A’s and 95.7 The Game extend through 2018

It started with a four-year run, and will now go another four.

There hasn’t been any drama leading up to this renewal, with The Game on hand at both FanFest and this week at Hohokam Stadium. While the A’s are no ratings bonanza, the team is by far the biggest constant in The Game’s programming. Now that the station will be going through its own form of regime change, perhaps Entercom will see fit to grow the station’s brand and the A’s brand together, instead of being at odds as they were at times. No matter, at least it’s stability, the most fans have seen since the KSFO days.

My only suggestion at this point is to work on boosting the signal. East and North Bay fans have been clamoring for this since Day one.

7 thoughts on “A’s and 95.7 The Game extend through 2018

  1. there has always been speculation that game could eventually switch to another entercom station that has a better signal, the station of 102.9 has been mentioned but that station has better ratings than 95.7, nearly double, so wouldn’t bet on that happening.

    other entercom stations would include 102.1 and 98.5 which has similar ratings in the low to mid 1s.

    be also interesting that if the raiders leave whether 95.7 would go target either the niners or warriors down the road when their contract runs out with knbr. if either were to sign with 95.7 they’d probably be the elevated to the #1 team on the station ahead of the niners and get away from the midgets who clearly run knbr as a whole. if that were to happen 95.7 may very well try to switch to a stronger signal on the radio dial and maybe even simulcast games on a entercom am station?

  2. Four years, that’s fabulous. The A’s are starting to build some stability in area’s that they can. Hopefully we can work on getting an increased single, this is good news.

    • Stability is the keyword here. I don’t care for 95.7 The Game’s programming – it’s too juvenile and focused on the Giants, 49ers and now the Warriors. The morning show they aired with Aubrey Huff was by far the worst radio program I have ever listened to.

      However, this will be the longest period of time the A’s have been on a single station since I’ve been a fan. (I’ve been an A’s fan since 1988 – when I was six years old.) I don’t consider myself to be that old (I wasn’t born yet during the infamous KALX stint) but I do know that during my lifetime the A’s have been in some horrid radio situations. The worst station was KABL 960AM from 1999-2001. KABL would get incredibly poor reception at night – especially in the I-680 corridor and further east. The A’s even had to add the tiny 5000 watt station KATD-990 (out of Concord) to alleviate the situation. KABL was also radio home of Cal basketball and fans couldn’t hear Cal’s games clearly from BERKELEY.

      Does anybody remember mid-season 2005 when KFRC changed its format from oldies to Christian talk? When I say “talk” I mean ministry broadcasts and conservative sermons from pastors.

      At least the A’s are on a station where they can be heard throughout most of the Bay Area. And we don’t have to worry about the team going from station to station each year. There was a three year period in the mid-1990s where the A’s were on three different stations. I know 95.7 doesn’t go overboard like that other Bay Area sports station does for their baseball team but I think 95.7 promotes the A’s just (barely) enough. Maybe I’m just easy to please – or I just cant help but remember how bad things used to be.

      • @Chris

        You are so right, I recall all of those years and a little more, as I go a bit further back. Like you I don’t care much for some of there programming, but I hope this becomes something that allows the next generation of A’s fans (growing up in the Bay Area), a long term listening home.

      • That era of listening to Jason Kendall going 0-4 all on weak infield grounders followed by Harold Camping predicting the rapture was a bizarrely unique sweet spot in Bay Area broadcasting history.

  3. The 610 year was a very odd one, especially because if I was listening in my car at night, I’d turn the car on in the morning and they were in full swing for the Fire and Brimstone report.

  4. I just wish I could get a signal in Santa Cruz, or beyond Los Gatos. I listen to the Eastern/Central Time road games on my way home from work in Palo Alto and invariably have the signal start to crap out around Los Gatos with it gone for good as I go further down Hwy 17, long before I get to the summit. Annoying. There are loads of A’s fan in Santa Cruz county. At least I see far more A’s hats than Giants hats around the Santa Cruz area.

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