Corey Busch talks Blue Ribbon Committee on CSN

Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area provided a bit of a surprise on Yahoo! Sports Talk Live, when they had Corey Busch, former Giants executive and member of the three-person Blue Ribbon Committee (Irwin Raij & Bob Starkey were the other two). Busch explained some of the panel’s activities and charges. Jim Kozimor did his best to pry what little information he could out of Busch, who didn’t answer a number of key questions because of the state of the San Jose-vs.-MLB lawsuit.

Corey Busch interview Part 1

Corey Busch interview Part 2

Busch clarified the territorial rights deal that occurred in 1991, giving the Giants control of the Santa Clara County, which prior to that point had been an open territory. He also called San Jose’s lawsuit a mistake on their part. While you may glean additional information from the segment, you’ll probably come out of it even more frustrated than before, whether you’re an Oakland or San Jose partisan or are location-agnostic. My preference for the show: Ray Ratto in a talking head box in a corner, providing running commentary as Busch answered questions. Good work on the interview Koz, and maybe we’ll get to uncover the bodies when the lawsuit business is over. Busch promised!

5 thoughts on “Corey Busch talks Blue Ribbon Committee on CSN

  1. so in this interview basically we get the same thing we’ve seen, heard, and read about for the last decade which is absolutely nothing.

    thanks mlb.

  2. the piece of sh** that kozimor did interview today i just loved how he just sidestepped the question that kozmior asked about how cities like sea and tampa sued and eventually got a baseball team.

    other than that everything that sh**bag said sounded like….”blah blah blah blah blah blah blah horsesh** blah blah blah blah horsesh**blah blah blah blah blah horseshoe** blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah “.

    that clown and the rest of those involved especially “rat face” across the bay during this dog and pony show and that what it’s been during this entire process can go castrate themselves.

  3. Wish he would have asked why the other two team markets enjoyed SHARED counties while the Bay Area didn’t. Also interesting that San Jose’s lawsuit (you know, the one that has no legs and that has supposedly failed) is holding things up with MLB re ultimate decisions and keeping folks (like Busch) silent on the issue. Stay tuned…

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