Raiders – Coliseum JPA Press Conference today at 3

I assume this is about a short-term lease extension, not a new stadium deal, but stranger things have happened. Press release:

Oakland-Alameda County

Coliseum Authority


For Immediate Release
February 11, 2015

News Conference

Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to Make Important Announcement on the Future of the Oakland Raiders

3pm, Thursday, February 11, 2016 in the Oracle Arena Club

Oakland, CA – Selected members of the Joint Powers Authority and the Executive Director of the JPA will meet the media to discuss developments with the Oakland Raiders and the team’s 2016 football season (and beyond).

Media are invited to attend.
This is neither a public event nor an official meeting of the JPA

Who:             JPA Chair and Oakland City Councilmember Larry Reid

Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis

JPA Vice-chair and Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley

JPA member Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty

JPA Executive Director, Scott McKibben

What:            Announcement of important development

When:           3pm, Thursday, 11 February, 2016

Where:          Oracle Arena, Arena Club, Entryway adjacent to ticket booth

17 thoughts on “Raiders – Coliseum JPA Press Conference today at 3

  1. Why would Mark Davis attend a lease extension? That could be just announced and good to go.

    It could be just the lease extension but why so many heads for something so simple?


    • Political expediency? Mark Davis needs Oakland’s political leaders to give him something if he is going to get a new stadium and be able to stay an owner. He’s over a barrel… NFL rebuked him (and not subtly), stories now coming out that he won’t ever get to LA because the other owners don’t want him there, he openly trashed Oakland in way that Lew Wolff couldn’t even fathom… He needs to play nice and make this seem like a bigger deal than it is if he is going to get anything on on any front. If I was a betting man, I’d bet he has to sell the team within a few years. This is all about him trying to avoid that.

  2. soooo how does this effect the a’s?

    more stalling now in regards to the how coliseum area.

    • The immediate effect is a chewed up outfield starting in mid-August.

    • My guess is that the Raiders keep doing these year-to-year leases for the foreseeable future. The Raiders and A’s will be both stuck at the current Coliseum indefinitely.

      The Coliseum turns 50 this year. Is anything going to be done to commemorate this?

  3. 1-year lease + 2 single year options.

    With the A’s 1 year into their 10-year lease, wasn’t there a 4-year window where the A’s could be moved out if Davis gets his financial ducks in a row? If I’m remembering correctly it seems like the 4-year window and the second 1-year option expire about the same time.

  4. For years we have been waiting to find out what the Raiders were going to do, so that we could find out what the A’s will do. More than a few times I have thought the Raiders decision was close at hand. Now the Raiders have options for two more years after the next season! If the Raiders don’t move or announce a new stadium deal than the A’s are locked into their 10 year lease they secured in 2014. The A’s will likely be there through the duration, barring a new A’s stadium deal at the complex., which is not going to happen while the Raiders are still there, So we potentially have 3 more years to find out what the Raiders might do. Then Who’s to say whether the Raiders will get new extentions after this time period. I give up! Personally I love the Coliseum for A’s games, I just hate the fact that the field gets torn up every August. That’s the main negative for me, but I know the franchise deserves a new stadium. Let’s enjoy the A’s 49th season at the coliseum.

  5. The A’s response was pretty quick.

  6. I was hoping the overhead projector would make an appearance

  7. Davis says the A’s are the elephant in the room (no pun intended I guess ), it’s interesting how Davis blames the A’s ten year lease when the fact is if he committed himself, that ten year lease would automatically become a two year lease.

    It’s also interesting that Wolff said he was waiting on the NFL/Raiders to make a decision, when if he and Fisher would make one it potentially would force the NFL/Raiders into a different decision all together.

    Isn’t this just gand, both team’s do nothing and blame the other? And for the back drop for this debacle we have the disfunction of Alameda County, the JPA, and last but definitely not least, the city of Oakland. Could things get worse?

  8. Surprised that nobody is mentioning the most significant piece of news that came from this press conference…

    The Raiders hired someone who actually knows how to get something done! What an uncharacteristically smart move!

    That announcement alone should give all local Raiders fans hope more than anything else said.

  9. Smart move on Davis’ part to blame the A’s for the lack of progress in getting a Raiders stadium built. He knows full well that in less than a year he’ll have the option of moving to LA or San Diego. When that day comes he’ll point to A’s indecision as the reason why the Raiders left.

    • @fc

      And, in the unlikely event that Davis actually gets somthing built the A’s may use that action as the reason they have have to leave.

  10. At the very least, fans in Oakland now know their team will be remaining in that city for one more season.

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