End of 2015 Poll: When will the A’s move into a new ballpark?

13 thoughts on “End of 2015 Poll: When will the A’s move into a new ballpark?

  1. voted 2020-2025.

    if it takes 2.5 or so years to construct a new park for it to open in time for the 2019 season you’re talking about a ground breaking taking place sometime during the late 2016 or first few months of the 2017 calendar years.

    sorry but i doubt that takes place within the next year or year and a half.

    i’d guess at best you’re talking about a couple of years from that happening and we’ll see a potentially new a’s park in 2021 or 2022 at the earliest.

  2. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take yet another sewage flood.

  3. I voted 2020-2025 in the hope that something shakes out in a downtown, or adjacent, locale and an EIR and such is required.

  4. had I voted, “never” would have had one more vote

  5. Coliseum Forever!

  6. I voted 2020-2025.

  7. All depends on Raiders and LA- if they can’t move to LA then we are stuck for quite awhile- city won’t boot the raiders- and city doesn’t have the money to even begin to prepare another site for the A’s- since I expect this to happen I would bet sometime after 2025- long after Tampa Bay gets a new stadium-

  8. re: East Bay Express article “Of course, that would be a win-win for all parties, especially if the A’s select the old Howard Terminal spot at the Port of Oakland.” Haven’t the A’s made it crystal-clear HT is off the table? Is Oakland planning to give the A’s $200 million for cleanup costs, transit access, etc at HT?

    • Okay, I admit I can be a bit dense at times and maybe someone here has already explained this once. But for the sake of an old guy (me) whose memory may be slipping, could someone please explain to me again why the A’s have to be the ones to move? If Howard Terminal (or any other site) is so great, why can’t the Raiders move to there? It just doesn’t seem fair to me.

      • Joe Lacob, Warriors owner, fawns all over HT as a great site for the A’s. But not for his Warriors. He unveiled plans to move them to Frisco before the ink dried on his signature on the purchase contract to acquire the team. And when the Embarcadero site fell though in Frisco, he didn’t look to HT as a place for Warriors, he found another Frisco site…It seems Oakland wants the A’s downtown, to draw more people there. A great idea but not one that is going to work, since MLB spent years looking for a viable downtown Oakland site and came up empty-handed. Oakland is merely trying to steer the A’s to another place downtown so the Raiders can have the Coliseum site, with its big parking lots. But the A’s plan to build privately while the Raiders want $400 million that Oakland doesn’t have. It would seem like a no-brainer to choose the A’s over the Raiders but Oakland is hanging on to the pipe dream of keeping both, maybe all 3, teams.

      • @ Matt
        The A’s don’t have to be the ones to move. I realize that may be news to you, and many others.
        Here is the thing Lew Wolff (IMHO), for a variety of reasons has planned it to work that way, I call it the wait Mark Davis (NFL) out strategy.
        Wolff got a ten year lease extension at the coliseum, so unless the Raiders can strike a deal with Oakland the A’s won’t be leaving any time soon, and may not be building at that site anytime soon either. Wolff got this ten year lease because he had no leverage with Oakland, or MLB. If he waits long enough the Raiders(NFL), may decide to leave for LA, with the Warriors already leaving for San Francisco and the Raiders would be departure for LA, that would leave the coliseum site totally free for the A’s to build on and control whatever property they would want at the site. This scenario also gives Wolff considerable leverage with Oakland/Alameda County, because with the Warriors, and Raiders already gone, the politicians will only have one professional team (left), to deal with.
        Wolff could also be waiting for the Raiders to actually work out a deal with Oakland, so he can go to MLB and claim, that Oakland wanted the Raiders more than us, and so we are now homeless…And, of course we need San Jose
        The fact of the matter is Lew Wolff and the Oakland A’s ownership have nothing preventing them from putting together a proposal that would kick the Raiders ass, it’s just more advantageous from a strategic standpoint of them to wait, it may be because Wolff is still holding on to his dream in San Jose, and never intended to build in Oakland in the first place. It may be because even if he is willing to build in Oakland (not his first choice), he will not do it unless the Warriors and Raiders are gone.
        Another factor that plays into this is the upcoming player union contract with the MLB owners, at present the A’s receive revenue sharing, which is supposed to go away when they have a new ballpark, Wolff probably wants same assurances (revenue sharing guarantee), in any new contract for the A’s regardless if they have a new park or not, which I would not blame him since he is only permitted to build a new park in ONLY two of the Bay Area counties.
        But make no mistake; it doesn’t have to be the A’s that move.

      • Football stadiums work best with plenty of parking and get next to no benefit from being in a downtown area or close to one. Baseball stadiums benefit from a downtown surrounding if done right, and don’t need as much parking, which is more or less HT.

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