoKam permanently. It’s the first stadium that really looks to be the A’s home since 1995.

  4. HoHoKam was fine before, looks like this will be even better.

  5. love the seating beyond the of walls as it’ll be nice to have hr balls being hit where fans can catch it rather hitting on or beyond billboard signs landing on a dirt path?

  6. I love the A’s branding on the stadium. It’s shocking to see the A’s logo in a place that actually looks like a ballpark.

  7. Looks great. I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in this year because of weddings and stuff.. damn.

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